A new business campus is coming to Long Beach: Bridgeworks!

11693971_1592256114374292_177588661729048961_nCool work spaces coming to Long Beach Fall 2015. Bridgeworks is business campus which offers flexible hours, rates & modern amenities. The concept is simple: Work. Life. Community. Flexible co-working spaces, lounge areas, conference rooms and private offices available on your terms. You can rent private offices, co-working areas or even just a conference room! Amenities include: free wifi, movie areas, full kitchen, surfboard storage, outside shower & more.

Bridgeworks will be located at 780 Long Beach Blvd, at the foot of the bridge. They are repurposing an existing one story building with a modern look. Below are some renderings of the offices and floor plan.

Visit bridgeworkslongbeach.com  or on Facebook for more info.



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5 thoughts on “A new business campus is coming to Long Beach: Bridgeworks!”

  1. yeah sure. they have daily rates. perfect for those who work at home, but need a conference room or place of meeting and you don’t want to use your house! I have contacted them and I am trying to get more info an hopefully they can respond to any questions you all might have,

  2. Why wasn’t something like this planned yrs ago maybe it wasn’t needed
    Hope it works out…….Looks like a big place…………

  3. We looked at doing this sort of thing here a few years ago on our property and after a lot of research, believed that our costs would be too high for the anticipated business. I hope we were wrong and that they make a successful go at it.

    There’s certainly a need here. I’d love to see them make it!

  4. Hope their service is better than their Web Site. Tried to send them a request and it’s like Web Site Loop Hell. Good luck!!

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