Can we ban the plastic bag in Long Beach? Long Beach C.L.E.A.N.S.-U.P.: A campaign to eliminate the plastic pollution it creates.

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“Join our Long Beach C.L.E.A.N.S.-U.P. (Combined Local Effort to Avoid Needless Single-Use Plastic) campaign to eliminate the plastic pollution it creates.

Americans use 60,000 plastic bags every five minutes—single-use disposable bags that we mindlessly throw away. But where is “away?”

Long Beach can lead on a plastic bag ordinance. These laws have already passed in other localities and one is approaching passage in NYC.

The average use-life of a single use plastic bag is just 12 minutes of “convenience”, and it will then remain in the environment everafter. We have an obligation to recognize we’ve made a mistake as a society, change, and stop doing it. One resuable bag eliminates 1000 plastic bags!

Where do the bags and other plastics end up, and at what cost to our environment, marine life and human health? Support our campaign to make plastic bag pollution a thing of the past. For more information, please visit: or event page on facebook.


14 Replies to “Can we ban the plastic bag in Long Beach? Long Beach C.L.E.A.N.S.-U.P.: A campaign to eliminate the plastic pollution it creates.”

  1. People really have time to organize against stuff like this with all the real problems this City faces? Oh yea, it’s the “Allourenergy” gang who’ll jump on any feel-good bandwagon for a buck. Long Beach is a hungry target for these opportunists.

    Since a huge part of the wayward trash come from tourists who bring it with them, banning the sale of plastic bags in Long Beach only punishes the overtaxes, over regulated poor slobs who live here.

    The “Hey Yo” dickheads who cart their crap from Valley Stream will still leave their plastic bags on our beaches and lawns.

    Nice try. How ’bout working for a living instead of trumping up phony problems you seek to enrich yourself eradicating.

  2. I’m sure somebody named ConservativesAreScum can produce a similar document refuting every single argument on the one you posted.

    I want the plastic bag ban for one simple reason: less plastic to manufacture. That, plus it seems like at least 5% of the older trees in Long Beach have some piece of a plastic bag stuck in it.

    Why can’t we switch to something that biodegrades over time? I don’t understand the desire to create more and more plastic. I don’t.

    With a username like yours, this is something we will endlessly disagree on.

  3. Another scam is when somebody posts under multiple users names and tries to pretend its multiple people who are against a cause. You know who you are. You are still in moderation, but one step closer for all your comments to be automatically deleted.

  4. I agree completely about the bags. I hate the things and would love to see them gone forever. Hate them!! But I don’t see how this group is going to do a thing to eliminate them. If you want to give them space on your blog to solicit money, mascaraing as a charitable group that’s fine — after all, you kindly give space to my nonsense. And some of what I write is hoopla too. But I don’t ask for money.

  5. These bans are quietly being rolled back in many places in the country. People just buy their own bags by the bulk pack and carry what they need into the store, and the stores switch to thicker “reusable” bags that meet the letter of the law – that no one brings back to the store – they are actually worse in the landfills. The plastic bag is here to stay.

  6. Who runs AllOurEnergy?

    Their website states “All Our Energy is a New York State Not For Profit Corporation, registered with the NY State Charities Bureau and established in 2014. We have not yet attained our IRS 501c Status. Your donation may not yet be tax-deductable pending our acheiving that status”.

    The website doesn’t list any officers or board members. It does have a PO Box in Point Lookout as a mailing address.

    I tried various iterations of their name in the searchable database at the NY State Charities Bureau website and nothing comes up.

    Anyone know anything about them?

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