Goodnite Nannies: A Long Beach agency providing nighttime nanny service

18387_1687054358191038_7883334002277289328_nMy name is Huldah, I live in long Beach and I have started an agency for night nannies called Goodnite Nannies. When a baby is born a lot of adjustments have to be made and sometimes the new parents are so tired, they have no time for themselves or other children in the family. This is where we come in.

My nannies work between 7pm and 7am. They come in and take over so that the new parents are ensured a great night’s sleep, affording them to function the next day. We also help sleep train older kids who are having sleep issues, assist in breast feeding and with pre and post natal help. Our goal is to help during the first weeks of a newborn’s life.

Please find us on facebook @ Goodnite Nannies or contact us @ 5166039126.