Bicycle Air Pump on Boardwalk/Lafayette deflates tires?

Via Facebook:

“I went to use the air pump on the boardwalk last night on my way to see the concert on New York ave by Lafayette and instead of filling my tires it deflated them!!! The people who where right there cleaning the restrooms said oh Yah that’s broken. Thanks for not stopping me prior to using the pumps if you knew it deflated the tires. So I had to walk my bike all the way back to my house in the East end. There should of been a sign or something that said broken. I’m very annoyed at this situation!

I’ve heard this from a few other people as well. Time to use that Long Beach Response app?

7 Replies to “Bicycle Air Pump on Boardwalk/Lafayette deflates tires?”

  1. Come on, any Long Beach bike rider knows in that area, you go to the Mobil station on Lafayette Blvd and Park Ave to pump air into your tires.

  2. That pump has been broken since at least last year. I’ve notified at least 2 town employees (police and maintenance) on the Boardwalk since then. Why, with Sandy money, hasn’t it been fixed? Very unresponsive of city administration!

  3. I was caught unaware and deflated by that pump last week too!! Luckily another bicyclist told me about the Mobil station and I walked my now un-rideable bike to it.

    Personally, I think Deco Bicycle should be required as part of its concession to rent bikes on the Boardwalk – if not community spirit and business acumen – to provide compression pumps by at least 3 of its rental stations. One on each end and one in the middle. All it takes is an outlet and they’re cheap enough

  4. Hess used to have a free pump, but I think Speedway charges now. And at the Circle K, if you reach under the coin housing, there’s a button that starts the air. Don’t tell anyone I told you that.

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