3 Replies to “Sunset Celebration LBNY [NOW!]”

  1. Nice idea, but does anyone have a clue as to who these people are?

    All their Website has is a form for renting selling tables for $100.

    Are the taxpayers at least getting a few bucks from this?

  2. Yes and if you go to the Farmers Market this Wednesday you can meet one of the two people who organized this as she runs the market with Bernadette. The other is another local character who once owned a business in the West End.
    It’s a fantastic use of space that would otherwise be full of parked cars.

  3. I didn’t make it there Allison, but it seems like a great idea. Perhaps it will light a fire under this City to better use its completely underutilized bayfront assets.

    I hope they do well with their endeavor.

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