14 Replies to “Let’s eliminate plastic bag pollution: Sign the petition. Watch ‘BAG IT’ this Thursday at 7pm”

  1. Enough with all that PC liberal Green BS already, don’t we have enough real serious problems we need to resolve?
    This country is going Nuts and the liberals are driving us right to Hell in a Hand Basket.

  2. Great idea, Aimee, maybe a well publicized strong showing for Al Gore would get more 21st Century residents who cared to move in to Town.

    With their bikes.

    And thanks especially for the idea of using reusable handbaskets to promote the campaign, rather than one use disposable plastic bags.

  3. I know where Anthony’s heart is on this matter and out of respect for him and his fine blog will refrain from commenting on the grave matter of plastic bag control.

  4. Step #1 For eliminating Plastic Bag Control: Stop the invasion of the free-loading”Visitors” who are encouraged to come here by our LB politicians.Just observe our beach, roads, lawns, and sidewalks at the end of a Saturday or Sunday.Plastic bags, bottles,cups,straws, paper of all kinds,including toilet tissue and soiled pampers.Long Beach is attracting these types of people who have zero respect for themselves, others, or our environment….and now the bleeding heart liberals want to add additional lifeguards..in order to accommodate these free-loading slobs.Some of us have our heads buried in the sand.Long Beach needs to enforce, with ticketing,a NO LITTERING POLICY.I believe this would be the area to explore in order to initiate, and facilitate plastic control measures.

  5. If every single plastic bag, plastic water and soda bottle, plastic straw were properly disposed of by Visitors in beach and sidewalk receptacles, the plastic bags and other plastic items, would still constitute a problem. Long Beach was premised on visitors from it’s very beginning, but even if everyone of them were kept out and Long Beach became a gated community, the plastic bags given to residents in stores and markets and restaurants, would still constitute a problem. Get at the problem at its root: simply prevent or at least make them harder/more expensive to wind up in the hands of visitors and residents alike.

  6. It was the enviromental wackos who got us off the paper bag system and put us on the plzstic standard to save trees. Idiots tinkerinv with what works well.

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