Looks like we will be getting a Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop to get 9 new LI stores in A&P bankruptcy

“The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. LLC has entered into an agreement to acquire 25 A&P stores in New York and New Jersey for $146 million, the company announced Monday. The stores include Waldbaum’s locations in East Hampton, Southampton, Baldwin, Massapequa, Long Beach and Huntington…”

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  1. Stop & shop in Levittown is excellent and always spotless but the bellmore ones a disgusting mess. Unfortunately I could see the long beach one being more like the bellmore one. The liquor store that constantly sells to already drunk locals and Dunkin donuts bathroom used as a showering stall don’t invite the best crowds. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of shoplifting there.

  2. Interesting that Stop and Shop would buy this location considering that they have two other stores so close by. At some point the three stores will cannibalize each one’s business unless S ‘n S has numbers that say otherwise.

  3. @outtahere – I certainly don’t have stop and shops #s – but sometimes places move into locations just to stop their competition from doing so. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    I’ve always found stop and shops to be good supermarkets – and Waldbaums, in lb and elsewhere, awful.

    Good luck to them.

  4. Stop & Shop is at least a better option than the other two choices, Acme and Key Foods. But note that the agreement is subject to further terms and conditions and subject to court approval in A&P’s bankruptcy case filed on July 19, 2015, which include the potential of a subsequent auction under which other higher bid or bids could be received and accepted by A&P for these stores.

  5. Shoprite is my favorite regular market. Darn wish they would start expanding closer to Long Beach. I work in Woodbury so shop at the two nearby all the time. Oh well. Stop and Shop better than some others, including overpriced King Kullen.

  6. I don’t understand all the hate for waldbaums. We’ve never had a bad experience in there. The store is clean, bakery dept is great and although they don’t carry boars head, I have no issues w the deli section.

    The bottle return area is sketchy but what bottle return isn’t? Also, you can’t blame the quality of the people hanging out in the lot solely on one store. It’s the complex and the people who have nothing better to do w their lives but hang out in parking lots that are to blame.

    Anyway… Bring on stop and shop!

  7. The “Waldbaums Hate” is due to Racism.

    While the Waldbaum-Haters can’t (openly) say “I don’t like to shop with blacks and/or Hispanics”, they can say, “let’s close Waldbaums and open a Whole Foods”.

    “Waldbaums” is the dog-whistle for Long Beach Racists

  8. @liberals – and the people who want a shop rite, are they racist too? So you think the best businesses go bankrupt and then people disguise racism with complaints about said business? As per usual your logic is flawed.

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