Where are the great gardens of Long Beach?

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.20.53 AMWe are constantly complaining about garbage and dog poop on this blog, but we need some balance. Let’s actually talk about something nice for once, like gardens! A reader named Richard tells me, “we are more than just a beach!” He would like Long Beach to also be recognized for all the great gardens we see around town.  I agree.

I love the creativity and effort so many put into their gardens. Not just with flowers, but with shrubs, ornaments, fish ponds and paths. Richard wants these efforts to be recognized. It would be great if we had a city-wide contest where we can even vote on the best one! (Can somebody please organize that?)

Ok, so where are the great gardens of Long Beach? Any in particular you love to look at?

Tending a garden can be an overwhelming task if you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s definitely more than just planting a bunch of flowers. Does anybody have an simple tips that could help us all out?


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  1. We share your thinking, including the need for recognizing positive things and highlighting beautiful gardens.

    The West End Beautification Association (WEBA) recently sent almost 400 postcards to West End residents who had attractive landscaping, including gardens and flower-enhanced containers.

    The post cards said “Your garden is outstanding! Your neighbors have noticed.”, as well as other words of thanks and acknowledgement.

    We will consider a Long Beach-wide contest when the Beautification Committee is established. Looking forward to seeing photos of great gardens.

    All of this adds to the recent clean-up effort by the City in the business district.

  2. On Lincoln, between Park and the beach. West side of the block. Has EVERYTHING! My daughter stops and admires it every time we walk by.

  3. Here comes some negativity. I used to like the flowers , plants and grass at the bus turnaround at Ohio but then the city ripped it all up and replaced it with cement.

  4. My neighbor on West Walnut (between Grand/New York) has gorgeous sunflowers, dishplate hibiscus and other beautiful greenery soaring into the sky. Just gorgeous!

    I also love the median garden on Washington Blvd between Park/Beech. Not sure who is responsible for that — but just stunning.

    There are a lot of houses in the Walks section that have cute gardens and flowers on their patios or hanging from their terraces….. puts a smile on my face every time!

  5. Captain Obvious: Yes! I know which one you are referring to. That yard has a spectacular garden with the pond, shrubs etc. That house is amazing, too! Last year on one of my morning walks, I stopped those residents to tell them how incredible their property is. A lot of effort must go into that yard.

  6. The simplest tip is to go to the Nassau County Cornell Cooperative extension website which is chock-full of information and fax sheets for all kinds of gardens their preparation, maintenance, and planting options. The web site is http://www.ccenassau.org. Then just keeping a few basic concepts in mind you are ready to find your inner green thumb . Believe me you have one ! I would like to follow up with those basic concepts in the next couple of days I am crunched for time at the moment. But nothing will make you or me happier than to see more beautiful gardens in our beautiful city by the sea. And as Anthony said we have got lots of them now. Get on your bikes, put on your running or walking shoes and enjoy them, each one magnificent in its own way

  7. i think the storm waters from hurricane sandy spread them around. i never planted sunflowers but after the storm the grew all over my yard. lots of weeds too they must have loved the salt water.

  8. Also, check out yesterday’s Newsday for two excellent pieces on LI gardening:
    Going Native by Carol Polsky about the ecological value and great beauty provided by planting plants native to LI.

    As Summer Falls to Autumn by Garden Dectective Jessica Damiano about what veggies can be planted right now for fall harvest.

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