From now on, I’m driving in the right lane on Lido Blvd

LB Herald: Two drivers seriously injured in Lido Boulevard crash

According to the Herald article, the cause of the crash has yet to be undermined, but I see automobiles swerving between lanes all the time on that blvd. I can make great guess as to what possibly happened, but I won’t. There are far too many head on collisions on that blvd and something needs to be done on-  be it making the lanes narrower or extending the blvd median-barriers all the way to loop. It’s too dangerous the way it stands. I do know this: Eastbound or westbound, I plan on driving in the right lane on lido blvd from now on. That left lane scares the crap out of me. My thoughts and prayers go to those drivers. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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  1. There was supposed to be a median from the Loop Parkway all the way to the Long Beach border, to slow down the traffic off of the parkways. It was broken into two phases. Phase 1, for some strange reason was from “anchor Park” to the Long Beach border. I attended a meeting where I complained the first phase should be from the Loop Parkway to the dunes, after all you are trying to slow down the cars off of the parkway. I was told by the traffic supervisor, that I do not understand traffic flows and he is trained in this field. Here we are about a decade later and still no phase two…Not sure what happened or if there will ever be phase two…

  2. I blame denise ford for her poor leadership as our county legilator with regard to the funding that we had to improve that road. i also blame the long beach fire department and long beach police force for backing her inane decision to allow for the squandering of those funds to make lido blvd look as crappy as it is. she is more concerned about long beach resident racing to and from work than the safety of the drivers, residents and children that use that road.

  3. Pure arrogance on the part of the government official to your good point. Government functionaires are dangerous useful idiots of the suffocating state aparachik. Resist. Continue your focused advocacy without discouragement

  4. I would blame the do nothing Democrats. In Long Beach who are more concerned with dumping more section 8 welfare housing on the island then spending money wiselySamsung

  5. I am unsure how this is a political issue inasmuch as it would be the responsibility(ies) of drivers to use more care, caution and not drive over the speed limit on Lido Boulevard. I often see a lot of texting and talking on cell phones by other motorists – as well as those who habitually feel the need to drive in excess of 50mph – crossing over to pass other drivers who are simply abiding by the 40mph limit.

    As much as I am unhappy with several administrations, the answer to all that goes wrong is not the politicians fault. Change can happen only when people attempt to do the right thing and honor/respect law — leaving only the rare true ‘accident’ to happen.

    Does anyone know what exactly transpired?

  6. Lido blvd is a county road. and i disagree bungalow lover – it is and was a political issue.every suggestion that was recommended was shot down by denise ford and her long beach cops and firefighters because it was first proposed by her predecessor. lido firefighters were not even represented. i was there at each and every “community” meeting. and your right, i’m still sore about it. she disregarded the fact that this road is used by bikers, runners, school children as well as cars. and instead of improving on the road her political slanting did nothing to fix the continued death trap and hazard that the residents of lido have to endure with regard to that road. not to mention the fact that the “improvements” they did accomplish look like crap due to poor upkeep. she only cares about long beach and its residents.

  7. I moved here only recently – so I was not aware of any of the issues you are speaking of with the Ford administration – so I apologize for not being informed on that matter.

    {I do believe motorists need more care and realize the responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle….had my share of those almost hitting me as a pedestrian or cyclist in other locales/highways/roads.}

  8. Where I grew up the speed limit is 50mph on curvy two lane highways. Not saying that adding medians isn’t a good idea, but someone obviously messed up in this instance. People manage to drive into everything (including houses) eventually. Hope everyone is ok.

  9. That’s not fair to say about Denise Ford- she has been quite open to dialogue when it comes to street safety, has gone above and beyond working with the Safe Routes to School peeps, has pushed for smarter rebuilding of Island Park (in the works) and has worked very much behind the scenes on transportation issues. Has she kicked ass at these things? Maybe sometimes yes and sometimes no but one thing is for sure she does not rely on publicity photo-ops to brag about everything she does. And for that and everything else, I thank her. She makes efforts especially faced with the bullshit hoops.

  10. I need to read more about the history of the Lido improvements that seem to have happened a few years back. I’m not certain of what it was like before or what was proposed and all that jazz.

    I’ve had some great safety conversations with Ford so I’m hesitant to poop on her.

  11. The proposal that was “shot down” was to make Lido Blvd two lanes – the safety-crats wanted that, with a 30 MPH speed limit all the way. There is no traffic problem that these armchair safety-crats don’t want to solve by reducing lanes, lowering speed limits, and writing more tickets. That’s being done all over Nassau (NYC too), and traffic is so bad everywhere that no one can drive anywhere. But they are OK with that, I guess they don’t have to drive to get to work. This is a simple accident – probably due to texting or something else. We aren’t going to have accident free roads, no matter how many lanes you close off and how low you make the speed limits.

  12. What the hell are you talking about? What long beach cops and firefighters “shot down” anything to do with any part of lido blvd? Give actual examples instead of complete lies.

  13. Thank you, Dianna, for putting those right-wing reactionary lunatics in their place. Just like Fox Noise that they watch all day, they spout lies and anger never checking for the truth they don’t want to hear. The culprit here is that lousy Kate Murray and her board of do-nothing’s!

  14. You hit the nail on the head. When I passed by there was a westbound facing vehicle fully in the eastbound lane of traffic. Judging by the damage to the vehicles it clearly appeared to be a crossover accident. A car can easily cross over one of those decorative “medians” unless you are talking about putting an actual barrier up, which is not what we currently have anywhere.

    You can’t just make every road one lane and 30 mph, people will leave this town. The traffic in this part of the state completely obliterates the quality of life, we don’t need to push more people out. Like it or not, you need to be able to go places. I know half of the people here have nowhere to be most of the time, but some of us have real jobs and lives.

  15. this is not a lie. were you at the community meeting at the high school for lido residents? do you have the minutes to back up your assertion that i’m lying, or are you just a denise ford kiss ass.

    who were seated behind denise ford: the long beach firefighters and policemen reps. and they didn’t even speak or take questions and comments from the residents, ala every long beach city council meeting. only she spoke pointing to them stating that was their concern that there would be proper evacuation of the island in an emergency if we narrowed the lanes to 4 instead of the super highway of 6 lanes. (which is ridiculous since the loop is only 4 lanes). it was bulls**t with no facts supporting their argument. we were supposed to be impressed or bullied by their presence. i guess she’s used to dealing with uneducated people that don’t know how to think for themselves.

    do i know who those firefighters and policemen were? no, i’m a lido resident, and long beachers should have had no say on it. based on your answer you werent there? over 100 residents wanted to narrow the highway for their and the children’s safety and were ignored to because her whim.

  16. because they were there to bully and to save face. she clearly stated the concerns for narrowing the road to 4 lanes were because of their concerns. ps. no nassau county police rep nor lido beach firefighter was present. it was clearly political because the proposal was the project of zapson, her predessor.

  17. no the road is a nassau county road. and yes denise ford is a republican but has clear loyalty to long beach residents over her other constituents.

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