On LIRR GARBAGE: “I’ve already doubled my commute to live on this beautiful island, please stop making me regret it every time I leave for work or come back home.”

“Honestly at this point I don’t even care about them cleaning the mess up in a hurry. I just hope enough people see it and finally get the city to act in a more proactive manor.

Human feces, vomit, broken bottles, dumped out cigar innards, and the lovely little baggies that go with them are the norm around the train station specifically the overpass.

Do I have to start tip toeing around used needless before the police are willing to patrol or put up more cameras? Maybe they need to have a violent crime make the news?

The tourists they are dying to bring in must pass through this hub. A large number of tax paying, residents, and voters pass through here daily. Why are they doing nothing to make this a safe and clean place? It couldn’t physically be any closer to the police station, yet the waiting room is full of vagrants, bikes are constantly being stolen, and despite the new bathrooms all manor of bodily fluids can’t seem to find the bowl.

I’ve already doubled my commute to live on this beautiful island, please stop making me regret it every time I leave for work or come back home.

Strong words by a resident named Frank. I haven’t been at a computer all day until now, otherwise I would have posted all this earlier. I have no idea if this ‘LIRR party’ was cleaned up or not, but what Frank submitted is still relevant in my opinion. Garbage/vomit/feces has been an ongoing problem at our LIRR station. Do we need better enforcement at the LIRR at night time? Security cameras?  Does anybody even care?

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  1. It is absolutely vile. I mentioned this in another post, but there was a pile of feces running down the wall for THREE WEEKS in the front stairs. There was a woman who cleaned up the stairs each morning a few years ago but I haven’t seen her in a long time.

  2. Its easy to always blame the “government” for not cleaning it up. But its also a reflection of the vermin we have living/visiting in this City that it looks like this in the first place. Vagrancy and loitering at the LB train station have been tolerated for 40 years, nothing has even been done about it. From the ticket waiting room, to this overpass. What do you expect it to look like?

  3. I don’t frequent the train station but when I do it is always a shady place. Daytime it just looks like a bicycle junkyard with garbage tumbleweed blowing by. But at night it looks like a scene out of a bad 80s movie. Somewhere I could score some “rock” or any other street pharmaceuticals. It is the one place in this town that makes me feel unsafe. Something needs to be done.

  4. Please leave these people alone! They are innocents, victims of circumstance, social & economical outcasts ! Throw them a dollar or two when you get a chance! It will make your day and theirs! Sign your paycheck over to them while your at it!

  5. Today’s 25th Anniversary Edition of the Long Beach Herald has a great story written by former City Manager Ed Eaton. It outlines Long Beach’s climb out of the squalid condition if the 1970’s when the place was a mecca of abandoned, burned out buildings and a haven for mental cases.

    The LIRR station is a throwback from this time, managed by the MTA, which still operates under the principles that created much of the problems of Old Long Beach.

    Long Beach’s revitalization is a model of successful urban renewal. Lead by the private sector rather than government, a unique two-party “collation” City Council motivated the transformation.

    Read Eaton’s article and you’ll better understand how an entire town that looked like Long Beach’s LIRR overpass was turned around.

  6. I took the 8:58 train in yesterday and reported the bottles and broken glass to the city as soon I saw it. I got a response almost immediately saying that they would send someone out to clean it up. If you see a mess, report it.

    You can download the city app on your phone to report this kind of stuff.

  7. @John B. The city phone app is fine and dandy, but come on already! Feces, broken bottles, vomit, vagrants??? This is taking place outside the police station. Our PD is paid like private armies on assignment in war zones and they can’t figure out how to secure hallway in a parking garage. Average US Marine Infantry salary is $38,000. An officer – $83,000. A Long Beach Detective -$250,000. How many of those $38K infantry do you suppose if would take to ensure the safety and cleanliness of a parking garage in a lawful, civil, and professional manner when given a directive by someone in charge that actually cared about the City? With the same “one” on duty, you probably wouldn’t even need bicycle locks. It’s a free-for-all right outside the police station.

  8. I have pics that Im posting on FB later (too lazy now) – yesterday while walking through the bus station I ran into Daniel / Social Bikes LB not just sweeping around the bike racks but spraying and scrubbing them clean. I stopped, too pics and thanked him for taking such care of the companys property and surrounding area.

    More businesses should have employees who do what he did, and the city should take note that having a clean and well maintained bicycle rack makes a difference. You would not leave garbage, broken glass, animal feces and stripped down vehicles remain in the municipal lots so WHY does the city continue to let the bicycle racks look disgusting year after year after year?

    The overpass, the bus station, infront of the LIRR station- the entire transit station needs to be maintained.

    And btw why are a few of our BRAND NEW buses not working and the trolleys being used in their place? The open air trolley should NOT be used for transportation and Jack- you are going to have some federal issues if you continue to do so. Also, clean your air filters. They have not been cleaned since forever ago.

  9. My family arrived via train last Friday evening and were harassed by loiterers for money. (I have to say, I see loitering all the time but never actual harassment prior to this.) I called the LB PD and the woman who answered said they do not have the resources to have someone posted there at all times and they need to be called whenever we (residents) see it and they will go right over. She also mentioned it is the MTA responsibility as well.

  10. Someone tried to sell me a LIRR schedule on Saturday.

    There was a panhandler on the bridge going over to Fenway Park from Kenmore Square who would sweep constantly- he kept that bridge spotless and I always saw people handing him money for his efforts. I applauded his smart thinking when I saw him rolling up bills. He OWNED that little stairwell at the bridge on game nights and weekends.

    Selling me a LIRR schedule while sitting on a step? No. Getting rid of all the shit in the area and owning a stairwell? These guys need to start hussling and they can make some real cash.

  11. It would be “racist” to actually patrol there, so LBPD doesn’t. Been going on in LB for decades, will never change. Whether its this overpass, or the goons crowding you as you try to enter the door into the ticket lobby.

  12. John, you are a good resident and you mean well. The issue that I have with your post is simple Why should you have to CALL? This is one of the busiest hubs in the city. The City should be making this a priority to keep clean on a PROACTIVE basis. Both resident commuters and tourists see this on a regular basis. If we are to strive for better, would this not be the first thing that LB focuses on? No resources? Really? How many blue uniforms are on the boardwalk leaning on railings doing nothing? Whether they are summer hires or the auxiliary bodies that seem to be relaxing all the time, there are plenty of resources to keep present, if the will is there to make the City better. The City Mgr could even take pictures with them!!

  13. All I said in my post is that I saw the bottles and broken glass, reported it, and the city said they would send someone out to clean it up. So in that instance there were results. That’s all.

    I too am a commuter. Like other commuters I see the garbage, smell the urine and other “deposits” left behind,” and generally am embarrassed that for many that train station is their first and last impression of Long Beach.

  14. Using the app, emailing or calling the City Council and the City Manager and talking to them when you see them in person is in our control. Whether they take action is in their’s, but it can be influenced, as experienced by John B and by me. At times, there is no, little or delayed or sporadic action to recurrent problems. That is extremely disappointing, particularly where there are recurrent problems that seem reasonably easily fixable (e.g., Park Ave and LIRR trash/cleanliness, LIRR loitering, regular Boardwalk patrolling at night). But venting here alone, as opposed to using this site for information and as a rallying point, won’t get it done. Voting for different candidates is anyone’s prerogative, but I’m not going to wait for that as a solution.

  15. Striving for better is at the root of the problem. We clearly have a high tolerance and a low benchmark thanks to years of putting up with this treatment by or elected officials. Feces on the floor should be an anomaly, but it’s not, it’s the norm. So should loitering, pan handling, and trash, be the aberration. And here again, it’s the norm. Why are we struggling to lift our city up to achieve what is decent and justly deserved? City officials are not interested in fixing anything until it becomes apparent that “voters” are upset. I actually forgot about Patch and someone just alerted me to this article – Cops: Long Beach Man Found with 50 Bags of Heroin. This City is becoming a Sh%$hole.

  16. The LIRR Station has always been the public toilet for “Our Welcomed ” visitors to our beautiful “City By The SEA”.However,as recent as last week..at the beach entrances on Monroe Blvd.I have observed “Mothers”??…changing their children’s pampers and disposing them..filled with fecal material, on the street and on the sidewalk in front of my residence.Yes, wide open…not even rolled up.In one case I actually interfaced with this disgusting individual as this was happening.When I admonished her..and requested her to pick it up..and dispose of it in the trash container a few feet away..I was told to,”Go F…Myself.This must be stopped as we are all aware that human fecal material is a source of pathologic organisms including Hepatitus B,and other viral, bacterial,and parasitic organisms.The City needs to address this with a “NO Tolerance” enforcement for this behavior creating a health hazard.Signs should be posted notifiying these potential offenders of “Stiff” fines.Are there cameras operating at these strategic areas?

  17. I was a teen in the early 1950’s. My father had a business near the LIRR station and I walked through there often. The LBPD had a cop then who I only knew as “Inspector Moriarity”. There were dirtbags hanging out there even then. When the Inspector walked in the front door, the dirt bags ran out the back door and kept running. If one stayed put, the Inspector would draw his pistol and beat the dirtbag over the head with it right in front of the waiting commuters until the dirtbag ran too. I’m sure that the Inspector could clean up the parking garage were he still around.

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