Do you object to the iStar tax abatement request? This handy guide will help you voice your objection.

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36 Replies to “Do you object to the iStar tax abatement request? This handy guide will help you voice your objection.”

  1. I called. I made it clear that there was no mention by iStar about a tax abatement when they presented their plan at the restaurant next to Gino’s, asking for our support at the Zoning Board hearing for additional height to make the project work. Nor did they mention a tax abatement at the zoning board hearing a short time after that.

    I can understand the I D A giving a tax abatement to iStar’s partner Avalon, for new construction on a petroleum dump sit in Great Neck, or if they want to build on the old incinerator site here in Long Beach.

    However, the Superblock is prime oceanfront property kept vacant only because of the disgraceful conduct of previous administrations.
    iStar should pay full taxes just like the rest of us peons, or take a walk.

  2. Mr. Boodman, can you please elaborate on this meeting at The Park, where iStar asked for your support? Who else was at this meeting and if it was before the zba hearing why was it not open to the public and presented at city hall? Was this a pre-view that was given to a chosen few?

    Cause our city council, who has Eramo and Torres vying for re-election, has been mute on this and ate hiding behind the agreement the voted on, which pretty much says they support this mess.

    Private meetings! Hmmm where’s the transparency this administration promised?

  3. Here we go again, “Just Sayin” trying to propagandize the IDA when it was our very own Long Beach City Council who sold us out to iStar in the first place (P.S. they are all democrats controled by Zapson). Citizens, please do not be bamboozled by these ploys to divert your attention from the real issue.

  4. The IDA is Republican and has not yet granted any tax abatement.

    The City Council is Democrat and has granted a $1.5 million tax abatement and has endorsed an IDA abatement. They “would not comment” to their constituents. The Council’s party chief, who controls Long Beach Democrats, is iStar’s attorney.

    The Long Beach Zoning Board’s Democrats approved the 20-story variance. The sole Republican on the board voted against it and has been removed from the board. He is running for Councilman.

    We do hope the IDA denies the abatement, and with proper public pressure on the Republican leadership, they might. Send Certified Mail. Complain of your 35% Long Beach tax increase and demand that iStar pay their share.

  5. It was open to the public. It wasn’t kept secret. There were no private invitations.Everyone I know, knew about it. The place was filled with local people. I’m surprised you didn’t know about it.

    And will the Democrat and Republican mad dogs, stop pointing fingers and please try to focus on the objective…. Stopping this taxpayer rip off.

    Send the e mails. Make the calls. Get ready to join a lawsuit against the I D A.

  6. What should probably take place is this, at a City Council meeting, a “yes” or “no” question of support should be asked of each member as well as the City Manager. It should be reported in the Herald, SBTC and elsewhere, and pointed to in the posted video recordings of the City Council meetings. If they waffle, you have your answer. If you object, vote against them. If you vehemently object, campaign against them. If they are actually against the tax abatement, make it known to the County officials and use it in the lawsuit.

  7. Let the Lot remain a Parking lot.
    Where elapse wold they put the cars for Volleyball and for beach goers, and for the Fairs

  8. Mr. Boodman, Sandra B, and Unsustainable, I applaud you for your relevant and ACCURATE information. What is most important to point out is the Long Beach responsibility in all of this. Our City Council has sold us up the tax river on this. It has been said here, quite often, that this Council is mentally challenged on an intellectual level. Listening to the ramblings of Councilman Torres or the ill conceived responses from Councilwoman Adelson, will confirm this, but the indifference from the other Council members is embarrassing. The obvious influence from the Dem leader and his profound conflict of influence re iStar, just makes this deal and the reflection on our City administration one of the more disgusting displays that have sullied the City. There is an election coming up very soon. Let’s vote. let’s talk to friends and neighbors and let’s explain the importance of having honest, capable people in the positions of influence. Wouldn’t it be nice to read this blog and to smile for once? To be proud of what was happening in town? To admire what our “leaders” were enacting for the residents. It’s a sad case and it should stop.
    Just my opinion.

  9. It will be difficult to fight an IDA tax abatement after our own City Council has requested it. But we should give it a fight nonetheless.

    I believe Certified Mail is much more effective than phone calls or emails. As was said, in addition to contacting the IDA, direct your mail to elected officials. Tell them you hold them responsible. They don’t want to lose their jobs.

    Let the City Council know you will not stand for their decision to tax you to pay iStar’s taxes. Tell Mangano if his IDA does that you will fight his party also.

    Write to every elected mutt you feel can pressure those in office to abandon this tax increase on us.

    Attacking those elected is the most effective strategy.

  10. Well, if it is true that our Long Beach City Council are all in favor of the tax abatement, including the City Manager, and believe it OK to saddle us with this problem, then it is the taxpayers responsibility to vote accordingly come election time.. I think it should be a major topic of conversion at all of the civic association meetings up until the election. At any election debate (and there should be one before the Democratic primary), all candidates should be held to an educated, thorough, explanation of their position. The powers that be at the county level must also answer for their decisions.

  11. Sustainable, that threat must be in any letter sent. There are HUGE profits at stake for those selling us out. All we have at our disposal is the ability to unseat them from their jobs. Let them know — in writing — that you intend to lead that charge.

  12. Allison, I don’t know the venue of their request, but as I noted above, iStar’s application says the tax abatement is endorsed by the Long Beach City Council. When questioned on the Council’s position, Lenard Torres said something to the effect that “it would be inappropriate” to tell the public where they stand on the issue. It was all covered here on Anthony’s excellent blog.

    As to how (why?) they could request it? Their Party Chairman is iStar’s attorney. He controls the Council’s votes and appointments and stands waist deep in this feed trough.

  13. The information is posted on the City’s website:


    Rocco Morelli, Chairman
    Barry Alton
    David Bythewood
    Esteban Acevedo III
    Stuart Banschick
    Maryellyn Feiler
    Michael Leonetti

  14. For the last time………….
    Get past the finger pointing and focus on the I D A. and the lawsuit we will bring against them

    I’m sure we all agree on ONE thing…
    Anthony is a trustworthy, honest man.
    He should be the one to receive the contributions towards the lawsuit.

  15. Wow. I hope Anthony knows he’s collecting money.

    What are you suing the IDA for? They haven’t screwed us yet.

    The City Council, on the other hand, gave away $1.5 million to them, a 20 story variance and their Party Chairman is moonlighting as iStar’s attorney. Oh yea, they probably met with iStar in private, which may violate the law.

    And sorry Richard, when you threaten to sue someone, you’re usually pointing a finger at them, eh?

  16. @Richard B. Sandra is correct. You can’t sue without finger pointing. You are clearly trying to pivot blame away from the Long Beach City Council and City Manager who approve of the tax abatement. City Council is supposed to represent the will of the residents. By their support and endorsement to the IDA they have violated our trust. They should have been looking out for the taxpayers of Long Beach. By virtue of the City Council and City Manager saying to the IDA that you have our blessing and full support, they are influencing the outcome. City Council has made their bed, and now they must lie in it. If people on the blog feel like muti-tasking, then let them voice and opinion on how to vote AND call the Nassau IDA numbers listed above, AND contribute to a lawsuit should the need arise.

  17. A “Show Cause” lawsuit against the I D A
    They are theonly entity that has the power to give the tax abatement.
    I do not believe that they have the right to give a tax abatement to all who ask for it. This is prime oceanfront property. They gave a tax abatement to iStar’s partner Avalon fora development in Great Neck on a petroleum dump.
    If iStar wants to develop on our old incinerator site,and ask for a tax abatement, that would be fine with me.
    Now put your fingers away, step up to the plate and be prepared to contribute to a lawsuit.

  18. It was open to public in the middle of frigid temperatures. I may be mistaken but if I recall the LB Chamber may have played host?


  19. The Long Beach Development Council gave the mortgage break, no?

    Apples to apples but Mr. Agostino appeared to emphasize this as well as the LB DC having their own counsel?


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