Going on five weeks: Road construction at E. Beech and Franklin


From a resident:

“[The] attached picture shows the corner that was ripped up the week before Independence day and this is how it still looks this morning. This is the type of quality of life stuff that infuriates me, why rip it up unless you were going to repair it right away.  The only silver lining is it forces everyone to slow down at that intersection but then they slam on the gas once they are passed it.


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  1. No it’s just unsightly Mr. Boodman. There may be a very good reason why that hasn’t been dealt with over this long period of time but when areas look disheveled it increases the likelihood that people will disrespect the area (litter). I think when people are allowed to park where ever they want around the ends of the islands that also decreases the level of general respect that people will exercise in a neighborhood. It’s a subconscious thing, like “broken windows” not being replaced. I’m glad that the city has begun ticketing the vehicles that are parking around the end of our Boulevard islands. I hope that road gets taken care of soon.

  2. The other day I filled out a report for the intersection on the Long Beach Response app and the reply I got was that the city is aware of the roadway condition. They supposedly “tried” fixing it but it is going to need an outside contractor. In the near future (their words) the restoration of the street will take place and that they would send street maintenance crews out this week to lay patch to make the road more accessible. I do understand that they may have tried fixing it, but if you couldn’t do it properly, than why just leave the road broken up for weeks if you do not have a time frame set yet for when the work will be done? Why does it take someone filling a report on the app for them to first consider putting a temporary patch down? I truly believe that it is going to take someone doing major damage to their car or someone falling in that intersection and getting hurt, who then turns around and sues the city for them to change the way they do things.

  3. No beach guy they are not but there is old faded yellow paint if you look real hard. Yes I think it would be proper and smart to repaint or sign those island ends even if people should know that they are not allowed to park in an intersection.

  4. Apparently this Blog has some juice.

    There was a “Work Crew” out this morning that did a half-ass repaving job – what an embarrassment

  5. Look how long the turn onto Maple from Park was coned off, these guys can’t get jack squat done. Heck, Franklin and Olive has been a sh!tshow for years now.

  6. I agree, what an embarrassment. For LB Public Works to receive calls/complaints for weeks about this and do nothing is a disgrace.
    You go down to the Jersey Shore, well kept neighborhoods, clean streets, paved roads and parking for the beach. You come back to Long Beach and WTF happened here ? Talk about mismanagement, its all so sad. We deserve better.

  7. In the absence of highly visible signs and painted curbs anyone who fights a ticket should have a very high likelihood of getting a dismissal.

  8. Poor long beach. It really deserves so much better. Its weird how those in power live in LB and aren’t as committed to seeing it perfect the way others are, including but not limited to the volunteers Ed Glister wrote of.

  9. It’s weird how so few people have said they calledMr Kearney of the I D A To voice their objection to the tax abatement requested by IStar and Avalon.
    Those millions of tax dollars could be used to repair our streets.

  10. One of the problems is that many of the very top officials DONT live in LB thus not being here in their off hours to experience everyday living and problems.
    The council members are like powerless zombies , in a permanent semi conscious condition unable to function in a normal way where their duties to the citizenry are concerned.

    Very sad indeed. There is so much potential.

  11. @Jay G. I think you are somewhat mistaken. I think there is the populace, and then there is a much smaller corral of potentials from which the party boss chooses. “Soulless” almost has an air of intent or by choice, and “unprincipled” sort of suggests that things still get done but unconventionally. I think “lemmings” and “do-nothings” is more fitting.

    And the rest of us, as for the roads, give up on it. There is no money to fix all the problems. Time to face up to it. We live in a town that looks like it was hit with an aerial bombardment. It would be cheaper if the City opened a free axles, rims, and struts shop for all the residents. But seeing how they are more concerned with those arriving by train, that would never happen. Unless of course they hear about Zip cars getting damaged. There has been talk about making Edwards some sort of “gateway” to the beach for day-trippers off the LIRR. But a few short blocks away on Franklin (or any block), a resident could tip over their baby stroller going to the beach and it’s not a concern. It’s disheartening that so many aspects of the city are just getting worse and worse under this administration. No matter which party wins the election, we all hope for the best for our city and the betterment of our quality of life, and we’re just not seeing it.

  12. I thought schnirman lived elsewhere but might stand corrected if he lives here. If he does then all the more shame on him for not seeing what all the rest of us do.
    Doesn’t the head of public works live out of town?

  13. @Unsustainable – there is money to fix the problems, but it is directed inefficiently at bloated salaries, lifelong benefits, and over paying twice for the one service.

  14. To answer your question it’s just a matter of punctuation. Q-“What can be done to attract more Bridge and Tunnel Folks to Long Beach?” A-“Screw the tax paying residents!”

  15. I am a very vocal critic of the present administration. That being said, I am also aware of the challenges of completing public works projects using municipal manpower.

    This year, for the first time I can recall, the City did some quality pothole repair work on several east end beachside blocks. The dug out spalled asphalt and resurfaced. They also cut some busted concrete and poured new patches. That’s the right thing to do. And they used existing City employees to complete the job. The guys did good work.

    The mess on Franklin in a bit of an anomaly. They were struck with a problem that they didn’t foresee and had to find an outside contractor at the height of paving season. Then beach season came and their forces were needed elsewhere.

    Maybe if their Public Works Commission was a licensed engineer instead of just a Brookhaven Democratic hack he could have seen this coming. Maybe not.

    I think they did some good work. Unfortunately, the policy of “family and friends” patronage in management continues to cast doubts on their ability to perform any sort of skilled, technical task.

  16. The entire city needs roads fixed. The status of the streets is horrendous. They don’t need 25 mph signs in the side streets, the potholes don’t allow anyone to drive that fast anyway. But be careful what you wish for.

    We just had the 600 block of W. Market redone after more than 10 years waiting and now we DO need speed bumps. No sooner was the pavement opened up than we have speeders, skateboarders and motorized skateboards whizzing up and down the street.

  17. streets repaved are better for automobiles to go as fast as the driver wants without worry of potholes or damage to their vehicle But more dangerous for people not protected by a 4000lb steel cage.
    East Chester Street 200block was repaved and while the kids love taking their skateboards to the street, there is an increase in vehicles and speed.

    Streets like this should have been narrowed, with sidewalk widened. These streets are peoples front yards NOT a highway.

    The city presented a traffic study (which I have the edited/ nicely packaged version of which includes a bike study with fantastic suggestions that have been 100% unrealised- Anthony I will save that for its own blog post) and traffic safety initiative, adopted “Complete Streets” and has taken to social media to show whats “in the works”. This is all AMAZING on paper but in reality……we very much have more of the same INComplete Streets.

    So the point of this blog post is to highlight the hotmess at EBeech & Franklin, and my point is this – the collective upset about this state of disrepair are going to be sorry the day its all paved over because while its going to be better for you and Your private vehicle, it is going to mean someone being maimed or killed as that intersection. The city has to stop repaving streets the way they were and add in bumpouts, narrow the streets (seriously, The 200 block of east chester is a one-way side street that could fit 6 cars across yet the sidewalks are narrow WHY), speed humps, or bumpy crosswalks to force you to slow down.

    Seriously we have to demand the city stops what they are doing with reconstructing streets to be more dangerous and incomplete – not smarter, safer or more sustainable as the slogan goes.

    the disconnect between city planning and safe streets is truly mind boggling.

  18. There is a very small street in west end that is pockmarked with holes, cracks etc and when, som years ago, there was talk f replacing some of us asked that it not be done because it would result in an influx of skateboarders and more speeding cars.

  19. yes an influx.

    its a particularly narrow street and even with its potholed condition there are numerous speeding cars making for a very dangerous situation

    nothing wrong with skateboarders but in the right place and here is not one of them.

  20. The right place is on any street ESPECIALLY a side street in a neighborhood. This is the exactly the problem- thinking that because cars are speeding the streets are dangerous thus noone should be on a bike, skateboard or crossing. That is the biggest load of horseshit circa 1955. You dont make other streets users get off the street, you address the danger and in this case it is the speeding.

    Our inherent rights to walk safely without fear of a 4000lb steel missile traveling 50mph hiitting us should never be pushef aside for a person operating a private vehicle in a highly dangerous and illegal manner.

    I cannot believe you suggested that, Beachguy. I am shaking my head in disapproval and having a tissy.

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