I have unrest with the trees

Just got off phone with Operation STOMP. They mean business. It appears that ‘tree gate’ is not only happening in Long Beach, but a plague that is county-wide. Perfectly good trees are being knocked down, only to be replaced the wrong way and uncared for. Check out their website which highlights so much wrongdoing, in what I consider to be the destruction of Nassau County, all in the name of money.

County Road Seaman’s Neck Road (Seaford, Wantagh) – Before & After, 176 Trees Destroyed (2014). Photo Credit: Operation STOMP
County Road Seaman’s Neck Road (Seaford, Wantagh) – Before & After, 176 Trees Destroyed (2014). Photo Credit: Operation STOMP

Our situation in Long Beach is different……..but kinda the same. We had Sandy and salt water to deal with. Tree replacement was necessary, but looking around it’s so evident what a hot mess it all became.

  • No trees should have been planted after May 15th.
  • Watering has not been enough.
  • ‘Volcano mulch’ effect has the trees rotting. What might look like a good tree now could soon be dead. [LINK]
  • Trees were not watered as they were being planted.
  • Will the support sticks holding them up be taken away after a year or will they be left to choke to trunks? I see this allllll over Nassau County and it drives me F***ING CRAZY.
  • There is probably more to add to this list, but all I can think about is how I’m so happy it rained last night despite the flooding (sorry folks who got flooded).

I kinda don’t give a shit that these dead trees are insured. It’s a complete waste of taxpayer money and a primary example of what’s wrong with government. How about we plant them the right way to begin with?

I’m worried that groups such as Operation STOMP won’t be taken seriously, but they should. From what I can tell, they are a very passionate group of individuals, many who live in LB, with the sole purpose of saving and helping trees in Nassau County. We should welcome them with open arms. More tress are coming this fall, but will they be planted the right way?

Seabythecity will continuously post updates as well as info as to how we can move forward as a community to work together to help save these trees! Stay tuned! After all, Long Beach is the beach, gardens, parks, dead trees and community. Ok, my rant is over.


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  1. The dead and dying trees are suggestive of the systemic failures all around this city. I’d bet a Pre-K class knows trees need watering. Who is in charge of this mess? Why are they not out looking for a job?
    I think every appointed post should be made public and every resume of every city hire be posted online. If someone expects public tax dollars to pay their salary, benefits, and pension, then we have a right to know who and why we’re paying them or even if we should be hiring them in the first place.

  2. Roster of names and qualifications of 300 Long Beach management appointees:

    Name – Mr. ____________________________ (fill in any name)
    Title – All (fill in with whichever you like)
    Address – Somewhere in Brookhaven
    Education – High School or GED preferred
    Qualification – Democratic party committeeman or relative
    Related Exp – none

  3. If i had a tree in front of my home i think i just might water it myself rather than waiting for a municpal watering team to show up before it died…understand the tree planting is not being supervised properly but why add to it by acting ignorant and helpless…
    Biggest problem in LB is apathy on the part of the residents….complaining seems to be the substitute for actualy doing something productive

  4. @JSR – Id say LB is anything but apathetic. Of course not everyone is hands on, but where would you find that?

    I’ve lived in a # of communities, and considering LB has such a high percentage of renters, it’s amazing the amount of community spirit there is, even among renters, despite being blamed for everything.

    I would say there’s a lot of misplaced optimism in LB – but that could be because I’m too negative about debt, taxes, spending, etc. But apathy towards the community wouldn’t make my list of critiques ’round here.

  5. FYI..@ Approxmately 12:40AM this morning..I was just dozing off, when I heard two gunshots…sounding as though they originated from Monroe at the boardwalk.I immediately called the LBPD.They arrived within a minute or two.This is not the first time that I have heard gunshots here.The police presence here is needed. In the past cruisers patrolled on the boardwalk.I have not seen them doing that anymore and have disconcontinued my evening walks because I do not feel safe doing that anymore.I wish that the LBPD would reinstate their presence patrolling on the boardwalk after dark.It is well worth inclusion in the budget and I am sure that they would be removing the drug users,dealers,et al. as well.

  6. The fact that you do not walk on the boardwalk at night because of not feeling safe anymore is one of the saddest indications that this city we love is changing for the worst. I still go up at night when it is busy, but see many disturbing goings on and do not go alone a for a bike ride late, as I used to…..

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