Yay! Pacific Park Update! To be completed this Fall.

pacific_park_rendering_2The new Pacific Blvd Park project is underway. The job was awarded at the last council meeting on July 21st. In the weeks prior, City officials met with local residents to gather input and develop a final design for the new park. The approved design rendering was presented to the public at the council meeting and can be found below. The City Council and the community are looking forward to a new and improved beach front park at Pacific Blvd this fall. [LINK]

I guess the adult element never panned out. Anyone? Anyone?



12 Replies to “Yay! Pacific Park Update! To be completed this Fall.”

  1. As much as I want to see the park built. The design is flawed. Just because it’s been that way doesn’t mean there can be no improvement in design.
    Sand is a poor playground surface for a number of reasons.
    DPW states it’s because of FEMA funding.

    A park is not a parking meter. It’s a public entity.
    Screw grandma and the babysitter with a twisted ankle.

    Smart, Stronger Safer?
    You let me know.

  2. Same company they had to fire for Georgia Park so let’s wait and see if it happens. Why is this company winning so many bids? City never used them before and now winning bids all the time.

  3. I’m not going to claim that the design is phenomenal but it will certainly be an improvement, and the kids I have brought there have liked the sand surface. Looks like there is a covered non-sand surfaced seating part for grandma too

  4. Good to see the Playground at Hughes Park (bet you didn’t know that was its name) is getting built. Looks like a nice plan.

    Sorry to see more money going to favored contractors from the Brookhaven Democratic Club.

    But you reelected these folks.

  5. Live across from Pacific Playground . Now view to be gone. Who designed this. This park is going to be a disaster. Just what we needed. More jungle gym jerks to climb over and under. Need 24/7 to watch this park

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