20 Replies to “Let’s all complain about the lack of pony rides in Long Beach”

  1. Your interest in Ponies show you’re in the pocket of the Zapson/Kohut/Elovich Democrat machine. Segways and Hoverboards are what this city need to move forward

  2. Anthony, on a serious note, it seems like you’re taking some of the nut jobs a little too close to heart. I can’t really say anything since I don’t use my name as you do, but I suggest you take the approach of there’s always going to be dicks, you might as well continue to make your opinion heard, whether that’s seen as complaining or not.

  3. It is mandatory that each pony have one attendant, on feeder, one waterer, and one supervisor of waste collection, with an assistant to hold the bucket.

    All with full time benefits for themselves and their families. And town-issued cars.For life.

  4. I spent a week last summer back in LB with my 15 year old son. Spent ages 9-30 there. Boardwalk and beach were beautiful, bars and restaurants in West End and Central were great, bagels were awesome and the Laurel Luncheonette was a memory come back to life BUT the lack of Pony Rides, Bocce courts and Unicorn Petting Zoos ruined the trip. Oh, so did the closing of Chauncey’s 25-30 years ago.

  5. Great to have you back, Anthony! Looking forward to more unbridled optimism, more heartfelt rants, and many more hilarious photoshops! 🙂

  6. Steak House goes hand in hand with the Pony Rides. Ride in the morning, marinate in the afternoon and grill little LoneStar for dinner…

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