PSA: Stay off the new Skatepark until it’s officially open

Concert needs to dry and work is still being done. Stay off the skatepark or you will ruin it.

From: The New Long Beach Skatepark

“ATTENTION: The concrete should be kept damp and free of traffic for at least 28 days. With the anticipation that surrounds the construction of a skatepark this may be difficult, but the slow undisturbed cure process is critical to keep cracking to a minimum. Although hardened concrete appears to be cured within a few days the appearance is deceptive as the concrete is still quite fragile. At a minimum the concrete should be allowed to cure for 7 days before being used, but we strongly recommend a full 28 day cure daily saturating the area with water in order to keep random cracking to a minimum. We also find that having lawn sprinklers saturating the park during daylight hours actively discourages unauthorized use. Your patience will pay off in the long run. [LINK]11141251_820212248075500_5323644062820855426_n

6 Replies to “PSA: Stay off the new Skatepark until it’s officially open”

  1. That’s more rigorous than road construction. Any concrete supported on the ground can be walked on after 24 hrs. without problems. Sharp impact loads might damage the concrete within say 48 hours. It’s a great stipulation by the designer/contractor in that nobody will wait that time and they can then wash their hands of any design or construction defects. It’s not realistic.

  2. What Sandra said.

    Also, I don’t know the first thing about building a skatepark, but there are different mixes of cement.

    That being said, the park is still undergoing construction. There are reports of copings not properly set, etc. It’s best to just wait until the park is officially open.

  3. Speaking of curing…is this skate-park part of curing our financial woes? I’m just seeing for the first time where this is placed. Seems to me like it’s a waste of waterfront property, no? Wouldn’t a marina /boat/yacht club with maybe restaurants have been a more appropriate use of such an expanse of water frontage?. Instead of increasing the tax base with something utilized by the majority of taxpayers (ok, the kids parents are taxpayers, I know) we now have a facility used by a small minority of the population and it doesn’t have a real revenue stream. Am I alone in thinking this way?

  4. You are not alone, Sustainable. Remember that this administration got into power by pledging to take over Beach Volleyball from its “greedy and rich” private promoter and decrease the membership fees.

    Voters don’t get stupider than those in Long Beach.

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