Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council

Ready for a more environmental aware and sustainable community?  Joseph Naham is a Green Party Candidate for Long Beach City Council.


We need a member of City Council who knows how to promote a more sustainable and efficient future. Climate change and energy reform are international issues but what can we do, in our own community, with our own government to be a part of the revolution?

Change is a piecemeal process and we need to start now. Learn more here:


BLOG DISCLAIMER: I’ll be posting whatever candidate media release that’s sent to me. I want to do my best in maintaining seabythecity as an independent blog, so if your political party has something you wish for me to post, please send it in.


9 Replies to “Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council”

  1. OMG did you not read the disclaimer above. I am assuming the Dems have not sent anything, especially the current administration since they hide behind Agostisi. Wonder if Agostisi is gonna be at the debate tomorrow answering their questions for them.

  2. I’ve met Joe. He’s has some big ideas for the City. I’m not sure if they all can be achieved, but he has good intentions, a positive guy, and an honest guys as well. I think the best part is that if he thinks something stinks in City Hall, you can be darn sure he’ll be transparent about it. I think it would be great to have someone on City Council that is actually concerned about the environment, clean safe streets, and I thought his old post on pushing marine science and especially the local ecology in our schools was spot on and long overdue. I’m tired of the political re-treads, real estate agents, and lawyers in the pocket developers. Go eco Joe!

  3. It might be helpful to familiarize yourself with the party as they have many guiding principles that would be beneficial to most communities and especially Long Beach – though it is not so much about what party you belong to but what your actions are and if they are consistent with the integrity of the community being represented.

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