Saturday Night’s Magic Show and Children’s concert. 6:30pm @ Neptune Blvd beach


Who is ready for a Magical Saturday Night? Join us at 6:30PM on Neptune Blvd for a magic show featuring Rory Wheeler followed by a concert by Josh & The Jamtones 

Bring the kids and the the kid inside you. See you there! Show will start PROMPTLY at 6:30PM

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Rory Wheeler has been mesmerizing audiences for the past 15 years. His unique brand of magic blends humor, misdirection, and world class sleight of hand into an interactive and captivating encounter. His experience includes performances for numerous Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, and heads of state. In addition to performing in the corporate environment, Rory has consulted for TV shows on NBC and HBO. He has taught magic workshops, and performed live one on shows for countless A-list celebrities including Christopher Reeve, Paul Newman, Jay-Z and President Obama.

Rory became fascinated with magic at the age of six while watching an episode of the Brady Bunch. He discovered a small magic shop in his hometown of Clearwater, Florida, and within weeks coins vanished, playing cards appeared in spectators’ pockets, and hundred dollar bills levitated and found their way into his piggy bank.

By the age of 19, Rory transformed his love for magic into a full time job. Having relocated to New York City to pursue a degree in interpersonal communications at NYU, he was asked to perform his magic at rap mogul Russell Simmons’ home in the Hamptons. News of his performance spread and by the following week, Rory was booked to perform at Regis Philbin’s birthday. His career took off from there and he has been wowing audiences ever since.

Presently, Mr. Wheeler continues to entertain and work his magic for audiences of all kinds. From intimate cocktail parties with executives to banquet halls filled with hundreds of bedazzled clients. Rory custom tailors each performance to enhance audience participation. His magic is diverse, dynamic, and interactive. A performer at heart, he love being in the spotlight, but welcomes his viewers to share in the thrill of the moment with him. Rory’s engaging and absorbing personality transforms routine corporate meetings into unforgettable events.