I can’t believe some idiots are politicizing the fireworks

The fireworks were fantastic this year. No wind, so the barge was closer and the show was high, bright, wide and loud. I cannot believe some of the negative comments I am seeing around the internets regarding how it sucked this year because the current dems overdeveloped Long Beach so there were no parking. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? Parking has always been terrible on firework day. And what overdevelopment? Nothing major has been built.Tourists? Well, what I saw were neighbors having firework parties. Many of these so-called tourists were friends and families of us residents.

You are a resident. You know the parking situation on firework day. If possible, plan ahead like what every smart resident does. Since moving here, I became a wizard when it comes to creating spots for my guests.

The negative spin on the fireworks is really pathetic. Some you of you really need to get a life. And I will not respond to any negative comments against me with this one because I am right and you are an idiot. Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 7.11.40 PM

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  1. I thought the fireworks show was the best ever!!! And I absolutely loved seeing thousands of people staying after having their beach parties. Yeah, the traffic was a bit much but so what!!! We had a great time. The show was the biggest and brightest. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over the naysayers. They don’t know how to do anything but complain and nothing they say matters. Yay for Long Beach! It was a great night on the beach and our fabulous Boardwalk!

  2. Great evening and fantastic fireworks. Anyone complaining is either a tourist who couldn’t find parking or a moron. Either way no one in LB cares about the opinion of those 2 groups.

  3. Mer Gi Vel- the negativity is disheartening and exhausting. If folks can’t just zip it and enjoy the evening-chaos and all- then don’t come!!

  4. You censored my comments. There were too many people. The Dems over promoted it. Republicans will stop with the obnoxious or campaign that is overcrowding our town. Also lots of paramedics out last night but no firemen!!! What if there was an accident. We need Yolinsky back. He and the republicans will fix this mess. My neighbors all had a horrible time last night. Too much noise and too many people.

    Remember in November!!!!!

  5. The city supplies FREE BUSSES!!!! What more could they do besides pick up your lazy, complaining ignorant ass at your front door. I’m all for free speech but seriously people…give your negativity a rest!!!

  6. It was indeed the best show Long Beach has seen. Should a bankrupt City be spending on this sort of thing? Who knows? It brings people into the city, provides miles of great publicity, probably helps property values and is just plain fun for everybody.

    You can have your opinions, but I had a great time.

  7. Well said Anthony!!! It WAS a fabulous night in Long Beach with neighbors and friends!!! Your positive attitude about this town is the reason I keep reading your blog!!! I nominate YOU!!!

  8. Free speech relates to the government and an individual.

    just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean someone has to hear, respect or give a shit about it.

  9. We are not trolling. We ate exposing that everything is NOT AWESOME. Sticking your head in the sand just allows the bullshit to continue.

    Remember in November!

    LOMONTE & YOLINSKY will fix this broken city and stop with the bullshit public relations thst is overcrowding and ruining long beach.

  10. If, after an AWESOME fireworks show enjoyed by the vast majority with typical traffic problems you see every year (no matter who is in office), is your grounds for a “Remember in November” political rallying cry, I think it’s safe to say the GOP has zero chance in said November.

    But keep up the nonsensical indignation, by all means; watching stupidity lather up to no avail is almost as fun as watching a fireworks show (plus the parking’s free)

  11. I am an LB resident. I walked 10 blocks to see it. And I had a great time. Going there I saw numerous available parking spots. The people complaining have a lot of nerve.

  12. Are you happy that they only had volunteer firemen and paramedics instead of paid cross trained firefighters??? It was dangerous thanks to the scum den pr campaign overcrowding our beach!

  13. Keeping your head in the sand and believing it was AWESOME makes you a fool. I am not trolling. I see problems and I am speaking my mind. No paid firefighters only volunteers and paid paramedics? That’s dangerous. The night was ruined for me and
    All my neighbors. November can’t come soon enough.

  14. I’ll say one thing, the people who work at the Alegreia were using the public parking spaces and charging their customers for it!

  15. @GOP your night watching fireworks with family and friends was ruined because there were no paid fireman on site? Do you panic leaving the house every morning because there isn’t a cop to walk you to the school bus? Aren’t republicans supposed to be for less government intervention and public services not more?

    Stop trying to take something that’s fun and make it political with logical fallacies. You sound like a political parrot incapable of logical independent critical thinking.

  16. I think I see what you’re doing here. you’re actually a dem plant spouting nonsense to try to make the republican and independent supporters look foolish. that’s some seriously heady false flag shit you got goin on there. amiright? amiright?

  17. I am all for paid fireman – but what about the large percentage of Long Island villages that don’t have paid firemen – only volunteer fire and paramedics? Rockville Centre has an fireworks show every year and my beloved husband is one of the very well trained volunteer firefighters on duty every year. He has been to numerous fires in the village, keeps up with his training requirements etc. So — while I am still in support of paid LB firemen — I think it is very unfair to over-focus on this topic in the current discussion but also to assume that no town is safe with volunteer-only firemen and paramedics. It is just not that simple of a statement and a very broad stroke to paint.

  18. So what are you implying, Dave and the Republicans will put a limit on the number of visitors that can enter Long Beach? Are they going to open the drawbridges after the visitor quota is met? Let the Republican candidates speak for themselves. Do you really believe posts like these help Dave’s candidacy?

  19. OK….I’ll bite. Dazzle us with your fact based intellectual argument about why we were in danger because we only had paramedics and volunteer firefighters. Here is your chance to shine.

  20. It was probably the greatest night in recent LB history! I miss the good old days LB just as much as the next person. But times change, neighborhoods change and so do people. I can honestly say…if you don’t like it, close your door and windows, pull the blinds down and sit there. Or you can leave the city for a nice little spot in Florida. It’s really sad and disturbing that some people will complain about a glorious evening. And it was ONE NIGHT!!! GET A GRIP…

  21. There has never been parking in LB on a good summer weekend. We all know that and its been that way for decades. You just dont move your car if at all possible. If you need to understand that you will not be able to find parking right in front of your house when you come back. In the past I have parked car down by Lindell School and walked or rode bike back to house in WE. It takes 10-15 minutes walking the 1/2 mile or so, less on a bike, but people will circle block for an hour rather than just parking the car and walking. It makes no sense. Finally, how dare they have fireworks when people aren’t back in there homes and we don’t have a hospital. (Yes, that’s sarcastic).

  22. Have to agree. Repubs are for less gov, so why all the bitching? No need for all these firemen (Some, not all). If there is a problem, we will know very quick and then Vol’s and PAID GUYS $ can put it out. Also, don’t you think the Ocean will put the flames out too?

  23. Jay, I spoke with one of the droners who was flying his craft over the crowd. He was taking videos for his personal enjoyment. Maybe he’ll post them on YouTube. The drone cost him $675.

    There was a bigger one flying around over the water. We speculated that it might be the fireworks company or an advertising firm hired by them.

    I know the LBPD doesn’t do this, nor do the Bay Constables, NC or the TOH. The Coast Guard has several. Doubt it was them.

  24. The fireworks were great, in my opinion one of the best shows over the last few years. Parking is crazy and there really isn’t anything you can do to avoid it. The one thing I noticed was the amount of cars that were parking illegal in front of fire hydrants and squeezing into spots and blocking a quarter to almost a half of someone’s driveway. People just need to think smarter when they park because you never know when an emergency happens and they need to get to the fire hydrant that some impatient person thought it was okay to park in front of.

  25. I thought it was a good show.. Wa Wa Wa we rode our bikes from the west end to the boardwalk. No problem, the beach was full with families having a good time. I just wish it were louder. Crap, imagine anyone complaining about a good time had by all. You complainers suck

  26. It’s a tribute to the town where we live. Probably 15,000 people gathered on a hot summer night without a riot, looting, shooting or any notable fighting.

    If our biggest problem relating to this gathering is parking, I’d say Long Beach is doing better than most Long Island towns.

  27. I think a lot of people posting here who talk about what LB was like “for decades” – haven’t lived here for decades. I have. The parking, and the crowd situation, has never been this bad. This fireworks show used to be mostly for LB residents, now its promoted as another “event” to bring tourism into LB – tourism which takes away from resident’s ability to use their own homes and properties. Who benefits? Commercial interests linked to City government, there are certainly no tourism tax revenues rolling into LB coffers providing resident tax relief – we even have a hotel that doesn’t pay any taxes, and soon a housing project that doesn’t either. So yes, it is political, its not about whether the fireworks show was “good” or not.

  28. Glad the smart people on here figured out that this dope is a dem troll trying to make the Republicans look bad. Want to know where they stand ask them they have been rather vocal and at least are offering ideas and positions.

  29. Like many, I’ve loathed the current administration’s encouragement and spending on tourism at a cost to the resident taxpayers. But I’ve tried, also to keep an open mind. As a resident, I don’t love Nassau’s hoards invading my town every weekend. I don’t like my thousands of tax dollars paying for out-of-town advertising and public relations.

    But tourism increases our property values. It brings new investors. It supports our businesses. When our businesses do well, our taxes are lower because business picks up a larger share. If we loose our commercial base, we have to pick up the costs they pay, since the City will NEVER cut spending.

    In a political climate, establishing Long Beach as a destination brings more state and federal aid.

    When all’s considered, I don’t like the directions the Democrats have taken Long Beach, but I understand their motives.

    On the other hand, look at the Republicans’ success in Point Lookout. That hamlet’s property values have surpassed Long Beach’s by over 80%. A home there has appreciated a whopping 210% since the 2007 bust. And that town is VERY isolationist.

    The Democrats can take a lesson from Point Lookout. But we should also understand both views.

  30. Thought the fireworks were great and we had an amazing time with our friends and neighbors that night. One of the best evenings we’ve had on the beach in a long time.

  31. Were you one of the families smoking crack on the beach at Long Beach Rd, or was that medical marijuana? Leave it to some low life minorities to ruin a family friendly event.

  32. Jay: If you can’t tell crack from marijuana you know very little about the subject.

    Zero People die each year from smoking pot. You can’t overdose on it and it is not addictive. Smokers of the weed become sociable, tranquil, mellow, giggle a lot and don’t start fights. When arrested pot smokers may engage in telling dopey jokes and excessive giggling but that’s about it.

    Contrast this with the legal intoxicant: alcohol. It is highly addictive Users engage in wife beating, become nasty, argumentative, violent and engage in all manner of crime. When sober, most people will not commit crimes. Most arrestees in the USA are under the influence of alcohol when jailed.. They fight with cops, jailers, fellow prisoners.

    Crack is a cocaine derivative. It’s users behave much like alcohol abusers

  33. Reading the comments from Long beach residents about tourists from out of town is bizarre to me. 1st of all I am quite sure the local business owners are happy about it because it keeps the businesses open instead of having empty stores which is not good for the city. Second of all, to all you complainers, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE TOURISTS, MOVE OUT OF A TOURIST TOWN! Move to an area where there are cows and horses grazing. There you will find PLENTY IF PARKING! Problem solved!

  34. Amy, the problem with your statement is LB isn’t a tourist town in the traditional sense and certain groups prefer it stay that way. Politicians are trying to make it into a day tripper tourist town and because of that those who don’t agree should throw up their hands, sell their houses and move?

    I’m not complaining about the fireworks but I am in the group that would love nothing more for LB to become like Lido Dunes, Long Beach Island, Breezy or Fire Island with a calm local demeanor and very limited street parking.

  35. Amy, aren’t you being a little rough telling those taxpayers who don’t like tourists to “GET OUT”? After all, if not for them, there would be no Long Beach for the tourists.

    Sure, getting out is an option. But so is striking a balance between the owners, who pay taxes, tourists, who help support business, business owners and renters?

    A little tolerance, Amy, would make your writing much smarter.

  36. I have been living in Long Beach for almost 18 years and for that entire time it has been a tourist destination in the Summer because of the beach. This is not a new phenonomen cooked up by the current administration

  37. Tourism doesn’t increase our property values. Its going the other way – people don’t want to move here because they cannot use their own homes for friends or families to visit – because no one can get a place to park.

  38. At least you can see from the Facebook postings on the City’s page – that alot of residents have had enough. More people are waking up to what is going on, how City government pushes tourism to the max, with no benefits for residents, in fact at their expense. Only connected commercial interests are profiting from the tourism.

  39. Yes ! This !

    Anthony loved the fireworks and thinks everything is awesome. Get rid of schnirman now!!!!!

    Remember in November! LOMONTE will not push the promotion of Long Beach that crowds are streets and makes it impossible to get a restaurant reservation. Republicans & Yolinsky will fix this mess. Can’t wait!

  40. Sam, I don’t know why those we elected are pushing tourism to such a degree. I mentioned several of the benefits I can see, but I personally think that there are better ways of achieving civic vitality.

    Bringing outsiders into town does publicize the place and attract new residents. People are sheep, and they follow a crowd. The thinking is that we can become the next Bushwick or Long Island City.

    There’s a delicate balance here. You can’t keep Long Beach a sleepy residential village and bloat the City’s payroll with hoards of family, friends and Brookhaven Democrat Club 25-year-old cast-offs earning $130K.

    Unless you have a leadership that seeks to control spending, the only option for them is growth and more development. More fees, permits and taxes.

    Remember that only one Commissioner voted against iStar’s 20-story project. Remember that when you vote.

  41. So I was at the Police Dept to pick up a parking pass for a friend today. I found it so interesting that the line for the traffic window was sooo long and then found out that all of those people were there to get their cars out of impound after parking illegally at some point over the weekend. And they were all what you call “tourists”. (out of towners). So are you all glad for this? Glad the cops were towing illegal parkers or are you now going to complain about the money that the city made from these people? I for one am glad the rules were enforced. AND the fireworks were wonderful.

  42. Not a dem!!! Long Beach has higher population density than anywhere around except rock away. The entire city could have burned to the ground on Friday night. It was a densely populated event and we only had paramedics and volunteer firefighters. Great turnout tonight at Dave Yolinskys fundraiser. He is going to fire schnirman and RESTORE THE FOUR! Remember in November! Yolinsky on the Democrat line and Lomonte and Higgins on the Republican line.

  43. is that his official platform? your doing the people you supposedly support absolutely no favors with your posts. you understand that, right?

  44. Vote republican – so we can eliminate the rest of the Paid fire department. Grossly overpaid + Grossly underworked = not needed. Less gov.

  45. We will see about that. Todd Kaminsky and Harvey Weisenberg joined with Robert Solomon last night to support Dave and kick schnirman to the curb. With the help of the paid fire department and our friends at the board of elections we will take back this city and start over fresh with people who really care about Long beach and aren’t just passing through. We are here for the long haul.

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