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  1. Its the norm now. I have my own cleanup kit at the ready – garbage can, a grabber stick, like the road crews or people serving community service for the prisons have. I have everything except the orange vest to wear, when I go outside to cleanup around my house on Sunday evenings. I bet if the City published how many citations are issued for public littering – the answer would be ZERO.

  2. Anthony – sadly been that way at my house in the Walks and it was that way when I lived in the West End. Not only weekends, but every morning I am outside with rubber gloves on, garage bag and poopy bag in hand. I have had a lot of litter on my sidewalk but worse is on the teensy little lawn I do have.

  3. Anthony, I think you are starting to see the real Long Beach. Any sense of class pretty much left town about the time men stopped wearing ties and straw boater hats on the boardwalk. For far too long it’s been tipped toward lower middle class and even an Irish shanty town. Community pride was based on bars per square mile and not much more. For the most part, if someone had “some” college education, it was a NY State school. The genius exception on the block went to St. John’s. You don’t see this kind of wanton disregard for personal property and community aesthetic in wealthy, educated towns. Long Beach is largely comprised of apathetic, dumb, classless inhabitants. As for the garbage bags outside restaurants, you wouldn’t see this in a well-to-do area. People here are ok with kitchen staff walking past their table with a bag of garbage and dump it on the street. Heck, the staff probably thinks our garbage gets first class treatment being put in white as snow bags with a red ribbon top. They don’t even behave like this elsewhere on the barrier island. You don’t see this behavior in Lido, Point Lookout, and certainly not Atlantic Beach. If you do see it in Lido, you can be rest assured it’s a Long Beach wombat throwing his sh&# on the ground after a high school function. What other towns do residents concern themselves with garbage strewn about their property or people pissing on the side of their houses for decades? Decades! Long Beach will continue to be a dump for a long time. I hate to say it, but another superstorm might help in thinning out the heard. It will get to you. And like many others, it will be “SoLong Beach”, hello anywhere else.

  4. The slobs are all tourists – encouraged to come here by an out of control City government that does nothing to balance the quality of life issues residents face from the hordes that are encouraged to come here. None of my neighbors are tossing trash into the streets and center malls – none. The residents responsibility for these quality of life issues, came from electing them, not from participating in these acts themselves.

  5. While I don’t agree it’s just tourists – as it’s been pointed out, no other town deals with garbage and public urination for decades – part of the responsibility does fall at the feet at the city.

    It’s not the idea of attracting tourists that’s misguided, but the type of tourist.

    I was in Rhode Island this weekend and attended a polo event. It was $12 a person, or $50 a car.

    Tailgating was encouraged. People brought spreads that resembled thanksgiving and there were non stop bbqs.

    There were food trucks.

    Pop-up bars.


    College kids.



    Drinking. Lots of it.

    Presumably under aged drinking.

    There were no fights, public urination or trash left behind.

    I’m not suggesting lb host a polo match, but the annual events most sought out involve debauchery, and that’s what you get.

  6. Anthony, living just down the block from you on another boulevard, I feel your pain and validate its source, especially the last couple of great beach days. Like Bungalow Lover, I do my block clean ups regularly. So while I lament the fact that I’ve had to do this for 30 years, I take solace in the fact that I am able to walk barefoot a few hundred yards to my magnificent beach. We live here, the hoards, most of them respectful of our neighborhoods that they flock to, have to go home. I wish we could solve this litter problem, or at least punish some offenders, but my various attempts to confront the slobs I’ve caught dumping their garbage street side, no matter how “respectful” I have struggled to be, usually end poorly. Thank you Bungalow Lover and all of you who clean up after the slobs regularly. It is an act of good citizenship.

  7. This is what you get when you live in a beach town that is visited by tens of thousands of outsiders. It comes with the territory and always has.

  8. While anecdotal evidence and widespread generalizations are fun, has anyone looked into a correlation between population density and the challenges LB faces?

  9. BTW, if you guys think the bottles/cans are bad, be thankful that you don’t park on the upper deck of the LIRR parking garage since there’s been human feces in the stair well for 2 full weeks!

  10. “Irish Shanty Town” is no “ethnic slur”. It’s history. Look it up.

    While bestowing the West End with such nomenclature certainly isn’t charitable, it’s simply an uncomplimentary historical correlation.

  11. Let’s face it, it is both locals and tourists. We know we have locals that don’t respect their neighborhood. Just look at the dog poop issue that has been discussed on this page so many times.

    Yesterday I attended the Wounded Warriors Parade in the West End. Just after the parade I was walking by the Community Garden between Maryland and Michigan. What do I find sitting on the ground upside down? A large cup full of unmelted Carvel ice cream. OK, so maybe some kid (or adult) dropped it. But here is the thing…15 feet to the West and 20 feet to the east were garbage cans. Unless they live in the garden in a secret compartment under the flowers, they had to walk past a garbage can. Yet they chose to leave their full overturned ice cream cup on the sidewalk melting and puddling into a sticky mess.

    To add insult to injury, at the same spot, but left in the garden flower bed itself, were bottles and chip bags.

    Take a look at what is going on in Montauk. The residents got so fed up with the littering, public drunkenness and people urinating in public that they demanded the police do something. So now the police are cracking down on this stuff. This is all in the last week or so.

    Have you ever visited Ocean Beach on Fire Island? The nickname for the place is the Land of No. You get of the ferry and one of the first things you see is a sign telling you about all the things you can’t do…and that includes eating or drinking on the streets. They have zero tolerance for infractions. Walk around the street with an ice cream cone…get a ticket. Yet that place is packed in the summer. People generally understand the rules, so everyone gets along.

    So yes, this has something to do with having some people here (local and tourist) that just don’t care. But it is also about what you let people get away with.

  12. What about Sunday nights on the boardwalk near center of town. Garbage. Pot. Alcohol. All out of town low life’s hanging out. Where are the cops?? Pathetic. I won’t let kids go anywhere near there. LB is now the Rockaways/jones beach/south Bronx combined. Awful.

  13. Shanty Town, named from the Irish sean (old) + tigh (house) to describe the rough, makeshift dwellings of those unable to afford anything more substantial housing.

    Gee.. it’s starting to sound a bit like the West End’s old bungalows.

  14. Correction. Using “Irish Shanty Town” is an ethnic slur. Just becasuse the word was derived from gaelic roots does not require that you add “Irish” in front of it every time you want to use it. Stay anonymous.

  15. Sandra- so are you equating West End bungalows with a 19th century ghetto inhabited by penniless, destitute refugees and fugitives from British oppression, The Famine also known as The Great Hunger, and the abuses of absentee landlordism?

  16. Clearly our city government going back decades both republican and democratic have ignored the quality of life issues. I live in the WE keep my house clean and regularly sweep up in front of my house especially during and after the weekends. As others have stated this mess doesn’t come from the people who live on my block or in my neighborhood. I don’t have my neighbors , not even those evil section 8-ers (yeah that’s sarcasm) pissing in the street, dumping their garbage in the street, yelling and screaming at 4:00 AM or throwing up in the gutter. It comes from tourists/day trippers who don’t give a crap about the people who live here, just like our current city government. The current government has seen fit to spend probably millions over the last few years encouraging more of this to the dismay of many who live here and that is why it just seems to be getting worse and worse as more and more people come to town for the day and is really starting to reach a tipping point.

    People and the city try to justify this as “we need the business.” Do we really? How many businesses with the exception of bars, restaurants and a few delis reap any reward from this? There are lots of other businesses in town that get nothing out of this tourist crowd. They don’t come to LB to patronize the doctors, dentists, auto repair shops, electricians, plumbers, contractors, hair salons, nail salons, dry cleaners or a wealth of other businesses in town. These businesses all survived before the city started to court the tourist crowd and bring in the masses on the weekend so they could survive without it now. The beach operates at a net loss and has for years so the city isn’t getting anything from this except maybe losing a little less money on the beach. Instead to line the pockets of this relative few number of business owners that profit from this crowd all the residents suffer! If the city wants to bring these people then lay down the law and enforce all the quality of life ordinances. How about a few cops in plain clothes at night with writing summonses for all this crap we have to put up with. Strictly enforce the parking rules, Etc. Etc.. If people expect that they will be held accountable they generally follow the rules. If the rules are never enforced people generally don’t follow them.

    How about a DUI checkpoint on occasion over the course of the summer? Again if people except that there could be a DUI checkpoint they wont be driving around drunk.

    If the city wants to keep encouraging day trippers/tourists to come besides making sure the rules are enforced make it worthwhile for the residents who suffer all of this shenanigans on the weekend. Raise the beach fees, maybe we can stop losing money on the beach. issue more summonses, the revenue generated may help offset some of the high cost of police in the city. Why don’t we try and get a portion of the sales tax back for LB? NY city gets a huge chunk of the sales tax collected there. I say lets lobby Albany and the county to get LB a piece of the pie.

  17. Beachguy, of course I’m not. But I understand how some, much less attuned to residents’ sensitivities, and not in possession of my restrength and cooth than I could draw such a parallel.

  18. Sandra, will you please respond to my query concerning your equating West End bungalows and A shanty town in NYC over 150 years ago inhabited by Germans, Africans as well as Irish. I don’t see the connection most probably because there is none and you are a troll seeking to rile things up and thus detracting from a meaningful discussion

  19. While it is not the rockaways or the south bronx, the police really need to do something over there. I strongly hope that the center of the boardwalk is where they place that police out post.

    Although with the shootings happening right outside the police station, I am not sure if the situation on the boardwalk will get better or worse!

  20. Unsustainable, your comment that Long Beach “is largely comprised of apathetic, dumb, classless individuals” is unnecessarily demeaning because it is false.

    Check the census data: the LB “Bachelor’s degree or higher” rate (45%) is much higher than New York State averages (33%). The “shanty-town” commented is similarly mistaken, as LB’s “Median Household Income” ($85,000) is higher than NY State’s ($58,000), and “Median Value of Owner-occupied Housing” ($479,000) was materially higher than NY state ($288,000).

    And while your claim that LB residents are “apathetic” can’t be refuted by census data, it can be clearly shown that many residents do care about their situation and this city. The people who supported the Waterfront Warriors are fine examples of our neighbors. The people who attend Civic group meetings and do volunteer work are very engaged in improving our city. And shouldn’t you recognize the efforts of so many to rebuild this city after Sandy?

    Is there room for improvement: obviously “yes”. One step towards improvement would be if people like you would start being more factual and less pejorative.

  21. ” restrength and cooth”? I can only assume that you meant restraint and couth . I suspected that you were a seventh grade dropout and your ridiculous spelling when coupled with your insulting comments removes any doubt

  22. It is not just tourists and until we accept the fact that locals are also at fault things will not improve. Walk the west end in the dead of winter when there isn’t a tourist in sight and it’s equally as disgusting then too. The residents and leaders of this city are 100% responsible for the appearance of their property and our city which in many cases give the impression of a shabby beach town in which no one will notice a bit more litter if left behind. I often wonder what it is that causes so many in this city to lack pride in their surroundings? Are people lazy? Too poor? Too old? Too young? Maybe we have too many residents with poor vision and they don’t see the filth? Any thoughts?

  23. High density brings lots of trash. If you live in Manhasset, the only one likely to walk down your block in your neighbor and the mailman. Compare that with Long Beach.

    And thankfully there are businesses, quite a few of them. They sell stuff, attract more people and some of them are slobs also.

    We just have to clean up in front of our homes, as the law requires. Or, we can move to Oyster Bay Cove.

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