“If Republicans want our votes, they need to show up and start staking out positions” – Resident on CC meetings

Dear Seabythecity:

The City Council meeting last night covered the new budget and capital improvement program and bonding approvals. I though for sure that the Republican candidates would be there and ask questions. It appears as if only one of the people running, Ms. Quinn, was in attendance and she asked no questions and left mid-way through the meeting.

If Republicans want our votes, they need to show up and start staking out positions. Disappointed to say the least. I was looking forward to seeing them in action.  I was truly disappointed.  I want a formidable challenger if for no other reason to keep the incumbents on their toes and honest.

–  Anonymous

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  1. Long Beach has always been a democratic city……..There were only
    a few times over the years that any republicans ever got elected……….

  2. Republicans need to speak up and ask questions. Jack and the puppet council will ignore any difficult question of course. They will instead focus on important issues such as flower boxes, food trucks, the open air trolly schedule, etc.
    Pathetic! Change is needed! Their promise of transparency is joke!

  3. Dembums, suggest you attend City Council budget meetings.

    The person who wrote this actually attended this important meeting, as did I, and only about 20 other people.

    You could ask any question you wanted about the Capital or O&M budgets, and either the Public Works Commissioner, the City Manager or a City Council member answered the questions.

    If you don’t believe this, or if you don’t believe “tough questions” we’re asked and answered, then check the video.

  4. Mr. Gussler, each City Council meeting has two sections: Public Hearing and Good & Welfare.

    The Public Hearing section welcomes questions from the public specific to agenda topics, and usually results in answers given by the Council, City Manager, Comptroller, City Counsel or Commissioner. The Good & Welfare section enables people to make a 3-minute statement, and typically does not result in answers/comments from the Council.

    Last night’s discussion on the Capital budget resulted in several questions by those who attended. I asked 5 questions that were answered. Here are examples: What will be the tax increase to an average taxpayer resulting from this Capital budget? If you were to change the budget by $1 million, either lower or higher, what line items would change in the budget? Will this budget have any anticipated impact on our Moody’s bond rating or NYS Comptroller DiNapoli’s assessment of Long a Beach fiscal health? How will these Capital investments reduce the O&M budget?

    Check the video to confirm this is true.

  5. Typical trash talking. Why am I not surprised? Are you planning on calling out everyone in city hall or city government who did not attend or left early? You do realize that citizens work late/ get up very early for their jobs, right? More have to get home to their families? and MANY choose to stream it/ listen to the audio.

  6. Well this “anonymous” sure sounds like it was written by the Dem machine. I’ll just chalk this up to them getting dirty early in the campaign season. typical.

  7. Anonymous, you obviously missed their announcement, where they said they were against over development (iStar), against higher taxes (over use of bonding), for better crime prevention (less shootings), etc. What’s this current city council done? Vote the way zapson tells them and ignore us citizens.

  8. The questions were good ones Ed. The problem is the City Mgr lies frequently as does the PW Commish. The Cap Budget is a borrowing extravaganza for these guys and the Moodys element does the taxpayer no service. The borrowing can go up another $100 million as far as Moodys is concerned. As long as taxes and fees go up, Moodys is ecstatic. The “surplus” and the Cap Budget are just codes for BORROWING. This budget shows no revenue streams other than fee increases and tax increases. They have hired an extraordinary amount of part timers to cover up the workforce claims and the cost of covering the debt will be exposed when they are forced to go into the “surplus” to pay their bills and extra debt service. read the budget carefully and measure year over year. the FEMA money is gone. the grants are gone. now they are back to real, measureable management. I rarely agree with Mr. Gussler, but on this he is correct. The Council members are simply incompetents. sad to say.

  9. Those running in opposition should be at all meetings to be on top of the issues and to ask questions. Pretty obvious. How the Council reacts is interesting but should not change what the opposition does.

  10. Elections are a pro-forma thing in Long Beach. Nothing is ever going to change here. You are going to get iStar and more projects like it that pay no taxes, more section8 residents in them, more traffic, more tourists, higher taxes, more crime, crumbling infrastructure. No hospital, no firemen. And you will vote for it again and again. And then people say “tell us what you are going to do” to anyone who dares oppose it – well for starters, how about stopping the policies of the incumbents – isn’t that enough?

  11. The Coalition was in power for a number of years. So change happens here. If the republicans wants to get back to power they will have a better chance if they are out in the public about it and not relying on a press release or bloggers. A city council meeting is a perfect stage.

  12. Why do LB republicans have such a hard time selling their message to the rest of LB? I pay attention. I understand how bonding effects taxes. I see bloated and expensive bureaucracies I don’t know if the increase in school taxes is justified, and I see pretty obvious areas where we could save money.

    The debt levels here aren’t good folks, and it’s got nothing to do with Sandy.

    Why is this message such a tough sell for them to voters? I’m asking seriously. Is it because they’re not actually going to fix these things? What is stopping them from spelling this out to residents?

  13. Yes, it would be nice if ALL residents took part in the meetings on a regular basis. However, let’s keep in mind that some are not home at a “normal” time, have childcare issues, or simply choose to stream it. Did you question Eramo and co about attending meetings last election? I’m pretty sure you did not.
    Probably because one’s lack of attendance has little to do with keeping up to date on city matters.

    I have said it before. Chatting with residents on the boardwalk, speaking to other parents at school pick up, on the city blogs…the residents are not happy with the direction the city is going. I am looking forward to the CHANGE that some new faces will bring.

  14. I agree. I’m nervous about the future of the city, myself. I wish others would open their eyes. Their platforms seem fully justified to me- I don’t understand the immediate resistance.

  15. I don’t know how anyone can support this administration. “Roll the dice: How much worse could it get?” It’s not the best campaign slogan, but, it’s true.

  16. so not true, if you check out newsday you will see a Long Island home burned to the ground almost every other day. You are kidding right?

  17. I would like you to examine how I am a scab? There are no paid firefighters in Island Park. I am not taking away any work from paid firefighters nor am I crossing any picket lines.

  18. check again not true at all. HQ is 1.6 miles from Maple. at any point between you are you have to be within 0.8 miles from a LB firehouse. Nearest IP firehouse is 0.9 miles away from any land in LB. So even if you live on the tennis courts your claim is false.

  19. Maple Blvd Firehouse is 1.4 miles from my house. Headquarters is 1.1 miles from my house and Island Parks firehouse is 1.2 miles. So you are correct headquarters is 528 feet closer. Big deal.

  20. IAFF by-law Article XV Sect. 1.

    N. Working a secondary job part-time, paid on call, volunteer or otherwise as a firefighter, emergency medical services worker, public safety or law enforcement officer, or as a worker in a related service, whether in the public or private sector, where such job is within the work jurisdiction of any affiliate or which materially erodes the conditions of work of any affiliate. Upon a finding of guilt of working a secondary job in violation of this subsection, it is recommended that the penalty include disqualification from holding office in any affiliate and/or expulsion from membership for the period that the misconduct persists.

    Mike are you going to be correct about anything today?

  21. I am sure you will parse words with ” where such job is within the work jurisdiction of any affiliate or which materially erodes the conditions of work of any affiliate” are you just not going to respond to mutual aid in LB? to get around that?
    Why not work at the building dept for free? A
    t least you would be helping your community.

  22. I will explain why it is a big deal. For extra effect you decided to add on to the argument an extra little claim to help your argument. As it ends up….. you were talking out of your ass. These little bullshit claims add up to even larger bullshit claims Example the ICMA report itself. Don’t let real facts get in the way!!!!!!!!

  23. actually you hopped on this thread with every intention on arguing this non-sense on the internet. no one repeats the request to have others “explain” unless that is the intention.

  24. So Ed all the council has to do is keep the drastic changes to public safety that are being made off the agenda, and they are free and clear from having to explain??? Is this what you are really trying to explain and defend????? Is that what you want running your city? It that what you expected when they claimed they were going to be transparent?

  25. Here’s the problem, you have all of these spoiled Baby Boomers with a lil money in LB that want to right the wrongs that they committed in their youth . So, they vote to beautify /Clean up the city (of course at ALL Taxpayers expense (not just theirs). Nice New Boardwalk, condos, etc. They welcome section 8 housing (no prob!), but have no problem ridding longtime residents who can’t afford the rents (even if battered by SANDY). They would rather welcome other carpetbaggers like themselves who are “pro Green” “Lets save the earth, Global Warming types” (but seem to forget the days of racing their 8 cylinder gas guzzlers). They have no Problem running up debt either. “who cares, we’ll be dead in 20 years anyway”. So, until these sponges croak, the salt of the earth Long Beach People are screwed!

  26. Nice to Learn IP has delayed responses, I always hear there ambulance get out fast, must be another bitter former PAID LBFD member

  27. Dear WTC: First of all, the safety issues were on several past agendas and discussed several times. Most recently, at the last Council meeting, the budget was discussed. An opportunity to discuss safety staffing. I know you didn’t bring it up.

    And, I don’t defend the habit of the Council to not respond to Good & Welfare questions. At the last Council meeting I expressed my concern that the Council hadn’t acted on several issues I brought up previously. I wanted them to respond, they didn’t. So, you’re arguing with the wrong guy about the Good & Welfare policy..

  28. Ed you refer people to watch the video of tough questions being answered. However there is much more video of them dodging questions. It sounds a little like you were defending them.

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