I’ve been busy. Here are some iStar articles.

cracksWhat’s going on? Oh, here are some LB Herald articles that you might want to read:

Article #1: Al D’Amato – The $100 million giveaway:

“By far, the greatest scam I’ve ever seen involves a long-controversial 6-acre vacant plot of beachfront property in Long Beach known as the Superblock.”

WOW! Big words from the former Senator who has seen a lot when it comes to politics and development. Al calls the whole situation a bait and switch.

“If iStar gets its way, for the first 15 years it will pay taxes as if the property is vacant — $523,183 the first year, with an increase of less than 2 percent a year afterward. Imagine that. Wouldn’t you like to have your home taxed as if it were on a vacant lot, and have your property taxes increase by just 1.66 percent annually? “

Article #2: iStar defends Superblock tax break

“According to a copy of the application for a payment in lieu of taxes, or PILOT, program, obtained by the Herald, the estimated property tax exemption totals $122.6 million, with additional sales and mortgage tax exemptions of $6 million and $1.5 million, respectively.

Was it this copy? 😉

“Karl Frey, iStar’s executive vice president, said that if the PILOT is denied, iStar will not be able to move forward with the project. “Anyone with authority to approve a major project, and certainly any elected official, would know that not a single significant project on Long Island gets built without a PILOT,” he said. “Without a PILOT you can’t build the project. The idea that the city is giving something away — you can’t give away something you’ve never got. The city, county and school stand to gain $25 million over the term of the PILOT.”


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  1. In the 1980’s the city gave major Tax breaks to builders to bring in new homes and revenue to LB..that’s when the President streets and Canals became over built. Same with many apt. buildings along Shore Rd. long before they became Condo’s and such. That is one of the reasons the city is in such a whole now. Don’t believe me check it out. Many a seedy group of people where around then feeding on homeowners with lots attached. the homes took up space, but now the city plumbing all over needs upgrades because it was not addressed at the time. I can only imagine what this would do to the infrastructure..being that many apts. it’s all BS by people thinking we have money we can convince them we are right. and all they will be doing is lining many wealthy pockets..

  2. Anybody know whether the superblock can even be developed by another entity? I thought the property was tied up in lawsuits or something to that effect.

    I would like to see something built here, but not of this scale and definitely not with tax giveaways.

    Regardless – and not to sound like a broken record along with the vast majority of LB residents in opposition to this project – but the negatives so clearly outweigh the positives with regard to what this would bring to Long Beach.

    This is not simply something that destroys a street or neighborhood. This would destroy the city on so many levels.

  3. The writings been on the wall for a long time. To quote Bob Dylan “you don’t need to be a weather man to know which way the wind blows.”

    None of this should come as a surprise.

    Either too much apathy or too little common sense – who knows? But this place has had problems for awhile that went unchecked and uncurbed.

    The TILB attitude, people making excuses for increases in violence and crime. Even now people have “no layoff” signs outside their homes for firemen who weren’t laid off.

    The only reason LB is as great as it is is because of residents who do the work they’re already paying taxes to cover.

  4. I would like to offer my two cents about this infuriating issue. Both, iStar, and the Long Beach City Council have not openly projected tax revenue from condos/coop OWNED superblock units of this magnitude. Its appalling how they’re working this. College graduates who are getting married and are looking to start a family will be looking to invest in a home that can be an asset to both themselves and their community. When a fragile system of taxes and services are impacted by Conflict of interest politicians and exploiters such as Istar, our city’s means of achieving long term and short term goals become non reachable and non existent. The culture of investing clean water, transportation, environmental regulation and conservation, reforming and progressing, schooling, sanitation, Fire and Police Departments must be sustained Now,Today. As we all know there are Homes in our community which aren’t being lived in, there are no safe routes layed out for bicyclists, and our three most valuable plots of land here (the hospital site, super block, and foundation block) are only attached to vague concepts, as well as controversial dog and pony pilot proposals.
    I personally don’t want to see any one, let alone two, towers erected on the edge of our pristine shoreline. We can’t allow that monstrosity to be built. A boardwalk beachfront property such as the superblock will reap many more millions of tax revenue from home owners. In the context of what long beach is offering there’s no question that Rental upkeeps are not as stable and valuable as home owned/coop / condo property vaues. I repeat though just to get this message across it’s infuriating how i star and the City Council have blatanly overlooked addressing ownership and its more valuable strength to our tax revenue. Rather than speak up about these issues they’ve done everything to get behind and push through these proposed tax delinquent rental units.
    Through all of the city’s zoning board’s, and developers drama, what’s intolerable is Istar’s public intention to grow the city’s density population, that’s their optimistic objective but they’re perpetrating this without a stable tax revenue. “Wait for your pitch Long Beach” iStar is a bad pitch.

  5. It makes. No. Sense. If they’re going to pay the tax rate at what it would be both space remained vacant, then what incentive is there to Long Beach to have it developed on?

  6. I’m not buying it. There is waaay more going on here. What is D’Amato’s angle? It is a fact that he is behind the siphoning off of the over $150 million dollars in FEMA aid that was designated for Long Beach Hospital and now diverted to his friends at South Nassau. He installed the Vice President of his lobbying firm, Park Strategies, to the board of South Nassau. And then made South Nassau pay his firm close to $1 million since then, He was even paid to lobby “FEMA funding related to storm damage at Long Beach Medical Center”. In House Disclosure documents on lobbying it shows at least $60,000 paid by SNCH to lobby the money destined for LBMC. He also installed his buddy who owns Paddy’s, Coyote, Montego Bay, etc to the Board of SNCH. His buddy is turning the old bars and property into a “gated hamlet”. That property sits exactly opposite the LB hospital grounds. If you really care about the well being of LB residents, why redirect the FEMA money and leave us without a Hospital that had desperately needed medical services, good paying jobs, served to keep doctors in Long Beach, had money flowing into the local economy, etc. Call me crazy, but I think he wants in on the Superblock, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s to bring casino gambling to Long Beach. The gambling industry pays him heavily for lobbying.
    See line 16 on both of these disclosure documents from the 1st and 3rd quarter of 2014 http://disclosures.house.gov/ld/ldxmlrelease/2014/Q1/300650489.xml and again http://disclosures.house.gov/ld/ldxmlrelease/2014/Q3/300686666.xml
    For the undisputed king of shady politics to say “Council members Anthony Eramo, Scott Mandel and Len Torres, shame on you! You have sold out the citizens of your community on the altar of shady politics. You are a disgrace to public service” makes me really wonder what’s going on. If Alfonse suddenly backs candidates, Seriously consider throwing the other levers.

  7. More democratic distraction tactics, do you guys ever come up with anything new? You better be careful with the conspiracy theories or your gonna marginalize yourself like the other political nuts.

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