walking / biking / crossing the boardwalk is like playing Frogger

A reader was telling me this crazy story about a collision she witnessed on the boardwalk involving a kid on a scooter crashing into a cyclist. Luckily nobody got seriously hurt, but with it’s continuos flow of various modes of transportation,  I have no idea how to make the boardwalk safer. I yell at strayers; that’s how I handle it. This reader tells me, “I ride with my eyes all over the place like I am playing a game of frogger.” I like that and I’m totally using it!frogger(Original and amazing boardwalk photo was kindly provided by Christina Tisi-Kramer)

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  1. Long Beach seems to be attracting more tourists than ever. These visitors don’t know the center is a bike lane, and therefore they walk there. REPAINT the lines and bike logos on the boardwalk please!

  2. You cannot paint Ipe wood. It’s properties do not allow for any effective measures of paint adhesion. I have suggested before that they replace the outer most board of the east-west central boards (the bike lane) with white trex/pvc boards. I understand that it is 2.2 miles in either direction but this is the price you pay for incompetence. This no bike lane concern has gone on for far too long. There are three possible scenarios – Either no one from the City Council or the City Manager ever use the boardwalk except for photo-ops, they only walk the boardwalk in the direction of the sun and can’t see what going on, or they have a complete disregard for safety and the general quality of life for taxpayers that used to have a bike lane and enjoy it. It’s as if everything they do is for day-trippers. Long Beach is becoming a great place to visit but a less-than-desirable place to live.

  3. Perhaps simple declarative signs at the top of each ramp: CENTER LANE is for BICYCLES ONLY. There are signs now but they are located on poles on the beach side so you don’t see them until after you cross the bike lane; also they are not particular prominent and the language/diagram advising that there is a bike lane does not really jump out at you.

  4. Cyclist has it right. The present signs look to have been designed by a kid with Internet graphics. What happened to plain old English?

    “Center Lane for Bicycles Only”

    Instead, Gordon gives us a stick figure of a jogger on an eight color sign. Geez.

  5. We don’t need more signage.And Sandra, really, plain English? What about plain Spanish? What about people that can’t read? What about people who have their head up their arse and don’t bother to read? Here’s a novel idea. How about we put a white line on the outer most edges of the bike lane and create a symbol that looks like a person on a bicycle and put those periodically down the middle along the entire length of the boardwalk. Come on people, they need to pull up the outer edge board and replace it with either a white plastic wood plank or a different type of wood than can be painted. The removed boards that somehow get misplaced can reappear as a beautiful deck in the backyard of some political hack. Problem solved.

  6. Big problem is uncaring people totally tuned into themselves and oblivious to other people and safety. This is typical attitude of the new American, me me me is all they care about. Not responsible about anything only concerned about their most immediate pleasure. I see people walking 3 or 4 astride with their noses buried in smartphones and so slow it appears the boardwalk is moving backwards. They take up all available space for all up there without a care. Where is the responsibility factor? Maybe , thinking that hey, I might be getting in someones way or interfering with traffic.

  7. Unsustainable has it right. Basically the folks in city hall prove once again their incompetence . Jack and his crownies don’t know what there doing. There will be another lawsuit on this city from a bad accident and the city will be forced to pay out big $$$.

  8. The boardwalk can benefit from having lane markings. I’m shocked that they didn’t do this from the beginning. Yes there are small signs all over but let’s face it we all walk involved in our own world and thoughts. If you live on LB you know the deal but if you’re not from here it’s very easy to get confused and not distinguish the bike lane from pedestrian. I believe the best solution is to add the bike lane drawing/marking on the actual bike lane and the pedestrian walking lane marking on those lanes.

  9. How about people try to relax. I ride my bike on the boardwalk every day. I don’t want it to be uglified with a sign out of towners will miss anyway. There will always be people wandering into the bike lane. And no, its not because they’re self absorbed in this new modern age. Its because they’re human beings in a new place. I ride based on the conditions. If they’re are lots of people, I slow down. In 8 years, I’ve never come close to an accident.

    Now if you want to change a law, change the riding bikes on the bike lane law. It’s actually safer to ride down the ramp while riding your brake, then to walk the bike down the ramp because its difficult to control.

  10. Had to post this….around 6:00 we were walking down the boardwalk close to Riverside and a “special” cop rode his quad down the center of the boardwalk, no helmet on and checking his cell phone. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when we came back around about 20 mins later the same “special” was standing next to his quad while a blonde girl was sitting on it enjoying the beach view.

    Maybe if these kids did their jobs instead of having dates in the middle of the boardwalk it wouldn’t be so hectic up there !!

  11. How about some type of brand or wood burning markings? A steel stencil and a blow torch is all you need. Ok this being long beach and job may go to a political hack so a few buckets of water or fire extinguishers may also be needed. But seriously it should work. Yeah it’s not 100 % permanent but neither was the old painted markings they were redone all the time. Just google branded wood signs and see what I’m talking about.

  12. Bike speed and give out tickets if don’t abide by it please. The tour de france folks go way to fast in the bike lanes. Very dangerous. Also would be nice to get rid of the LB runners who feel entitled to run in the bike lane. To bad ride around me. So annoying! The best is when you got the parents running with a stroller in the bike lane. I kid you not.

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