4 Replies to “Ghostbusters tonight [July 3rd] @ 8pm Neptune Beach”

  1. Bustin, indeed, makes me feel good.
    Well done Civic Assosciation and all the sponsors! Another great movie night to cap a great beach day.

  2. Dr Venkman, We are glad that you and everyone who attended last night’s show enjoyed the movie. It was absolutely incredible to see so many families and friends enjoying a wonderful night under the stars. That is truly what Long Beach is all about. The North East Bay & Canal Civic Association,The West End Neighbors Civic Association and The Westholme Civic Association are thrilled to provide you fun free family friendly evenings such as tonight.

    Please have a Happy and Safe Independence Day and we hope to see you next Saturday Night (July 11) for “Airplane” at 8:00PM on Lafayette Blvd.

    Please don’t forget to thank our sponsors!

  3. Betcha that people will still cross on a straight line from their parked car to the store they’re heading for–It’s human nature. In NYC they learned that the only thing that works is iron fences with gaps only where there are traffic lights. This may be seen on Queens Boulevard and Eighth Avenue by the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

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