I know you folks don’t like these negative photos, but that’s because you don’t like to look at garbage while you eat dinner.

8pm on Park Avenue. This photo was actually sent to me last week,  but it’s still relevant because the garbage-on-the-sidewalk-while-people-eat-on-the-sidewalk situation still exists.

dinner time & garbage. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY.
dinner time & garbage. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY. Photo credit: John in LB

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  1. I agree with you here. I went to corozon de cuba. If I chose to sit outside, I would have enjoyed the view of garbage bags 5 feet away in either direction. We are not talking mountains of trash either. They make planters where the front is hinged and inside goes a can, on the top are flowers. Perhaps the civic association could come up with something?

  2. In the West End we have 6 teenagers affiliated with Project Challenge who are weeding all planters and curb lines, as well as removing garbage left on Beech Street. On weekends we have other volunteers cleaning up the prior night’s mess.

    So far half of Beech Street (Nevada to Tennessee) has been weeded/cleaned. The rest of the West End should be completed in another week, at which time many of these workers/volunteers will focus on other LB business areas on Park Avenue (including the one in the photo).

    This work supplements the good efforts by the City and some business owners, and makes up for those who are contributing to the problem. We hope similar efforts to clean up and beautify are underway by other groups.

    And, the Chamber is making trash baskets available to the business community, which will hide the loose garbage bags in the photo.

    So, we shouldn’t be satisfied that these photos depict our unacceptable reality, but we should be happy that progress is being made.

  3. Several business owners have been great…offering water, food, bathroom facilities…and, most importantly, sincere thanks to the young girls.

    If you want to help, acknowledge them, say thanks. And, this Saturday Project Challenge has a gathering at the West End Community school. Say thanks…it is appreciated.

    The other volunteers…their primary dream is that others will also volunteer, residents and visitors will refrain from throwing garbage, and businesses will comply with regs and make the city beautiful.

    And for those who want to donate, the money is invested in flowers, tools and painting.

  4. It’s really gross. It’s not something new, It’s been like that for multiple years. I think LB Government needs to realize that cleaning this up whether it’s the store owners getting ticketed or sanitation taking care of it, will make for a better user experience. Thus better revenue for us. Please LB Government take care of this NOW.

  5. Not for nothing Ed Glister but my taxes should be going towards taking care of the smelly garbage bags that are constantly on park avenue.

    I admire your enthusiasm and time in your endeavours to help LB but I don’t think volunteers should be doing this.

    I think volunteers who sacrifice their time to do good should not waste it on picking up garbage. My tax dollars should handle that.

    Thank you for volunteering your time to make LB a better place.

  6. @Alison – Nearly every sidewalk in NYC has them. Residents, transplants, tourists, straphangers, bridge and tunnel people, the disabled, countless different languages all seem to manage. Which do you think is more crowded?

  7. Ed, Thank you to you and all of the volunteers! I have to say that I went for a bike ride yesterday in the West End and thought to myself, “Wow, this is so much cleaner than the business section of Park Ave”..It is hard to believe that businesses and homeowners do not take it upon themselves to keep the area around their properties clean and litter free.
    Can not wait to you and your volunteers get to New York north of Beech St,,,it is so gross, and three businesses right there/…..
    I and some of my neighbors now walk the extra distance to go to the Lindell Deli just to avoid the depressingly dirty street.
    Thankfully people on my block take pride in their surroundings.

  8. Thanks to the volunteers for the West End, but the City needs to do a better job of policing the restaurant and store owners to clean up the weeds and garbage in front of their establishments. If they don’t take pride in that would you want to eat in that restaurant…. I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like.

  9. Paz, yesterday the Project Challenge teenagers cleared out the school yard and surrounding sidewalks on the Ocean side of New York Ave, in preparation for the Waterfront Warrior gathering this weekend.

    These warriors have earned the right to have a clean area for their BBQ.

    Walk on by, and enjoy a clean, weed-free area on New York. The teens will get to the other side of New York soon, to replicate that good feeling.

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