UPDATED: Swat Teams on Virginia Avenue. Reports of gun shots.


  •  Shooting at 4:23am, but not at any local bar as originally reported. The shooting occurred on the street.


  • Shooting at 4:23am at local bar
  • Victim was shot 3 times. Motive is unclear.
  • Brian Kelly, 28, of 20 Wyoming Ave., was arrested this morning at about 10:05 a.m., Turned himself in.
  • NEWSDAY: Cops: Suspect arrested in Long Beach shooting

UPDATE: I am hearing that the suspect in custody. Developing…

Nassau County Swat Teams are combing the streets in the West End looking for the alleged shooter – specifically near Virginia Avenue. Reports that West & Catholic schools are on lockdown.

Photo courtesy of Project 11561 (thank you to whoever took this photo)
Photo courtesy of Project 11561 (thank you to whoever took this photo)

80 Replies to “UPDATED: Swat Teams on Virginia Avenue. Reports of gun shots.”

  1. Holy Cow! My child is down at Lido School, is everything ok down that way? It is shame the schools and LBPD are not doing robo calls to update us on the situation. Has anyone heard anything? Should we head over and pull our kids from the school? This is absolutely ridiculous, we really need to have a meeting after this is over with the school board to understand if they know what should have been done in this situation.

  2. cops are on my block. rumor is cops know who the shooter is. they are trying to find him on my block. told to stay inside. people on getting police escorts to their houses as they walk down the street.

  3. This has become one fucked up town. Let’s reelect the Democrats so they can move 1000 more Section 8 mutants to Long Beach for their votes!

    Get out before it’s too late.

  4. Heard police choppers over my house at around 5am, this is getting insane. I pay way too much to live here to see an constant and steady stream of section 8 housing infiltrating the west end of long beach and beyond. I don’t understand what’s happening to our city, keep pumping in criminals for a steady income stream… Brilliant idea. Oh and then put that section 8 rented house right next to a newly renovated 800k house that people worked very hard to achieve? Wake up city hall.

  5. It’s City Hall that is the problem. Read the Democrat’s goals: “Free Choice in Housing”. Section 8 is their voter base. Bringing down your property value is their success. You voted for these scumbags. Now enjoy cowering in your raised home.

  6. Idiots. Yeah the police should stop searching for the shooter to make a “robot call”. That sounds like a city hall tsk not the police. And do you think you could just go pull your kid out of school during a lockdown. It would just cause more chaos.

  7. Oh yea, like the other six Long Beach shootings this year — probably one of the owners of an $800,000 condo gone mad with her legally possessed handgun, right? Idiot.

  8. I’m not looking to troll or start any debates here, but I’m aware of the statistical data, have seen and read multiple reports, been to city hall meetings, spoken to owners of said section 8 homes. The truth is that there is a heavy influx of low income housing here, unfortunately there’s very little to no screening involved in this process.

  9. I predict the next shooting will be on the 300 block of East Walnut. Four new Section 8 houses brought in there.

    Three arrested by Nassau County for dog fighting in the lot on that block last week with 25 spectators.

    Where’s Gordon’s press release to Newsday on that one? How’s Jack’s Section 8 program working out?

  10. Wow, I can’t believe there’s CAVE people complaining about the city before the event/stand-off is even over. Not like them or predictable at all.

  11. It’s very sad and disturbing to see this sort of crime (s) happening in our own backyard. I have to agree with some of the above comments there’s a volatile mix of bars, people, drugs, and now low income rentals that have made it’s way into town. There goes our city.

  12. I’m opposed to Section 8 housing, but how do all of you people know which ones are Section 8? While I’m not looking to insult our neighbors, you’re delusional if you think the overwhelming majority of the West End is the finest caliber of people, whether they are renting or owning.

  13. It doesn’t matter where the school is located. The city and school board should have been doing robo-calls letting us know where the search for the gunman was concentrated and what impact it had on all the schools in the district. I for one will be attending the next school board meeting and bringing this up.

  14. It’s pretty rude to jump to conclusions and make classist statements about your neighbors.

    It’s really depressing to come here are read these comments full of people blaming Section 8 housing, working class people, City Hall, democrats, the city manager, mercury in retrograde, seagulls, etc. before knowing anything about what actually happened.

  15. OK, it Looks like section eight has nothing to do with it. So move on with that. Biggest part of all of this is pathetic response on part of city! No information provided to anyone in area. Meanwhile you have kids waiting for school buses in the middle of both an active crime scene and in vicinity of an active police standoff with a potential barricaded gunmen. WTF!

    No information was being given out by PD, City’s website, City’s Facebook Page, PD Website and Schools website all with no information hours into this. Where was Gordo???????

  16. I think what some people are saying about low income/section 8 housing is that it is becoming more and more visible since hurricane sandy by less than savory landlords that are renting to whomever since people don’t want to live in a now considered a flood zone. Did it have anything to do with the shooting, I don’t know and I’m not making an assumption.

    The fact that the media/pd/local gov hasn’t given any information and or any social media is semi typical as of lately.

  17. What if I’m not anti-poor person, but anti-gun (or even just anti-gun-violence)? Based on the comments here, I’m not sure if LB would be a good fit for me.

    What if I live in a cheap apartment? I plant beautiful flowers on my balcony, vote in every local election and pick up trash tourists discard on my sidewalk. Because I don’t own a home, based on these comments (and dozens if not hundreds before) it sounds like I’m not welcome.

    How easily some people are painted with such broad strokes.

  18. What is it about section 8 housing that bothers everyone? I live smack in the middle of the east end and I rented an apartment to a section 8 tenant many years ago. It was a long process to be approved but I did it for the tenant that had been with us for awhile and needed the assistance. You never would have know it was a section 8 apartment.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and maybe say we need to make the landlords accountable for better upkeep of these housing facilities. I do understand that these houses are normally not kept well but is that the tenants fault? We don’t know that for sure because we do not know what their lease requires of them but maybe that should be something the Section 8 Housing Department should require of landlords before they allow them section 8 status, because they require quite alot internally from the homeowner to qualify.

    Go ahead…all of you negative neighbors….give me your best shot but my theory is that if you don’t think to make things better all of your negative comments only add to the filth you say this town is turning into. I refuse to give into or believe that. We are good people here in Long Beach. Even all you negative neighbors….

    And btw….news just reported it was a bar fight down on the West End….nothing to do with Section 8 at all

  19. @Ann – what bothers people about section 8? Probably while hard working, educated people are struggling to pay their rents/mortgages – other people working less are living in their neighborhood for free and people like you are having their wallets filled with their tax money. Does that help?

  20. Nope….that does not help at all….you are throwing assumptions….assuming first that i am not hard working…..assuming that my family does not struggle like most financially…..assuming that section 8 families work less then you. I will be honest I can only go by my experience with the housing dept but at the time my tenant paid 3/4 of her bill and was assisted with the rest. I am not going to generalize all section 8 people because honestly I live next to a homeowner whose house is just a mess. And yes we have had the building dept here to assist in having them clean up and yes the problem was solved. My point is I wont make general blanket negative statements. Long beach has good people. Including you.

  21. Thanks for being sane, Ann.

    Long Beach is far more economically diverse than other parts of Long Island, and I think that’s part of what makes this community unique. It’s also one of the few places on Long Island that I can afford to live–in most parts of Nassau County my budget would only get me an illegal basement apartment.

    Long Island is full of communities where people with $800k homes don’t have to share space and services with the rest of us. Thankfully, Long Beach isn’t one of them.

  22. Wondering who was shot……I used to live on Wisconsin Street and just moved recently…..to the East End…..Hear the victim was shot 5 times……? May know the person????

  23. Any links on this? Dog fighting in long beach? Dog fighting is awful, but I’m just as concerned about living near the element that enjoys watching it.

  24. Yes LB Taxpayer, why were any schools allowed to open? Do these boobs have any idea how long a bullet can travel? What if the shooter had an assault weapon? Were they sure they knew where he was? Gov Cuomo stated the other day the targets of his search could be next door or even in Mexico and he has been tracking them for days. Very poor decision making and the school board and police need to meet with parent groups asap and explain their rationale for not closing.

  25. @Allie, what you’ve just said is exactly why LB is going to drive away young professionals. Why in the world wouldn’t you want upper middle class people who can afford an $800k home to move into LB? I can tell you right now the young professionals who have stepped up and actually purchased a house in LB want nothing more than an influx of primary or secondary home owners who will drive the rest of our home values up and contribute to the tax base.

  26. How would the police close a school? Isn’t that a school district issue when they are aware of the problem? This is America. Police can’t just close a school. You place blame everywhere very freely. Maybe you and the 7-11 clerk and the school board should answer why you didn’t close all schools including kellenberg and holy trinity because long beach residents attend them too.

  27. Young professionals leaving Long Island because of a lack of affordable housing options is a problem that is facing many parts of Long Island, yes.

    It’s not that I don’t want people who can afford an $800K home to live in Long Beach–it’s that I dislike the attitude that just because you are rich enough to afford a house like that means you shouldn’t have to share a community with the rest of us.

    I AM a young professional resident of Long Beach, double income, no kids. My partner and I both have full-time and part-time jobs. The idea of us owning an $800K house–or even one at half that price–is laughable. I guess we need bigger bootstraps??

  28. Allie…unfortunately (and I am not saying this to be mean) is that you have to leave NY. This city, county and state don’t care about the people who actually pay the bills. If you are not taking out of the system then they don’t care about you. The politicians are handing out taxpayer money left and right to keep themselves in power. Look at the redundancy in local gov’t…do we really need the city, town of hempstead, the county, the state and the Feds all doing the same things (the county has a human rights commission for God’s sake)? Look at the city PD salaries…they are insane! Not that I don’t respect the job…I don’t respect the pay scale. Have you looked at the salaries in the city school district? At least 1/3 of the employees are making in excess of $100K. To work 182 days a year? Yes, it’s a tough job but that doesn’t mean you have to bankrupt taxpayers to pay for it. Remember one critical thing…the private sector funds the public sector. The public sector can’t exist without the private sector and unless “elected” officials around here figure that out everyone will be gone and this place will do a Detroit.

  29. So section 8 is just code for Black/Spanish, right? It definitely doesn’t just mean subsidized housing because aside from the shooter being White, we don’t know anythjngn about him. So how about you racists just say Black or Spanish? Who do you think you are being coy with? Don’t be ashamed!! Let your racist flag fly the same way you let your classist flag fly! We ALL KNOW what you are saying. Just like we ALL KNOW who you are. You are the fuckers who walk past litter on the street and complain that people are slobs but don’t do anything EXCEPT complain because you believe it is beneath you to bend down to pick it up. YOU are who ruin this town!! You ruin it with you apathy and your lack of empathy.

  30. You’re the first to talk about race. Is it because you don’t have a rational argument so you silence opposition by calling people racists or you’re just trolling?

  31. Wow…how sad this post went from bad to worse….all of you negative neighbors (except a few of you) have blamed the police, school district, democrats, “Section 8 Mutants” (@BytheSea), blamed each other for racism, complained about teacher salaries, police salaries, rich people, poor people and middle class all over one resident shooting another resident over what?? We don’t know….we may never know….but so many of you sound very angry and frustrated. We live in a beautiful town….with great people of all classes and ethnicity and cultures. Enjoy your town….enjoy the peeps around you. Try tomorrow to just smile at one person. You may just make their day. And in turn someone may smile at you and make your day too.

  32. Good point, but it still does not take away from the fact that these are real problems, and that they seem to be more extreme in Long Beach as compared to other municipalities

  33. Ann, that list is a sham and you know it. It’s put out by a company who tries to sell alarm systems.

    But maybe you don’t know that, or perhaps you can’t figure out why that would matter.

    How much are taxpayers forced to pay toward your rent each month?

  34. How about the lbpd thinks about calling the school district when this stuff happens, and not three hours later. And don’t sat they had to secure the scene, cause someone back at the station could have made the call.

  35. This is a good point what are they going to do about that 300 block of e walnut. Can someone from LBPD please do something! There are some real issues that need to be addressed on that block.

  36. So let me see if I got this straight, we live in the highest taxed community in the country, with some of the highest property values and people want to sit here and say they are ok with the government taking their hard earned tax dollars and giving it to people who are let’s say “down on their luck”? I don’t even understand how section 8 is approves all this high rent? See what I am saying, why is section 8 paying for high rents in beach communities, isn’t that a huge waste of tax dollars when thsee people could pay far less if they were in IP or freeport? This is government waste at its finest.

  37. The other night, as I was walking to my house from my car when I got back from work, I could hear waves breaking and the air was filled with a cool salty breeze. I love this town.

  38. gordy is at it again. Newsday buries the story about the shooting in a tiny box yet has a three page section about all the “great food” in long beach. Fire Schnirman and Tepper now. Enough promoting Long Beach to outsiders! The businesses don’t need more people!!!!

  39. “Let your racist flag fly”. Alexis, I love you. The Patchy people here who shame this community and spit on the the spirit of American with their falsly inflated holier than thou my shit dont stink praise God white entitlement are the very ones hiding behind fake names.

  40. While I have no desire to align myself with ignorant dopes who cast ridiculous blanket statements as those on The Patch do, your interpretation of “the spirit of American” is pretty far from accurate. This country was built on the backs of others by well off men who didn’t want to pay taxes. It was then expanded, through displacement by force, to the Pacific.

    So yea, not really sure how the “spirit of America” relates to Section 8 housing which uses the general population’s taxes to offset the expenses of those who can’t afford to live in a beach front area.

  41. Uhm. My statement was that people who keep referring to “section 8” are using the term as a euphemism for Black and Spanish, and also that everyone knows it. I didn’t make an argument for or against anything. Actually, maybe I made a small argument that those people should just say black and spanish and stop using euphemisms to pretend to not be racists, when everyone can clearly see that they are. Oh, and also that people who don’t pick up litter because they think it’s someone else responsibility are huge, gaping assholes. But, again, that’s another thing that EVERYONE already knows, so….
    I hope this cleared it up for you since you seemed so confused by my completely straightforward statement. Please don’t think I’m being rude, I understand reading comprehension isn’t everyone’s strongest skill. I look forward to you trolling with some ridiculous screen name. Here are some I thought of just for you
    *wink*wink “section8”
    *eyebrow raise* smell what I’m cooking?
    Not Foolin ANYONE

  42. @Alexis, your comment is just as disgusting as the point you think you’re making. While I can’t speak for others, when I say Section 8, I mean just that, Section 8 – my tax dollars supporting those who can’t afford to live in a high demand area. To be completely candid, I assumed it was white people getting Section 8 assistance to live in the West End. I don’t care who you are as my neighbor as long as you take care of your property and don’t create a condition that’s going to impact the value of my investment.

    I’m also not sure what people from Spain have to do with this conversation. If you’re going to try and play the race card, please at least get the terminology right.

  43. @Alexis – sigh…

    You’re the one interpreting people’s comments about section 8 into euphemisms for race.

    Why don’t you understand that middle class tax payers struggle to live here and resent that their tax money goes to support people who can’t afford to? Whether someone living here on section 8 volunteers on the weekend and reads to the blind, food came off their table someone else’s table unwillingly for it to happen.

    Taxes aren’t philanthropy.

    @allison b – “spirit of America?” Take a break from those traffic studies and pick up a history book.

  44. At the end of the day, if more Section 8 “people” come to town (pick any race of your choice here), one can probably make the assumption that it will not result in an increase in property values.

    It’s about protecting your investment – that’s is the Kraken’s perspective.

    Speaketh my name.

  45. Notice how the Welfare recipients resort to calling you a “racist” rather than support their argument with facts?

    Come on now, why should anyone invest $700,000 of savings and hard work to live next to anyone who is getting a free ride and sits home all day? Ain’t going to happen.

  46. @Joe Gainer – it’s because they either rent here (and have less vested in this place getting better). Take section 8 as a landlord or tenant, or don’t live in a neighborhood it will come to.

  47. Yup. The call to the school district should have been at 4:30 in the morning. And all schools should have been locked down even after they found out he was in his house by the beach and surrounded. You should be in charge of oem.

  48. Those apartments on Wyoming street are a shit hole run down dump. Easily could be section 8. But a white section 8 person scamming on disability and pain management.

  49. I used to pick up a co worker who had no car at the apts on Wyoming every morning and drop her off after work. This was around 1977. She invited me in a couple of times. I have never ever set foot in such a rodent and roach infested shithole before or since. It looked OK on the outside but inside it was a dump. I always wondered if it ever improved–you can’t tell from the outside.

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