I want speed humps like these at every stop sign

Stop signs don’t do anything. Lowering the speed limit does nothing. The only way to make this town safer is to hold the hands of the babies who cannot seem to obey traffic laws. These peopleĀ need to be controlled like sheep on a farm, especially when they’re texting while they speed around town.

Speed humps will force drivers to at least slow down at every stop sign. The only way you can damage your car is if you’re breaking the law. Every stop sign should have a speed hump. Every single one. Thank you.

Speed hump in Great Neck, NY 2015
Speed hump in Great Neck, NY 2015

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  1. I have heard even if you stop and go over slowly you will see noticeable wear on your car from going over too many speed bumps.

    That being said it might push more people onto the main roads and off side streets which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  2. great idea! or at least they can strategically place them on the blocks that people seem to use to evade main street traffic. make sure that cutting through the side streets is always slower than waiting for a red light to turn on park, beech, or LB Rd.

  3. Why not just enforce the law?

    We knew the stop signs would be disregarded when the City installed the additional 745 of them at every corner. They were warned.

    Speed bumps punish everyone for the crimes some commit. In the instance described, they would also be illegal, be dangerous and subject to City to yet more claims and lawsuits.

  4. Does someone have to get serious injured or killed before the city slows side street traffic down – where there are speed bumps they need to be painted.

  5. You want to make the town “safer” – crack down on bicycle riders, by far the most reckless users of the roads (and sidewalks) in Long Beach. We already have enough potholes, we don’t need speed bumps. It amazes me that people think the town should be made safer at the expense of drivers – while we cheer as people bike recklessly and pedestrians jaywalk with headphones on while texting.

  6. Exactly right, those extra stop signs – most should never have gone in. And if people start to see mass enforcement of the too low 30MPH limit on Park, that will divert more traffic to side streets. That is exactly what DeBlasio did with the 25MPH speed limit, places like Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn are in gridlock everyday and wild drivers have taken to Brooklyn side streets to get around it.

  7. And what have the investigations of these fatalities shown? I believe in most every case, the bicyclist or the pedestrian have been shown to be at fault. All you have to do is observe the behavior of bike riders and pedestrians in LB, to understand why.

  8. You anti-car people are borderline zealous, sorry Ant but it’s true. First of all, there are way too many stop signs in this town. It is as if the people that are in charge of traffic around here have never heard of human psychology.

    Let me try to explain this…

    When you put a stop sign on every corner people are more likely to disregard stop signs. When you make someone wait at two stop lights to make a freaking turn they are more likely to “stop and go” through at least one of the red lights (hello, everyone on Broadway). When you have a traffic light sequence that was clearly programmed by a drunk monkey with down syndrome people will take the side streets. When you put ridiculously low speed limits people will disregard them, because they are ridiculous (hello, 20mph school zone 200+ yards from a school).

    Frustrated drivers don’t play by the rules. They are frustrated, this is human nature and wholly caused by idiotic government traffic design. You aren’t going to change that with speed bumps, more lights, more signs or anything else.

    Furthermore, constant speed bumps will cause premature wear and tear on the suspension of vehicles. Additionally, how will the snow plows deal with them and how destroyed will they get every winter due to those same snow plows?

    This entire “we hate cars” mentality is inanely short-sighted. We have a real problem in this town, and it is careless, reckless and negligent pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. To only focus on one of the 3 is intellectually dishonest.

    Considering the fact that people walking and on bikes are the easiest to be injured, you’d think they’d be the most careful. Unfortunately, they are the least careful. How hard is it to cross a street at the corner? Are you people that lazy? How hard is it to look both freaking ways before walking into the street?

    If you think texting and driving is an issue that’s fine, but don’t act like you don’t see people on bikes doing it or pedestrians blindly walking/running across streets without looking.

    Bring the honesty.

  9. Speed humps? Can you imagine the snow plow drivers lifting the bucket each and every time? We’d be better off with just dirt roads. There are no rules in Long Beach. Traffic signals are up for interpretation. My favorite is the “no thru traffic” right lane westbound on Park at NY Ave (that should have speed bumps) and the left turn only westbound on Park at Grand. Those are completely optional. I’d like to see if we can start a list of what does actually get enforced in Long Beach and another list of what does not.

  10. Sam, take a few minutes to watch what happens at stop signs in town. Routinely, so often that it is almost the norm, people, if they stop at all, stop in the intersection, not at the line (so, pedestrians, kids, pets, could be easily hit), or they roll right through without looking, , or there is apparently a new rule for some ” If you are stopped behind someone at a stop sign, you can go through immediately after them, even if there are other cars waiting at the other stop signs and EVEN if PEOPLE are trying to cross the street. Oh, yeah, then there is the ever popular, if you get to a stop sign and can make it across before the other car who was there first can get through, go for it! All of this while many are texting and speeding. I see this countless times a day! It is surprising that not more people have been injured or that there haven’t been more collisions. It is scary.
    I do agree that there are careless bicyclists also. Who thinks it is smart to text and bike??!!
    I do not know who raised these people or where they learned to drive, but a little common sense and courtesy would be nice!

  11. I live on west beech & trust me even though it’s a 2way it doesn’t matter .the cars fly down our street.
    Speed bumps def. would work.

  12. sam, Ocean Parkway BK, is historically a hot mess for pedestrian fatalities, on the top 5 list for BK pedestrian fatalities for too long and you want to complain about gridlock? Olmsted is rolling over in his grave that cranky people would rather drive somewhere quicker than prevent pedestrian fatalities.

  13. “And what have the investigations of these fatalities shown? ”

    ahahahahhahahahahha WHAT investigations? It’s not a crime to maim or kill someone with a vehicle in the City of Long Beach unless its a purposeful road rage or you were really, really drunk and the victim related to someone.

    From my investigation via FOIL and months of phone calls and emails, its obvious that investigations are not part of the protocol in a place where repeated patterns are ignored and reports for fender-benders are lumped with reports for pets/bikes maimed or killed. They still call traffic violence “accidents” and not crashes, as if they were somehow unavoidable – or business as usual.

    THIS is where the collective energy should be placed and not on signs with slogans or pretending you are being progressive because you said “Complete Streets”.

    Asking for more enforcement when the agency responsible for enforcement has no agenda to eliminate traffic fatalities is pointless. This whole place needs an enema.

    Rant over.

  14. I’m one of those people who slip through stop signs. There are so many in Long Beach, only a retired old dolt would stop at them all. So I slow down, give a good look and if nobody’s coming, I safely keep going. That’s fine with the cops and fine with me.

    Maybe if there wasn’t a sign at every corner, I would stop for them, but this town is silly.

    And before you tear into me, I’m a grown up and I can use my own judgement to tell whats safe. No go be someone else’s nanny.

  15. Stop advocating for more enforcement because all you will get is more money taken from your wallets by politicians. Speed bumps cause accidents. Recently in Brooklyn a speed bump launched a car into another cauzing an accident. The better approach is to install RUMBLE STRIPS . Also the other major problem is too many ILLEGAL ALIENS driving cars with no regard for Americans. NYS DMV has made driver’s license tests easier to allow more foreign language 3rd world people to get licenses and own cars. Insurance requirements should be higher for these types of people in order to secure more responsibility.

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  18. Its worse now. And the side streets where traffic has been pushed to, offer even more opportunities to hit a pedestrian – especially when frustrated drivers are using them. Roads are safest when traffic flows freely on major routes and speed limits are set at the 85th percentile of typical speeds on the road, combined with proper pedestrian barricades to prevent jaywalking and lights set to allow time to cross at the legal crosswalks. This model has been proven time and time again, but all you “safety-crats” want to push against it with lower and lower speed limits, more stop signs, more tickets, traffic cameras, etc. And then when you don’t get the results you want – your answer is “more of the same”.

  19. Maybe it’s time to put up Stop Signs up on the Boardwalk.
    There were Pickup Trucks and SUVs zooming up and down the Boardwalk this morning.

  20. Samsung,it’s the illegal aliens that are bad drivers? Are you for real????? Troll.
    The 30 something chick that blew the red light doing 50 down E Bdway this morning and did not even hit the brake lights at the corner on Maple was no illegal. Alien to traffic obeyance, yet.

    Stopping at every corner and at the double lights is such an inconvenience woe is me. Get over it. Or go live out in the sticks.

  21. Lived in the sticks for many years. Sometimes I’d be riding my motorcycle, no stop signs, traffic lights, for well over an hour. Liked it a lot, until you need a full service hospital, or a place to get a GOOD cup of coffee, bakery, pizza etc. We do have too many stop signs, and the roads are a disaster, but the majority of Americans no longer are considerate of others, and we no longer use our innate common sense. And, we wonder why the young people don’t follow rules. I’m a fairly old guy, and I can’t believe the examples we set for the young. Just a gripe for the day. Yes, my wife and I clean around our house too. A lot of the people that visit here, do eventually rent or buy here. As for the enforcement for the quality of life issues, ask yourself how many times do you call the police for a little fender bender that doesn’t need a report, or the little petty neighbor dispute. 40 yrs ago this town was incredible with the party houses, the amount of bars, and the hard partying. There is no comparison now. If some of you whiners would just open your eyes, look at all the young families that have moved into the community. Think about how many people would love to be able to afford to live here. I don’t like the amount of money spent for accommodating the “train people”, but we do need to get people to come to Long Beach. We need some ideas to get people to come here in the winter. I know we can’t compare LB to RVC, but look at places like Patchogue, and other Suffolk County towns. I wish we had a clothing store, but who will shop there.

  22. @hallycat – you really can’t argue that the way the lights and speed zones are set up on park makes any sense. As for the stop signs – you’re right. Who cares?

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