As requested, more garbage photos!

Ok, I guess this is now a weekly addition to Seabythecity: garbage photos! It’s evident how frustrated so many residents are by the state of our downtown and garbage situation. These photos keep pouring in. City garage :

Park Avenue at 7:30pm Saturday:


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  1. Rockville Centre does it right. Picks up garbage in the morning before the stores open and 5-6 pm before the dinner rush. RVC business district is always vibrant

  2. I’ve always wondered why businesses are allowed to use city sanitation services. Most businesses in other areas are required to use private sanitation and not put there trash out on the sidewalk. If they are going to be able to use the city they should have scheduled pick ups and not be able to put trash out prior

  3. The businesses pay a sanitation fee for pickup of their garbage. There are scheduled pickups and the business owners (not just the landlords) can be fined if they have the garbage out outside the pickup windows. They also can be fined for not keeping the sidewalk and gutter clean. The applicable City Ordinances on this have been set out recently in a couple of prior posts. This is an easy one and the City should get on it ASAP. Contact the City Council and manager on this. They are supposedly working on this, but it’s been several weeks without a change since we heard they were working on it.

  4. Publius, yesterday I was on Beech St in the West End and two LB sanitation “enforcement agents” were going door-to-door…speaking with business owners. I saw one owner come out after their visit and broom-clean the sidewalk and curb.

    I spoke with these two men afterward, saying that many people would like to see non-compliant businesses ticketed. One of the two responded that he prefers to give warnings first, then a ticket for further non-compliance.

    FYI, during the recent Clean Team effort in the West End there were 23 citations issued for non-compliance. At last night’s City Council meeting I recommended that the City publicize these citations, to induce voluntary compliance.

    Some progress, but I sense we want more.

  5. Ed, thanks for the update. Just came across Park in center of town. Garbage bags out in prime time. How hard can this be? [Venting some more]

  6. Where is the business community on this? Do they not believe piles of garbage in front of their stores could impact sales sales? They should be more angry than the citizens – after all, this is their livlihood. They could have opened a nail salon anywhere 😉 but they chose LB. How did it get to this point?

  7. Michael – please email or call the City Manager, the City Council and Jemel Taylor, the sanitation inspector. I’ve done so (as well as to LB Chamber). They need to hear directly from residents, not just through this site. Things are happening, but very slowly — too slowly. Our City government (and the Chamber) needs to hear directly from residents. Thank you.

  8. Promises promises! This is like beating a dead horse. The city manager has been written to and contacted numerous ways regarding this issue and yes I agree absolutely nothing has changed despite his insurances to me that it would.

  9. I share your frustration, but in the absence of “taking up torches” (which I am NOT advocating!), persistency, pressure is our best tool — no matter who in government or what branch or entity of local, hyper-local or federal government you are dealing with. I do not believe the City management likes the trash, so it’s a question of priority and pressure. Surely, venting here alone (on any issue) is not likely to achieve any changes. At its best, it is a place for issues to be raised, solutions offered, residents rallied to do something.

  10. Pub, no venting here. Just reporting my experience after numerous e-mail and one phone contactwith Mr. Schnirman and the CC , re this specific issue and failure to enforce specific ordinance. I will shoot him another e-mail or call as you rightly suggest. And, just to make clear my fair mindedness will also take this opportunity to laud the City on their planting season of Knock Out roses on Broadway. Beautiful!

  11. And disgusting litter on sidewalk and in gutter. Couldn’t each business just spend 5 min utes picking it each day? May be just maybe if clean people would be less inclined to litter.

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