A reader is upset over the Infiniti on the boardwalk

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.18.40 PM(Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger) It’s not a truck, but many of us are so protective of our multi-million dollar boardwalk. Especially when a car is just sitting there on the wood. Sent in by a reader:

“Perhaps the advertiser (Infiniti of Lynbrook) would like to hear from your readers on how they feel about the boardwalk being used to park a vehicle for a commercial promotionhttp://www.infinitioflynbrook.com/

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  1. What was the car doing on the boardwalk in the first place……I am sure they must have some security or whoever is assigned to patrol the boardwalk……………………..

  2. Being a law abiding citizen I would never encourage vandalism in any way but I wonder if the owner of the car considered the possible consequences of putting a heavy vehicle on a wooden 45 million dollar structure like this. I think that putting a heavy vehicle like this on the BW is an act of vandalism.

  3. It’s for the Film Festival. Taste on the Beach. It gets a lot of press but as a local I’ve felt it never really reached out to us to be part of it. My family and I could buy tickets? Guess I don’t think I’m red carpet material.

    Should the car be on the boardwalk? Absolutely not. Rope it off on the street. I don’t feel Infinity worthy either.

    Now I must go and pick up my underdressed children from Nana’s in my brother’s old Toyota.

    Hoping it’s a great success.

  4. I would like to know if the engineer that designed the Boardwalk feels it can safely support cars. I want police cars back on the Boardwalk. It is quite comforting, especially at night.

  5. who in city government thought this was a good idea?! I dont care what events those things are for GET THEM OFF THE FREAKIN BOARDWALK

  6. Hey Im going to park some fancy pants bicycles in the middle of park so that all the cool pseudo coolsters can pose by them. The rest of you plebians aka residents can take a side street or deal with Park Ave being reduced to narrow mayhem.


  7. Of course the boardwalk can support cars. It was designed to support a fire truck. Your City Council permitted the cars to be put up there for advertising.

    If you don’t like that, then vote.

  8. @SandraB, Thank you. So if the Boardwalk can hold a fire truck safely, why do people on this board go ballistic when there is a police car or garbage pick up truck on the boards?

    I agree that cars should not be there for private businesses to advertise.

  9. The old BW used to make tons of noise of loose boards rattling when you rode a bike on it. This was a result of heavy vehicles such as garbage trucks, dump trucks, pickup trucks and heavy police cruisers driving on a wooden structure that was designed for foot traffic.

    The new Boardwalk built with federal funds has a ban on heavy vehicles and as a result isn’t falling apart a year after it was built. The LBPD Smart car weighs 1/3 of what a full sized Ford Police Interceptor cruiser weighs for example.

    All BW maintenance will be on the LB taxpayers dime in the future, not the Federal Government’s. You the taxpayer will be footing the repair bills so pay attention to the people who abuse the very expensive $45,000,000 BW.

    Example of past BW abuse: The BW Maintenance Crew had a fleet of 8 heavy pickup trucks weighed down with tools, 2 dump trucks, 2 flatbed trucks and a 12 passenger van. This fleet made 8 trips to/from the BW and the hideout behind the rec center every working day. Thats 13 trucks X 8 trips daily= 104 trips over the BW EVERY DAY!

    That doesn’t include banner hangers, eruv maintenance, electrical maintenance, heavy police cruisers and just plain joyriders of which there were plenty.

    When you start hearing loose boards again, that is the sound of your taxes going up!

  10. The thing will hold a fire truck or garbage truck with no problem, but of course heavy vehicles will add to the wear and tear. It’s probably a good idea to limit the weight of vehicles using the boardwalk. I’m not concerned with it, but it seems to get some folks pretty angry.

    As far as the commercial use, under this administration everything previous owned by the taxpayer is up for sale.

    Haven’t you noticed?

    When the City Council raises city spending every year, raises taxes and borrowing every year, it has to sell your soul to pay themselves.

    If this isn’t what you want, vote them out.

  11. Where did you learn that the BW structure can support the weight of garbage trucks and fire engines? Are you a PE? It sounds like you pull facts out of your ass–just like the $15,000,000 you quoted as the cost of the Shot Spotter system for the North Park Projects that turned out to cost $150,000 for the first square mile and $100,000 for each additional square mile. Whats with the political crap? If you want to place political ads on Anthony’s site, pay Anthony for advertising space.

  12. In all fairness @kayo you wrote that the reason the old boardwalk had issues was because heavy vehicles drove on it. Are you a PE?
    The old Boardwalk used Pine boards and nails. The new one uses what seems to be much heavier and denser wood and screws. The old pine boards deteriorated and warped just from the sun and salt air alone in my opinion.
    Also, with regards to the smart car on the Boardwalk, it looks downright silly. Every time my kids see it they ask why the Police Officer is in a clown car. As a taxpayer I want to see our Officers looking more professional than being in that thing.
    And that smart car does not have flashing lights or sirens so how does that Officer leave the Boardwalk to go to a house on the street in an emergency?

  13. Kayo, call the CIty, look at the plans and ask their engineer. There’s no need to argue here, but that’s what you do. The thing will certainly last longer and require less maintenance without joyriding cars.

  14. I believe that the only P.E. on the LB City Hall payroll was fired and the current Building Commissioner is not a P.E.

    Has that changed?

  15. No, the City has no licensed engineers. They were not Brookhaven Democrats and were fired by the present administration.

    A Professional Engineer who used to post on Patch posted the boardwalk’s load calculations provided by the firm that did the design – LiRo Group of Syosset. Of course the boardwalk can hold a car or truck.

    The pre-fabricated concrete substructure was substituted for the original’s 5 x 16 beams when sufficient lumber in that size could no be obtained quickly enough to meet the reconstruction schedule. The result is a boardwalk deck approximately 5-inches lower than the one it replaced.

    The City Engineer’s replacement, LaCarrubba, has no engineering, construction or management experience, nor do any of his staff.

  16. Not for nothing that fancy Nissan definitely weighs less than the herd of average Americans that parade around the boardwalk on a daily basis. Is it messed up they “Sold out” sure but damaging I think not. Get something better to complain about and lighten up.

  17. “holding a car or truck” is one thing, daily heavyweight truck traffic as in the case of the beach maintenance and wrecking crew (they both caused and repaired the considerable damage they did) is another. The fact that the city has curtailed some of the damaging traffic and the new BW isn’t falling apart YET proves that they are on the right track. Does the new BW have to fall apart before they get it through their heads that vehicular traffic is bad for the boards and causes great damage.

    Remember, the Grace Corporation rebuilt the BW without driving any vehicles on the boards. The city hall clods should be able to do the same.

  18. That waffle trailer is odd. Unsound did a beautiful job on their boardwalk trailer, Sobi cleans their colorful stations daily….and then theres the waffle cart that looks like a leftover from a Chamber of Commerce fair- like noone told them it was time to pack up tacky and put the Walmart tables away.

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