7 Replies to “I know you folks don’t like these negative photos: Part II”

  1. I’m not posting it to punish the businesses. It’s the garbage pickup schedule many have a problem with. I did a post on this blog about 2 months ago on how the pickup time used to be different and there was no issue. But that has since been changed.

  2. Why don’t businesses keep the trash in back of their business? Why not restrict the placement of garbage for pickup to say two hours prior to pickup? Force the businesses to do the extra work to maintain the business district. Hoping for this administration to care about the quality of life in LB is a lost cause. The City Manager is too busy taking pictures for his scrap book. Why not force the quality of life onto the businesses?

  3. The times for putting out garbage are limited and set forth in the City Code as well as the requirements of businesses to keep the sidewalk and curb/gutter clean.

    Code Sec. 23-7(c). “In commercial areas it shall be unlawful to place any garbage refuse or ashes upon the sidewalk or street for collection or to permit such material or containers to remain upon the street EXCEPT during the following collection time periods only: 5:30am to 7:30am and 9:30am to11:30am.” [(not sure whether the later is a typo and should be pm)]

    Better: 23-7(a): “The sidewalks and curbs or boardwalk adjacent to and abutting upon each and every commercial, mercantile, business or other establishment in the city shall be kept clean and clear of any trash, refuse, or other debris by the owner, operator or licensee of each such establishment. Each owner operator or licensee of a commercial, mercantile, business or other establishment shall sweep such sidewalk and curb or boardwalk and also the gutter and street area adjacent to the curb . . . before10:00am each day that such business or establishment is open or operated….”

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