Which superblock is super-er? 2007 vs. today

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.45.41 PM@YoGabbaGidget on twitter sent me the above image/flyer of the 2007 Superblock. Let’s compare superblocks! Tax breaks aside, which plan do you like more? (I think I know the answer to this one).

2007 Superblock:

  • Two Towers
  • Combined 325 units= (225 for residential, 100 hotel rooms)
  • 200 seat restaurant
  • 8,000 boardwalk retail
  • Catering/conference Space
  • Full service Spa/health club/salon,indoor pool,rooftop bar
  • 735 parking spaces

iStar Superblock:

  • Two Towers
  • 507 residential units
  • 11,000 boardwalk retail space (5 businesses)
  • “4,000-square-foot public seating area that overlooks the beach”[LINK]
  • 900 parking spaces


7 Replies to “Which superblock is super-er? 2007 vs. today”

  1. My personal opinion is none of this is going to happen……..A lot of
    people lost their homes. A lot of them are moving away………..It’s too
    late for that to be…………..

  2. I don’t see what people losing their homes or moving has to do with these buildings.

    For every homeowner that leaves, another one enters.

  3. The fact thay we have so many people who want to build here and those who snapped up those auctioned houses last week really disproves your point.

  4. Let’s put it this way, I don’t recall as many people being unhappy with the 2007 project or any requests for tax abatement. And I would be very curious to know the principals of each entity, Shore Development Partners, Philips Intl, Wayfarer LLC, iStar. I bet buried deep in the legal mumbo jumbo you find Philip Pilevsky.

  5. The only business that ever lasted on the I Star property was Dirty Dicks Bar. It was very downscale bar with a summer hot dog stand and a winter clientele of riff raff. All other boardwalk enterprises except apartment buildings have failed and I include hotel’s. Winter on the oceanfront is dark and dismal and business’ can’t make it on a 5-6 month season. Further, where are all of these shoppers going to park? I Star says that there will be 450 permanent employees there, where will they park. Remember that real estate developers do parking surveys in Feb/March when fewest cars are present. City of LB always looks the other way, knowing full well that July 4 weekend would produce an honest count.

  6. Excellent point Kayo…there has to be a give and take in this proposal…one of the takes has to be assurances of adequate parking for the profitable operation of business in all it’s nuanced probabilities.

    Parking is a problem LB does not need to exacerbate…there are diminishing returns following this path. They want tax breaks…long beach citizens need to guarantee the viability of the city for the next 30 years.

    Hardball baby…these folks at IStar are looking for a slam dunk…let them earn it. Opportunity is expensive…and everybody has to benefit. No good deal arises from desperation.

  7. Imagin losing all that summer parking for the Beach, the Fairs, the fireworks, Volleyball, and whatever else! Where are they going to put all those cars?
    Or don’t they care?

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