Surfrider Foundation- Central Long Island Chapter [Membership Drive!]

Please join us at this year’s Central Long Island Chapter ISD Event!

June 20, 2015 at 8:00am to
June 20, 2015 at 12:00pm
Skudin Surf — Long Beach. NY Skudin Surf, Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, NJ 11561

full_19698-1431026234Skudin Surf will be providing *FREE* surf lessons, all new member sign-ups at the beach receive a free reusable water bottle, stickers and a chance to win a killer raffle prize!!

It’s easy to take the beaches and waves for granted every time you go to drop in a wave. But if we want to protect our ocean and waves, we need your help!


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  1. The Surf Rider Foundation is the one that opposed the proposal of beach, sand dune and jetty rebuilding made by The US Army Corps of Engineers and Congressman Peter T King many years prior to hurricane Sandy. Mr King had all of the money lined up and it was turned down because the Surf Riders thought itMIGHT change the character of the surf.

    If Congressman King’s proposal had implemented the disasterous damage to LB from Sandy would have been far less.

    Anyone who listens to the Surfriders about anything but suntan lotion should have their heads examined.

  2. I actually heard that surfriders were on the bay wall during Sandy pouring buckets of water out of the bay on the street side of the bulkheading.

  3. Tom: Thanks.

    The Surfriders packed one LB City Council meeting and the City Council of LB folded.

    To his everlasting credit Harvey Weisenberg told one and all that they would live to regret their actions that night and Hurricane Sandy proved him and Pete King 100% correct.

    Sadly, thousands of Long Beachers are still hurting thanks to the Surfrider stupidity and a timid City Council.

  4. @kayo, there is no doubt that the surfer movement spearheaded by Kupferman was the reason for the dune project’s demise. I do take issue with the labeling of the two groups. I think the surfers were ill-informed, or uniformed, and acted out of self interest. The City Council was charged with informing themselves on the dune system and they either did, but did not have the fortitude to stand by what they learned, or the City Council was not smart enough to understand it. I have never once looked at City Council and said, now there’s a smart group of people. So perhaps you should have said it was the stupidity of the City Council.

  5. @kayo, Monkey business, There are Ocean and Bay decisions that face the Long Beach Barrier Island, ” Today “.
    The Future Army Corp project is great because it makes Long Beach a Federal Insured Beach, so if the present Army Corp project does not mitigate the damage to the Beach from a Super Storm, the federal government will come back and repair the Dunes. However, we have seen since Sandy the limitations of Dunes on Ocean parkway, and Long Beach, did not follow what the Rockaways, did, and put up a Cement Seawall, so its important that as Citizens we recognize that the Power of the Ocean can only be” diminished”, by rebuilding 100 % of the Jetty groins, not 50 % as the Army Corp present projects call for ,and Also Extending Further Out the Jetty Groins on Pacific Blvd., Lincoln Blvd, Washington Blvd, New York Ave. and Ohio Ave. with a” T ” at the end of the Jetty groins. Also, any protection for the Bay must include a universal bulkhead elevation for the Entire Barrier island. Nothing will stop the Ocean from meeting the Bay, we learned that long before Sandy, but we can Mitigate the damage from the ” Power,” of the Ocean. And what about the Ocean Outfall Pipe????, 50 Million gallons of treatment Feces and Urine pumped 2.8 miles off shore of Long Beach daily, if you have any sense of Ocean Pollution , you would understand , the Environmental Disaster , this Ocean Outfall Pipe will create, yet, our County, State, and Federal elected officials are calling for its funding.

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