Let there be light

Red light, that is. Finally, Nassau County activated the new mid block traffic light on the business block of Park Ave between Neptune and Roosevelt. -Richard


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  1. John, you probably know that intersections with control devices statistically host more accidents than those without. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they cause accidents.

    Have you noticed the installation of traffic cameras in Long Beach last week?

    One is on the s/e corner of E. Broadway and Long Beach Blvd.

    One in on the e/s of the center median of W. Park Ave at Laurelton Blvd.

    Many more are coming.

    These are to observe traffic and for post-accident and criminal investigation. The recordings, which are saved for at least a year can by subpenaed from NCDPW, which owns and installed the cameras.

    Guess you can’t drive around any more cheating on your spouse.

  2. Nothing gets by the likes of the ‘LiberalsAreScum’ type. The liberals were twirling their mustaches, devising maniacal ways to strip the public of their hard-earned money, when they came up with this perfect air-tight plan of a red light traffic camera. Never mind if it actually serves a public good and will make it safer for kids and the elderly to cross the dangerous road, that’s just a coincidence! Soon as the camera money starts rolling in, you watch, these liberals are going to start installing more red lights between ALL the boulevards! MUHAHAHAHAHA…

    …wait… are they even putting in a camera for this light?

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