10 Replies to “Superblock invaded by ‘no parking’ signs ”

  1. Perhaps istar is passed off at the public for rebelling against their free tax. Therefore, no more beach parking. Maybe this is a good sign they are not getting what they want!

  2. This weekend the folks in the most expensive part of town will get a taste of how they’ve been screwed by the Democrat City Council.

    IStar has closed the block of Shore Road that was sold to them for $200,000 and the lot where beach goers have been parking. That’s 400 cars that will be parking in front of the $750,000 houses on Beech, Penn and Olive.

    Wait until iStar adds another 1100 cars with only 450 parking spaces.

    Wow. In four years they’ve raised City taxes 38%, increased spending 30%, and raised our debt from $6 million to $135 million. We lost the hospital and 25% of our businesses. Property values have plummeted. And now our quality of life is turning to shit. Two City Council members have fled Long Beach and another lives here part time.

    These people screwed us good.

  3. @sandra b – I agree with most of your points, except there were cars already parked in the places you named; so it’s not really adding to that.

    Not to mention, this was private land people were parking on – not government.

    And I don’t think property values have plummeted – yet.

  4. And what is amazing is, the so-called Republicans running to unseat them – can’t even frame those basic arguments you just made in your post as the reason why they should be elected. In addition to the “you pay taxes so visitors to the beach can enjoy the amenities, while the business owners stuff their pockets with tourist dollars”.

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