Movie Posters are going up!


The movies listed below are just the posters. Many of these movies are coming later in the year. I will post the list of exact movies for this weekend once it’s published.

Spectre 007 (coming soon)
Hotel Transylvania 2 (coming soon)
Rock the Kasbah (coming soon)
Shaun the Sheep Movie (coming soon)
Terminator Genisys (July 1st)

(A major thank you to Richard for all the info)


14 Replies to “Movie Posters are going up!”

  1. I am glad that your theatre is re-opening, however, these films are for the very young. At one time it was promised that we would get some art movies, and that is not happening and it did not happen. You have a huge senior adult population, many that do not drive, but would share a cab or take the bus. At one time it was promised that there would be movies such as is shown at the Malvern. Think about us. Thank you.

  2. I had to update the article a little bit… many of these movies are COMING SOON. It’s not actually what’s playing.

    I agree that there should be a mix of Independent and blockbuster. I like it when there is something for everyone. There was a note a few weeks back how the theater was going to be a Bow Tie theater, which usually does a mix. But I haven’t seen any mention of it anywhere since.

    I will post the actual movies being shown this weekend once I get it.

  3. A nice movie business plan that has worked out great in other Democrat neighborhoods is a mix of Kung-fu and porno movies. Far Rockaway used to have three theaters playing the stuff.

  4. “Better late than never!”

    Though I always liked my junior high social studies teacher’s amendment:
    “Better never late”

    And, for those parents out there of 4 to 12 year olds who may never have heard of ‘Shawn the Sheep’–take your kids to see it! Hysterical claymation from the UK (though you’ll have to wait till mid-August release) Clever, witty fun adults will enjoy equally!

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