History Bike Long Beach – Photo Gallery

I participated in History Bike Long Beach, a ride which was conducted by the Long Beach Historical Society  and Long Beach Streets on June 13th. We are so lucky to live in a city that’s rich with so much history! It was fun hearing stories about houses and buildings that we blindly see every day. I’ll save all the history details for the next ride .. hopefully there will be another one soon.

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  1. As an avid multisport cyclist ( I have a road bike, 3 mountain bikes and a hybrid) I am very disappointed to not see anyone wearing a helmet!
    They should specify helmets should be worn.

    Otherwise it looks like an interesting tour.

  2. Oh wait, I do see two helmets on the heads of the people running the ride. The only ones with a brain that they would like to keep intact 😀

  3. Great pics! The next ride for Long Beach Streets is a Critical Mass, (last Friday of every month) which is pushed back to 8:30pm for July 31st. It’s a full moon which means clothing is optional.

    August 22nd is a Lemonade Pedal -think bar crawl but with lemonade stands instead of bars)

    We hope to partner up with the Historical Society again because that was FUN!

  4. Absolutely! We were mellow on the promotions as this was the first one but still managed to start with 40 people! Maybe we’ll do an email RSVP or hold it across 2 days to keep the number at 40 or below. We finished after 2 1/2 or so hours with a dozen which itself was impressive considering the sun that day. The Historical Society is amazing- Mary Anne captivated the riders from start to finish – it was just really, really spectacular.

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