Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins Pledge to Fulfill Terms, Challenge Democrats to Do the Same [MEDIA RELEASE]

Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins Pledge to Fulfill Terms, Challenge Democrats to Do the Same unnamed-1

Candidates Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn and Brian Higgins have released the following statement affirming their dedication to the City of Long Beach and commitment to transparency.

Candidates Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins pledge to serve their full terms and honor the office entrusted to them by the voters of Long Beach should they be elected this November, and challenge their Democratic opponents to do the same.

Said Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins: “We steadfastly pledge to not abandon our responsibility to the City of Long Beach should the opportunity for higher office present itself. If elected, we will respect and honor the faith entrusted to us by the voters of Long Beach and will work on their behalf and not our own self interests. Election to the City Council should not be an immediate and temporary stepping stone to advance one’s political ambitions, as this does a disservice to those who gave their support and expect elected leaders to fulfill the obligations of office.’

‘We call upon all candidates for City Council to join us in this pledge, particularly Councilman Anthony Eramo, who within months of taking his oath of office, in January 2014, sought a run for State Assembly. After former Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg and the Nassau County Democratic Committee endorsed Todd Kaminsky, Eramo withdrew his bid in July, just two months after announcing his candidacy. This left Kaminsky as the sole Democratic candidate to challenge Avi Fertig, with Kaminsky going on to win that November. We call on Eramo to commit to the voters of Long Beach and be truthful of his intentions, or remove himself from the race should his goal be once again the immediate pursuit of higher office, in order to make room for candidates that will.”

*Note: Should a Council member resign from their position, the City Council chooses that person’s successor to serve until a special election can be held in the following November general election to fill the vacancy and serve out the remainder of the abandoned term.


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12 Replies to “Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins Pledge to Fulfill Terms, Challenge Democrats to Do the Same [MEDIA RELEASE]”

  1. Please stop posting this dumb republican political crap.

    I want to hear about long beach not republican press releases from people I’ve never even seen at a single event.

    These three clowns probably support Donald Trump and Jeb Bush!!!

  2. How about you grow up? Calling people “clowns” is uncalled for. And if you” hate politics” as much as you claim to, which events are you attending?

    Anthony-I appreciate the political pieces…from both sides. All I see on multiple sites is how unhappy LB residents are with the current political administration. Time for some new, non-politically connected faces in City Hall.

  3. Yolinsky has one item on his personal agenda and that is bringing bs l the paid fire department to where it was a year ago. I dislike the current administration greatly I will surely be voting against them but the one good decision they made was cutting the unnecessary paid fire department in LB. we don’t need a paid FD. The current model is worth great and LB residents are better protected now than before. Yolinsky, while a nice guy, only wants to restore the job he lost. He has no other issues he stands for. I agree with the city’s decision to cut the paid FD in fact I do t think what they did goes far enough. If the republican swim I hope they cut more.

  4. Just because YOU haven’t seen them at staged city events, where the press favors the incumbents means, they have not been there? What planet do you live on?  We all know that if the press puts out anything bad about the current administration “the tepper kid” will block them from getting access and info, and it’s hard to be a news source without info from the city, so they are forced to promote the current administration.  Ask Anthony he’ll tell you, the second he is honest and not 100% on their side they give him flack.  But he doesn’t give a crap about how they feel and since they don’t “own” him, he is able to publish what he wants, good for him!  So stop with the head games, cause we know you are one of the operatives for the Zapson Dems trying to bash the Jacobs Dems and Republicans.

  5. Anthony- Have you considered doing an online interview of each candidate? Just provide a list of standard questions for each candidate to answer. Educational background, political experience, opinions on major LB topics, etc.

  6. great idea. I think the Herald publishes a statement from each candidate, but it would be great to have them all respond to the same questions

  7. Yes, please develop some revealing questions: Will they plan to reduce the workforce..by what level and how? What level of overtime will they approve? What is their plan for capital projects? What changes will they make to Policing strategy? What is their plan to improve parking? What key service metrics will they implement? Etc.

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