Long Beach is more than just a beach and gardens. Let’s talk about parks & playgrounds!

#1 fan of the blog Richard Boodman recently told me, “Long Beach is more than the beach; talk about the gardens.” While I do agree with that statement, it’s incomplete. I’d like to add all the parks and playgrounds to that equation. If you’re a parent, you’ll agree.  We are so lucky to have so many diverse and fun parks, each one with a different vibe. I say:

Long Beach is the beach, gardens and parks. 

Well anyway, our city just released a parks brochure highlighting them all. You can find a clean copy here [link].

Looks like Leroy Conyers Playground is getting a Shuffle board court and BBQ pits.  Much needed Pacific Playground changes are coming, plus the skate park which will surely be a destination for gnarly skater dudes & dudettes who will most likely be wearing Vision Street Wear and playing Skate or Die on their Commodore 64 when they’re not skating the pipes, tubes, pools and rails. Just please stay off the skate park until it officially opens.

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8 Replies to “Long Beach is more than just a beach and gardens. Let’s talk about parks & playgrounds!”

  1. @Liberals – –Off topic — The Army Corp of Engineers or their contractor, Great Lakes Dock & Dredge Co. is preparing for next year’s beach construction. They’re building a berm or dune 30 feet from the boardwalk, 100-feet wide and a couple of feet higher than the boardwalk. Between the berm and boardwalk will be an unpaved roadway. They will also be filling in and profiling the beaches, which will probably curtail surfing for several years.

  2. Now they are re surveying what was done years ago when the out of town surfers packed one City Council meeting, causing the cowardly City Council to swoon and vote down Congressman Pete King and The US Army Corps of Engineers beach and jetty rebuilding plan. At the time Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg (an eyewitness to the damage done by the 1944 hurricane, as I was) said that “they will live to regret the no vote”. And all of us lived to see what SANDY did to LB because of this stupid cowardly vote. Harvey was right, the surfer halfwits were wrong and everyone suffered because of it. King had all of the federal money all lined up and they threw it out the window. The surfers were actually proud of what they did. Now they keep their heads down when the matter pops up again.

  3. Richard, thanks for your positive comments regarding Parks and Playgrounds. The City has invested in “quality of life” improvements that focus on residents, and benefit others as well.

    I frequently go past the Georgia Avenue Splash Park and it’s clear that it’s well used and enjoyed. And the 7 other parks are (or soon will) bring more joy to our city.

    Seems like some SBTC bloggers can only write about the negatives, even though such wonderful positives appear every day.

    Thanks for highlighting the improvements.

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