Allegria is still open for business. Owner says he’s working with NYS to resolve issue.

openLong Beach Herald has an updated article on the Allegria/Seizure notice situation: Allegria Hotel: ‘We’re in business’

Newsday chimes in as well: Allegria Hotel rooms seized by state for unpaid back taxes

From the Herald:

“The hotel’s owner, Allen Rosenberg, and general manager, Nasser Samman, confirmed that the notices were posted but said that the establishment was never “closed,” and that the signs were placed only on several vacant hotel room doors as awarning by the department.

…..The Allegria is working very closely with New York state to resolve the issue..

…..According to a May 2015 report on the department’s website listing delinquent taxpayers, Rosenberg and Alrose Allegria LLC owe a total of $4.4 million in withholding and sales and use taxes from December 2011 through April 2014. The latest tax lien on the hotel, according to state tax warrants,shows unpaid back taxes of $189,377 as of July 1. [LINK]

As always, head over the the LB Herald for the full article [Allegria Hotel: ‘We’re in business’ ]. Lots more there.

3 Replies to “Allegria is still open for business. Owner says he’s working with NYS to resolve issue.”

  1. And if you believe that I have s story to tell you about Peter Lugas new restaurant that’s opening up in the place currently occupied by Lost and Found!

  2. Why would anyone who loyally pays his taxes, supports his community and lives in Long Beach patronize someone who fails to pay the $1.4 million in taxes he owes? And lets not forget the millions in salaries and contractor and construction fees he owed local businesses and employees which were discharged through two bankruptcies.

    This guy is a scourge on this community, a bad neighbor and one that takes from your and my pockets to enrich only himself.

    I join with all the others who he ripped off in hopping Allen gets his day in jail.

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