19 Replies to “Here’s a copy of an ad against iStar in the Herald by fellow residents”

  1. Information in the ad comes directly from the applications filed by iStar and their testimony to the Long Beach Zoning Board.

  2. If the author of this ad becomes public, he will receive constant harassment from the City of Long Beach. He won’t be able to drive down his block without being ticketed by the LBPD and the Building Department will be up his ass with violations on anything he owns.

    Cross the Gang and the City of Long Beach will do anything to make your life miserable. It legal organized crime.

    Been there, done that. Cost me thousands. Which is why I’m just…

    Sandra B.

  3. I would propose a compromise to solve the problem of income loss at the super block property; let IStar save 30% over 30 years of the current proposal…if they say no…look for other developers. That block is important to the future of Long Beach…it’s not necessary to give in to corporate moguls. We will get by because the citizens of this great city foster progress more so than other cities on Long Island.

  4. Why should they compromise, they have obviously made the correct political connections to get the deal approved. Do you see any groundswell of resident anger? Nope, its business as usual in Long Beach except for a few people who have taken the time to get informed on this issue. Now, don’t send out that yearly long beach calendar – then you will see some angry residents.

  5. Zapson doesn’t appoint the IDA members. Mangano does!!! Enough of the political posturing.

    Bottom line. Get over yourself. Democrats are winning for city council again. You have to turn your attention to the Ida and the county republicans if you really want to stop the pilot. You can blame zapson and the Ida can blame.the democrats but the county ida (republicans) are the ONLY ones who can grant this pilot.

    Anyone who really cares is going after the ida. Local people who are just campaigning will attack zapson and the democrats. It’s that simple.

    Cue disgruntled paid fireman or supporter of Lomonte telling us how the Democrats are forcing the Republican IDA to do something.


  6. In today’s NY Times (pA16) there is an article about Asbury Park, a New Jersey seaside town, recovering from bad times.

    The article mentions new development planned, including plans by IStar to build a 16-story luxury hotel and condominium on Ocean Avenue foundation.

    I wonder if IStar will seek a tax abatement for this project.

  7. The Republican controlled IDA is considering $128.6 million in tax breaks. But the Long Beach Local Development Corporation, which is appointed by the Democratic City Council has agreed to give a $1,500,000 mortgage recording tax exemption to iStar. Both parties are giving something away in this fiasco.

  8. The Local Development Corporation is run by the same Lawyer who is representing Dave Yolinsky’s campaign. Maybe we should look into that and start asking Mr. Yolinsky and his attorney some questions. The people who claim to be mad about istar and saying they want to vote for Yolinsky might be actually pulling the lever for the guy who is in bed with the people swinging this whole swindle through.

    Check this guy out https://www.fios1news.com/longisland/hempstead-school-board-ticket-accused-of-voter-intimidation#.Vb5BSG5Viko

  9. We have the government saying to a multi-billion dollar corporation that they will give them over $130 million in tax breaks to develop one of the most desirable coast lots in New York. One that should not require massive tax breaks to be economically viable. Even iStar said in their testimony to the Long Beach Zoning Board that the project would be viable if they got the variance to build two 17 story towers. So how did we get from the project works fine with the variance to we need a $130.1 million dollar tax break to make this work?

    There is something else to consider. If this goes through, there will be $130.1 million less in the tax coffers. If you follow the news you already know that Nassau county finances are a mess. Long Beach has its issues too. Do you think the politicians are sitting down and thinking of ways to make sure they control their spending going forward to make up for this giveaway? And if they are not going to control their spending, where do you think the politicians are going to go to make up that $130.1 million? Do you have deeper pockets than iStar?

    What if iStar was petitioning to permanently ban surfing or volleyball on the beach in front of the Superblock? What if they were trying to make that beach private for their residents only? In all likelihood the City Council meeting after that would be packed with hundreds of people objecting. While those particular examples may be fictitious, the point they make is not. iStar is looking to take something away from you, namely 130,100,000 tax dollars. That is something we should not tolerate. We all have to pay our taxes, iStar should pay the full amount of theirs. Contact these officials and let them know:

    Joseph J. Kearney – Executive Director, Nassau County IDA
    (516) 571-1945

    Ed Mangano – Nassau County Executive
    (516) 626-4266

    Len Torres – Long Beach City Council President
    (516) 431-1000

  10. Say what you will. It does not change the facts: City Council approves of iStar. City Council is of the LB Democrats. Zapson is head of LB democrats. Zapson is lawyer for istar.

    Something don’t smell right

  11. Yes, Asbury Park gave away the store to get iStar to build there. But Asbury Park isn’t Long Beach. Remember the movie “City by the Sea”? It was filmed in Asbury Park because Long Beach looked too good.

    Asbury Park is like a run-down Far Rockaway. A hell-hole of failed social policies where 78% of their renters are on welfare and Section 8. Drive through there one day. It makes residential Atlantic City look like paradise.

  12. When was the last time you were in Asbury Park? The oceanfront is MUCH nicer than Long Beach, the Asbury Park you’re describing hasn’t been that way for 5+ years.

  13. I was in Asbury Park two weeks ago. The Boardwalk at night looked like Pitkin Avenue in the 1970’s.

    But you probably think Far Rockaway is a kool and trendy hipster colony too.

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