20 Replies to “Report: These were on doors at the Allegria”

  1. Maybe the City can float a bond and pay their taxes. This way the Council can claim credit for “saving the Allegria”, and most LB voters would approve of that.

  2. I would speculate that with elections coming up and LB taxpayers in an uproar someone in City Hall decided to take some kind of action. Unpaid taxes are a burr under the saddle of a taxpayer who pays their taxes on time. Allegria has been the subject on many, many posts here on CBS. Election time also caused the planting of trees in the hottest time of the year.

  3. My coffee isn’t done brewing. On doors INSIDE the hotel, like individual rented rooms? Or outside of the hotel?

    I like that hotel. They had some rather nifty events and conferences, was a great place to stash the family and I liked the mildly annoying vibrancy around the place on the boardwalk.It added a pulse to the area.

  4. Well it looks like they owe a couple of million dollars to Nassau country based on those tax warrants. Anybody know what they owe the city of Long Beach?

  5. Close the place down, it’s a rip off joint anyway, bring in a reliable hotel. One that is beneficial to the City. Not like this one.

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