Get yer hoses out and let it run for a good five or so minutes. Sprinklers aren’t enough. Oh boy, it’s been hot these last few days. The more trees Long Beach has, the cooler we will be. It’s so important to keep these things alive! We need these trees. They have nothing to do with the hospital not being open or your neighbor not being home. Apples and oranges. Quite complaining, just go out and water!

Thank you Project 11561 for the photo:

A dying tree in Long Beach - Posted on Project 11561
A dying tree in Long Beach – Posted on Project 11561

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  1. The “Stakes” on each side are taller and thicker than the actual tree. Could they have purchased a more mature tree for the price? Maybe after they missed the optimal planting season they should have “pressed pause” and just waited till next planting season…..

  2. If they hit the” Pause Button” they would have missed the opportunity to use the replanting in the upcoming election propaganda. The trees planted adjacent to homes can be watered by the property owner but the ones planted on the malls are the responsibility of the City.

  3. Joe is 100% correct about the reason the City of LB rushed the planting into hottest time of year: Elections are coming.

    The thicker the tree, the more they cost. Planting more mature trees also costs more than skinny little ones because more labor is required.

    They all grow into big trees just be patient. Watering and fertilizer helps a lot but overdoing it will give you another dead tree. The length of branches as they spread tells you the length of the roots beneath the ground. That is the area to water. Watering a wider area just wastes water and your time.

  4. was there ever a plan for this? Or like everything else “they have to pass it in order to find out what’s in it.?

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