Movie Theater to reopen before July 4th! [Bow Tie Cinemas RUMOR?]

(Thank you Bryan for the photo)
(Thank you Bryan for the photo)

Newsday has some updates on our theater:

“The theater has been completely revamped with new digital and 3-D projectors on each of the four screens. About 436 leather, cushioned seats have been added after construction workers tore out about 100 seats to make room for the larger ones. [LINK]

The Newsday article also has a video. So brand new seats, 3-D projectors on all 4 screens? Sounds amazing! I CANNOT WAIT TO GO! It it me, or are the rows elevated giving it a stadium effect? Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.35.26 AMI heard a rumor this morning how there will be some sort of Bow Tie Cinemas partnership. THIS IS A RUMOR. Bow Tie Cinemas, a family-owned company that runs theaters in areas such as Manhasset and Rosyln do show independent films, something many residents desire. I think a mix of indie and blockbuster would really work here in LB, so I hope this rumor to be true.


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  1. I am thrilled but I feel like this is a ploy by iStar to get approval from the IDA. They had barely lifted a finger and now *boom* all done. Also, I find it funny that the article in Newsday about the theater reopening is 10 times more prominent than any article re: the huge iStar project / tax exemption. Again, I am thrilled, it’s wonderful but its fishy.

  2. I-star has nothing to do with the movie theater. I-Star bought the mortgage on the superblock property, where the owner of the movie theater (philips/pilevsky) had defaulted. As part of a global settlement with the City and philips/pilevsky and the City’s agreement with I-star on various superblock issues, phiips/pilevsky agreed to reopen the theater. Philips/pilevsky is not involved in the superblock anymore.

  3. Leslie — they are not. I-star’s major shareholders are all massive funds and financial institutions. This is public information. FYI — I was opposed to the variance, fought it and published a lengthy letter about it here and in the Herald and Patch when it was before the ZBA. But the facts are the facts.

  4. I think there might be some confusion because something for the theatre was voted on the same night as istar. If I’m wrong about that, I don’t know why there’s confusion.

  5. WET – as noted in my earlier post, it was part of the global settlement. The City was in litigation with Philips/Pilevsky regarding the site and the Philips/Pilevsky’s mortgage was now owned by I-star, and I believe that they had foreclosed judicially or consensually at that point, so Philips/Pilevsky no longer owned the site but were still in the litigation with the City over the site. It was all wrapped together in approving the global settlement.

  6. Ok, so if the iStar project falls through for whatever reason there is still an obligation to open the theater? I thought these were tied together. The timing had me thinking cynically. My bad!

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