Huffington Post: The Best Beach Towns to Explore on Foot. Long Beach is #5

Huffington Post:The Best Beach Towns to Explore on Foot

Long Beach #5 Walk Score 87:

“Known as “The City by the Sea,” Long Beach boasts 3.5 miles of sand and surf. Whether you’re seeking the adventure of extreme watersports or fine dining and nightlife, Long Beach has something for everyone. Other activities include a free summer concert series and weekly movie nights on the beach.”

8 Replies to “Huffington Post: The Best Beach Towns to Explore on Foot. Long Beach is #5”

  1. That’s one of those things I have always loved about LB that I can walk everywhere or at least to get pretty much anything I really need. Nice to be recognized for it.

  2. # 5 is great for starters. #1 should be our goal. Working together, we can make it happen, especially when Anthony runs for Mayor.

  3. “Huffington Post Tourist?!!?”


    Quick, get the kids.
    Bring in the dog.
    Lock the doors.
    Pull down the shades.

    Let me know when it’s safe.

  4. I think that it’s great we get some positive press. I walk and ride my bike everywhere especially in the summer so I don’t have to move my car. Long Beach is a great town and yes there are many problems. People should stop being “haters” and help make Long Beach even better. I agree, let’s work toward being number 1!

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