13 Replies to “It sucks being a pedestrian in this town. ”

  1. I agree. I walk all over Long Beach. Most of them are our neighbors. They drive with a sense of entitlement. Side street traffic enforcement, followed by stiff fines and points on their licenses, is the only way to get them to follow the rules.

  2. A neighbor was hit by a car crossing Park Ave at Neptune last week She had the light. Car making a left onto Park hit her. She was wearing a bright red slicker (raining at the time). Driver oblivious!!! Fortunately not badly hurt

  3. It’s the second year for the yogurt trailer in front of the bankrupt hotel, which last year was run by a local luncheonette. The City rents the space, as it rents space for the other concessions on the beach and boardwalk.

    It’s interesting to note that the yogurt trailer paid more to the City than the bankrupt hotel paid.

  4. Anyone who walks or bikes around the south shore at night should. have at least a reflective vest like highway crews wear. They light up like neon when illuminated by headlights. Look up “reflective clothing” on Google there are many sources of vests, coats, tee shirts, belts. You only die once so improve your odds as much as possible.

    Those two young teens in FL who were lost at sea recently could have been saved in the first hour if one or both had an Emergency Locator Beacon (a GPS device) that costs $369 At West Marine . Big expensive boat, big expensive motor, lots of gas money and no locator beacon.

    Safety equipment is a good cheap investment.

  5. The pd did not “allow” this.

    What do the police have to do with issuing a vendor a permit to sell yogurt on the boardwalk. You seriously should do research before you ask questions like that.

  6. And yet this morning there was a real cop (not one of the weekend auxilary cops) riding his motorcycle on the boardwalk when he could have been of way more use ticketing people who run stop signs.
    Doubt there was any nefarious activity on the boardwalk this morning at 6:45 AM.

    What does the custard stand have to do with pedestrians? Stop using this blog as your personal bitching place and stay on topic.

  7. Custard dude is obviously trolling. Pay him no mind.

    Also, I agree with getting the cops to stop riding their damn motorized vehicles on the boardwalk.

  8. Wow, now we’re telling the cops where they can and can’t ride their Harley? Last month we were complaining that there aren’t any cops on the boardwalk. Now we want one to hold our hand whenever we cross the street. Let’s fight over what color their smart car is painted.

    What ever happened to individual responsibility?

  9. It sucks driving around here. I have had numerous people walking against the light right into traffic to busy on the phone texting. It’s amazing more people aren’t hit

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