Waldbaum’s on the way out?

“A&P is headed for bankruptcy — and that means another New York institution could be gone for good.

The corporate parent of the A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s and Food Emporium grocery chains — the country’s biggest company 50 years ago — is set to file for Chapter 11 as soon as this week, sources told The Post.

Read the full article: A&P could soon be gone for good

What’s to happen with the infamous 99 year lease [link]? Will another company just buy it out? The lease can be assigned.

What supermarket will take over that space? I would love to see us get a supermarket that’s actually rated high on this consumer list:


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  1. Look at the bright side: Whatever replaces Waldbaum’s can’ be as bad. Waldbaums was rated the worst supermarket in america by Consumer Report’s, a very reputable organization

  2. Keep some retail and build the high rise buildings on this property. Have enough parking for units, Win Win for the residents of LB.. Maybe then the tax abatement rip offs might actually be a valid use of OUR money. Even if the developer had to buy additional propertys, this would be great for downtown LB. Maybe store owners could make the landlords clean up LB business district. Maybe we could open a contest for future architects or developers to come up with some ideas?

  3. I am a vendor that deals with A&P and I can tell you that Fairway has plans to take over a few of their Brooklyn stores, and Shoprite is also taking over a few. I would bet on Shoprite for LB, which isn’t a bad thing. Some of the newer stores are really nice.

  4. I don’t think it will be replaced with a supermarket. LB is too small, and there are competitors and options close by.

    If it closes, which isn’t automatic with bankruptcy, it could remain vacant for a while, parceled up into other stores, or claimed by “sustainable” Long Island for more senior citizen homes.

  5. @ TTMS………Make your dream come true. Call Fairway, and let them know that not only are they welcome here, but that they can have a built in customer base by building apartments up above.
    That makes sense to me.

  6. I’d love to see a Wild By Nature like the one in Oceanside and Lincoln Road, WBN is a subsidiary of King Kullen so maybe there would be some synergy for them having a KK in Island Park and WBNs in Oceanside and Long Beach?

  7. Along with the ShotSpotter that the Democrats are bring us, we’ll likely see a huge “Center for the Underserved” like they put in Uniondale, Elmont and Roosevelt.

    Here the underserved populations can get their income maintenance, food stamp SNAP entitlement and SSI, all under one roof — One stop shopping for the dependent populations. Even free cheese and health care sign-ups would be available.

    This would also support the merchants that remain — the liquor store, Dunkin Donuts and Rite Aid, and probably attract other great franchise businesses.

  8. Sam, I think not. Fairway is not a “precious” store. They have very competitive pricing and run very good specials in their fish, meat, and produce(organic) and prepared food departments. I think it would actually be a magnet store for Long Beach as residents from local hamlets would come here to shop. Whatever takes Waldbaum’s place should include residential apartment development above it, conveniently and sensibly adjacent to our mass transit hub. No Sam, I think you are underestimating the demand and market of our regional demographic. I think the biggest business challenge any Walbaum replacement will face is the Costco that is on the drawing boards in Island Park. Richard, I suspect Fairway and all other grocery chains will be fully aware of new market opportunities when they become available.

  9. @ttms – If you put residences above the hypothetical supermarket, there will either be no parking for residents or no parking for shoppers.

  10. According to Newsday it will be a Stop & Shop:

    “The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. LLC has entered into an agreement to acquire 25 A&P stores in New York and New Jersey for $146 million, the company announced Monday. The stores include Waldbaum’s locations in East Hampton, Southampton, Baldwin, Massapequa, Long Beach and Huntington, as well as Pathmark stores in Greenvale, Seaford, and Franklin Square. The agreement is subject to bankruptcy court approval.”

  11. Honestly, it’s not. Certainly not compared to the alternatives and definitely not compared to what is locally available. Obviously if you want organic produce (which I mostly do) or other organic foods, there will be a premium. But Waldbaums doesn’t/didn’t have them. Bob’s used to carry some but stopped long ago. There was only one small vendor at Sat/Wed Farmer’s Market who was organic, and they are gone now too. WBN is a fairly local alternative to going to Fairway or Whole Foods for the organic produce I want. No one is forcing you to buy organic if you don’t want to or “think” can’t afford it.

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