The best way to solve parking/traffic issues in Long Beach is right here.

PULL THE PLUG ON THE INTERNET!! The growth of social media is the real reason why more non-residents are coming to our precious fireworks day. Eliminate the internet and you will eliminate all parking and traffic problems in Long Beach as we know it. KyleIn all seriousness, I just scanned through some comments on my politicizing fireworks rant. Some of you are so consumed with politics that it must be eating you alive. Well, I might as well go onto site news while I’m at it. One of you accused me of censoring your comment. I check the spam box and found this:

Fireworks sucked. Too many people. Democrats suck. We need Republicans to take back the city and stop promoting lb so much!!! Nowhere to park. Roads congested. Worst night ever. If you had a lousy time at the fireworks last night…. Remember in November and vote Republican!

There is your precious comment, LB Needs GOP. I’m calling you out because you’re obviously anonymous. Way to really add to a conversation. You actually just proved my point: Everything that happens in Long Beach is about politics, even fireworks day. I actually just took a constipated dump in my Long Beach-home toilet. I blame the dems for struggle I had pushing it out. Probably those new trees are triggering allergies, thus effecting my digestive system. I will remember this come November.

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  1. We should charge a $50 toll to visitors at all bridges and give it to the republicans to make attack ads of the democrats. Most tourists wont want to pay the toll and the rest will be so turned off from the ads they wont want to come here anyway. This should free up parking and if that doesn’t work we could just alter the calendar and make fall come quicker, then we can all complain about the local businesses suffering because no one is here.

  2. If I had to point out two things I’ve been noticing around town is that obviously there is not enough parking. I understand that this would cost money but I’ve been saying for a number of years now that the city needs to approve the development of parking garages. They already have municipal lots. I don’t know the politics involved in passing this. But I’m sure there are tons of investors that would love to build a garage and charge a FAIR amount for parking. Let’s say you build a 4 floor garage. The top two floors could be for for residents at let’s say $100 a month and the bottom floors would be for non-residents at $10 an hour or something like that. The other thing that I’ve noticed is that either there aren’t enough police or they’re not doing their jobs. It took me 20 minutes to get from Roosevelt to the Mobil station on Long Beach road the night of the fireworks. Nobody was stopping at stop signs. People were parking illegally all day for the beach and fireworks. There wasn’t a single police officer or auxiliary officer handling traffic and I didn’t see a single car with a ticket. Meanwhile, a lot of those cars were illegally parked all day long. It’s become a serious problem. Whenever the city has an event or a gorgeous beach day this happens.

  3. Also, I think we need the money from the tourists and I think that Long Beach could be so much more for residents and tourists. It’s just a matter of establishing parking and making sure people follow the law.

  4. Anthony, perhaps I’m one of those who politicize things too much. But let me offer an explanation.

    Most people living here work hard and live pretty well. They have their challenges and rise to meet them. But certain problems, they cannot solve. And nobody listens to them. They feel they have no voice.

    Whether it’s a 20-story iStar project, a $50 million trailer replacement of a hospital or a 35% tax increase – it frustrates and perhaps infuriates the Average Joe.

    So where can they be heard?, of course.

    You made the venue, Anthony. You have to expect them to come.

  5. I’m very surprised that President Obama, wasn’t blamed for the parking issue..LOL but then again he’s a dem so I guess he was…The one thing about my sweet home town, everyone always complains about the politics..but they don’t fix the problems by contributing solutions?? maybe during the summer months they should use the parking lot at the high school and Jr.High for visitors and give the trolley’s some use taking people to town or the beaches…could work..and charge out of towners for the ride…or charge for the parking and not the ride..

  6. It’s a troll account.Post your opinions, suggestions and even criticisms,but please TRY to make an effort to keep your comments constructive. Those comments in Newsday are terrible. The Patch was really bad a few years ago. I cannot let this blog fall into that company.

  7. Motorcycle/ scooter specific parking would certainly help. Nothing worse than the many people who use their motorcycle to save a spot for their car… Make a few spots on each block designated for bikes. You can easily get 4 in one spot.

  8. I’ve actually seen a ton of aux and regular officers giving out tickets. All of the cars on Neptune, Franklin and Lincoln that were parked illegally had tickets on their windshields. What we really need is traffic directing out of LB after major events. The gridlock is nothing new–I can remember gridlock after huge beach days going back over 20 years. If we had good traffic direction on those days, it would help lessen the congestion.

    Parking garages are a must–they should’ve been part of the deal with the superblock. Slap some solar panels on them and make them work for the city. We’re always going to have beach traffic–hell, this is what our businesses and city depend on to get us through the winter. We just need to find a better way to manage the traffic.

  9. There’s no solution but a parking garage.

    But how much would it help? Is there even a location for it? Realistically, how many cars could it hold? Are there that many vacant lots? 100, 200 spots.

    If it is built, it will not likely be resident only.

  10. I was coming home from an out of town bike ride on Sunday afternoon and people were parking in the shopping center lot by Key Food to go to the beach, I saw them unloading the cars. Because of this I decided not to go into the stores there. I am fine with walking from another spot, but there were none to be had.
    Why is the limit not enforced in our lots? Do we need parking meters to enforce them? Maybe so. They could be weekend and holiday only meters just the opposite of what most towns have.Guarantee those beach goers weren’t there to shop when they were finished!

  11. There are many potential parking solutions. Which are preferred by the SBTC community:

    1. Convert parts of city (and other) school playgrounds to summer-time parking e.g. West End school
    2. Convert Park Ave and other center medians to parking
    3. Build additional parking floors on existing city parking lots
    4. Specify parking spaces via striping (adds a few spots per block)
    5. Establish residential parking rules/stickers that set aside spaces
    6. Require owners with driveways to use their driveways
    7. Entice business investors to build pay-for parking lots
    8. Establish separate spaces for motorcycles
    9. Establish angle-parking on wide blocks (safety issue in past)
    10 Other?

    Parking is an issue being considered by the groups working on the 2015 LB Comprehensive Plan. Since this has been a problem for so long (including previous consulting study) shouldn’t there be a Parking strategy/plan established by year-end (and specified by both parties before this year’ selection)?

  12. I don’t know the solution to the parking situation. I don’t know how to get tourists to spend more money here. One thing that I do know, is that Long Beach does not need more police officers.

  13. Anyone can make an extreme comment as if representing a group when it is nothing more than an effort to make that group look bad or to parodize. Such an undeveloped rant does not represent the LB GOP and I never heard such comments made by Republican colleagues. Use journalistic discernment to sniff out plants.

  14. John McNally and John Bendo had it right, this guy/girl, is playing some really heady games with everyone in an effort to make the Republicans look bad. I am hoping people see this sham for what it is.

  15. Funny. I just thought it was [name deleted] or one of the other frequent facebook flyers.

    These are the same talking points being spouted on the LB Repub facebook site.

  16. In the 1950’s Political Boss Phil Kohut was City of LB Commissioner of Public Safety. In other words he was both Police Commissioner and Fire Commissioner. He took a bribe of $23,500 From The Duncan Parking Meter Company and bought 1500 parking meters from them for $100,000. Meters were installed in the central business district, Broadway and the cross streets in the center of town. While $ 23,500 sounds like peanuts today, in 1950’s money it would buy 5 fully loaded Cadillacs. Here is the story:,4784968

    People voted with their feet. The took their shopping dollars to Oceanside, RVC and the new Roosevelt field. The center of town became a ghost town of empty stores and remained that way for many many years. Boss Kohut (a name he called himself) went to federal prison.

    In the earlier years, Kohut a captain on the LBPD was arrested by the Nassau County Police Department for operating a wide open gambling casino on Park Place (now Rev Evans Blvd) For some reason, the LBPD never arrested him.

    That’s why.

  17. I don’t have all the answers, but I sure do notice that just about every driveway in this town is empty while the owners park on the street. Heck, I see people sit in their car in their own driveway and wait for street parking to open up. Not cool.

    Also, no need for motorcycles and scooters to take up spots. You can literally put those anywhere. I have some epic hipster douche who kept his motorcycle ALL WINTER LONG in the same spot. He doesn’t live where he parked it. I know because he drives his freaking truck to the motorcycle.


  18. Election time is coming. Take a good look at the bumper stickers on the taxi cabs. That is why the taxi’s can be driven by maniacs and block people and traffic at the station. It also explains the lack of action by LBPD. The lady isn’t yelling.

  19. Citing something that happened 40 years ago does not mean that they couldn’t work today. Drop the freaking Kohut scandal already. It’s old news. BORING
    Ask a merchant how they feel about a local having to shop out of town because they can’t find a parking spot. A weekend hour limit meter in the summer is a no brainer. If someone has a legitimate reason to be longer they can come out and put more money in. They certainly aren’t going to walk from the beach to Park to do it. Or……how about enforce the signs that are posted and ticket cars that don’t comply.

  20. Johnny numbers aka sinone, the taxi cabs illegally obstruct traffic waiting for the train and were allegedly doing so with the OK of the LBPD. The intersection they jeopardize is the the top hotspot for pedestrian crashes according to LBFD dispatch data from 2009 through 2014. It is no coincidence that the taxi company is there running 42 medallions out of a timy parcel of land, overflowing onto our streets at the expense of our lives.

    After the video was posted and police notified, the taxi company was on notice to not obstruct traffic. The City Council is responsible for overseeing taxi medallions and rules.

    Long Beach taxi has now moved their taxis to the other side of the LIRR, compromising the safety of bus riders while illegally idling under “no parking” and “no idling” signs IN the bus station – not just on the side of the LIRR station where Beech St taxi has been lining up. This is not acceptable. Having to dodge taxis whipping through the bus terminal is not safe. If the City Council and LBPD want to make arrangements in the taxpayers bus termnal for this private business to operate then there needs to be a conversation first then an adjustment in the bus stations terminal so that people walking through are not in danger. Bus riders already have had to dodge bullets and now they have to dodge cars.

  21. Don’t even need numbered spaces. Do like NYC with Muni Meter put receipt showing slotted time on dash and go. Have machine take CC and cash so people have no excuse and finally enforce it. Sadly most people are unwilling to comply unless there is a real fear of tickets

  22. I agree with you regarding the need for traffic directing AFTER events. We rode our bikes to the fireworks with no problem- leaving was another story. Too many pedestrians/bicyclists vs cars on Shore Rd- it really wasn’t a safe sitchuation. We saw many cars just backing up into crowds of people trying to cross the street –

  23. I understand your point, but sometimes we feel like we have no choice since we live next to a beach entrance. Occasionally I have to work on a Saturday and after you work 8 hours sometimes you just don’t feel like driving around for 45mins to an hour looking for a spot-

  24. Everyone calls for meters and cites local areas that have them – but the residents have to pay them, too. Be careful what you wish for.

    Add alternate side parking while we’re at it.

  25. In case anyone is counting opinions here, I’m against metered parking. I’m also against a parking garage. The beach is crowded enough. For all the hyperbole and complaining that goes on here, I’ve never had to park more than a block away from my barber (on Park/LB Road), or to pick up a hero from Brand’s. We also have a policy in my house that the last one home parks in front of the driveway every night. It’s the summer, ride your bike. (More opinions available upon request)

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