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  1. From LB website. Did you tell them you don’t want them to water it?

    Resident Tree Watering Information

    The City Council is very excited about the continued progress of Long Beach’s citywide tree replanting effort. More than 2,700 new trees are scheduled to be replanted on our city’s streets. Long Beach ceremonially planted its first new tree this past Arbor Day, but planting is only the initial step in fostering healthy tree growth. As new trees are planted throughout Long Beach in the coming weeks, watering trucks will not be far behind. It is crucial that our new trees are properly and adequately watered as we look towards a future Long Beach with an abundance of healthy trees. While City Public Works crews will lead the charge with watering our trees, the City Council is asking for the help of Long Beach’s residents.

    If you are willing to maintain and water the new tree in front of your home, we will mark your tree pit location with a colored stake which will indicate to our DPW personnel that they can skip your location and move on to the next tree. This assistance by City residents will not only save money but prevent the potentially dangerous overwatering of our new trees.

    To those residents willing to take on the watering of your new tree, thank you. You will be providing a great service to your community. Please contact the Department of Public Works at 516-431-1011 and we will add you to the “Residential Tree Maintenance” list.

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