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  1. I thought all 8 candidates did a good job.I also believe all Candidates who run for City Council are underated individuals who believe they want to do what’s best for Long Beach. I don’t understand how Council men Torres and Eramo can say they did not support the application of ISTAR for the RealEstate tax break when it was announced Publically at the city hall Public Hearing that the City voted to support such Istar application. Disappointed Republican Candidates did not call for the 174 million dollars that FEMA allotted to Long Beach Medical Center for damages from Super Storm Sandy be spent in Long Beach rather than Oceanside for a new 24_7 emergency department and reestablishment of out patient services. On the issue of enviroment would have liked candidates to speak out against the Ocean Outfall pipe.

  2. I can’t speak for anybody, but I think they meant it was an application applied to Nassau County IDA would be the ones giving the huge 120+ mill tax abatement and saying that wasn’t presented to them when the project first materialized. That’s the gist that I got… can somebody please correct me?

    With 8 people speaking.. it was a lot to get through one question.

  3. I thought all were good – but kinda thought yolinsky was a tad angry about losing his job when grant money went away and just has chip on his shoulder.

  4. Moore is highly intelligent and down to earth but don’t think she’s ready; Eramo is solid and spoke very well; Higgins is nice but very clueless; Adamo is loud but seemed to tell it as she see’s it; the blond guy was too corporate and stuffy; the lawyer lady rambled too much; yolinsky is a pissed off former employee and Torres speaks well and seems sincere. I’m staying with the Eramo, Torres and the new loud lady, Adamo.

  5. Yes, the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) receives an application for ‘assistance’ from an interested entity, either a company or developer, in this case, iStar. Oftentimes, the entity will expresses interest in wanting to apply for special financing or tax breaks in order to complete the project in advance. Not familiar on the events leading up to the iStar application, however, in general, the IDA acts as an independent entity, often without County Legislative interaction or oversight (i.e., the Coliseum tax breaks were handled all through the IDA, rather than the Legislative Body). The IDA conducts its own meetings in Mineola, with its own appointed, presently heavily Republican staff, an entity in which Comptroller Maragos had highlighted publicly warrants restructuring. State Comptroller DiNapoli just recently published a state-wide report regarding IDA performance, and, Nassau was one of the lowest performing, providing the most breaks (i.e., property, school, sales, mortgage reduction) with the least amount of financial and tangible returns in relation to employment. Hence, while we are sure the Long Beach Council was adequately informed of the planned IDA application, and could have been (could still be) vocal about its structure and funding amount, the full blame does not fall on the Council members entirely, nor the Legislators, for any IDA-related project. However, it is important to note, local Council members and Legislators can definitely be vocal regarding an application, and make an impact on the amount of ‘breaks’ received–we believe a North Shore municipality (possibly a village), challenged the amount of breaks a company had requested via the IDA–the gruop worked hard to obtain a school tax PILOT and negotiate a better deal for the local school district–and, it worked, meaning, it can be done. Lastly, we passed the Superblock for the first time in a while this evening. There is absolutely no reason we could justify personally to see over $120 million in tax breaks provided for this parcel. This is prime real estate. It goes against the grain of what the IDA is truly supposed to provide.

  6. Great meeting, excellent turnout, definitely a few obvious stand out, stellar candidates. Long Beach is definitely fortunate to have a selection of bright, forward thinking contenders. STOMP may have had something to do with the environment-based question (although our question was a little bit more specific). We did appreciate most of the responses regarding this topic, particularly the focus on storm water drainage, the carbon footprint, commitment to open space. Mr. Eramo, after our public comment at the last Council meeting, did make it a point to highlight that the selected contractor for tree planting in Long Beach earlier this summer noted on average ‘20% of street trees planted will die’–this statistic is not the industry standard–importantly, street tree survival is highly dependent on proper planting methods, dedicated care, and consistent watering throughout its first few, critical months of life post-installation. Further, chances of survival are highly increased if planting occurs post-summer, in cooler, fall weather. Thank you to the attendee who yelled out, “the trees are dying because they haven’t been watered.” Epic comment, redirected the obvious bit of spin. Overall, highly informative debate session, look forward to following this race, and good luck to those on the campaign trail!

  7. Who the hell are you? Eramo is finishing first. My neighbors and I love our trees. our block has about 20 of them and only 1 is dead but the owner has been assured that it will be replaced. I see trucks out watering every day. You obviously don’t live here so who sent you? Another election year political hack sent by the county dems or republicans I guess. Get a life and leave Long Beach alone.

  8. It clearly is an IDA decision but I heard Eramo say, and I was very surprised by it, that the Council did not weigh in or provide support for the tax abatement. I don’t recall the exact words, but that was the gist of it and something that stuck with me when I left the forum.

  9. I’ll bite. Unlike most of the people there I went in completely neutral.The place was packed with party loyalists. Here are my honest observations as someone who actually never even met any of the candidates before. I took notes and apologize if I spell some of the names wrong.

    Anthony Eramo is out of everybody’s league. He wins this thing hands down. I’d vote for him for whatever he runs for. I think we are lucky to have him here. He talked about the budget, the environment, development, etc. He spoke eloquently and looked the part.

    David Yolisnky is out of the league in the other way. He looked like a child up there, and was throwing a temper tantrum the whole night. He didn’t smile once and he obviously wants his fireman job back. Since there are no paid fire departments on Long Island I think he should probably try another career.

    Brian Higgins seems like a really smart guy with some good ideas. He isn’t in my primary but I would consider splitting my ticket and voting for him in November.

    Karen Adamo is loud not necessarily a bad thing. Her list of volunteer causes at the beginning was pretty impressive. Nobody else really seemed to talk about that. Not sure if that means she does more than anyone else or if they just decided not to read off the resume. Smart move on her part because I want to vote for someone who is actually involved in the community.

    Len Torress was the oldest person on the stage by far. He has been through a lot as council president and its hard to vote the guy out who was leader when the storm him. He’s probably in as long as he wants to be.

    Anissa Moore and Karen Quinn are not ready for prime time. They both seemed out of place. This is all just my opinion so please don’t jump down my throat.

    Angelo Lemont is a generic conservative republican. I’m sure he’s against a woman’s right to choose, has guns all over his house, and thinks gay people getting married is a horrible thing. He has no chance to win in this town.

    SUMMARY: Primary vote easily goes to Eramo, Adamo and Torress. General election may change to include Higgins. Only 100% sure thing is Eramo.

  10. Eramo was obnoxious, Adamo a definite puppet(and way too loud) Torres should be banned from public speaking(wasn’t Mandel City council president during Sandy?). Angelo very strong & solid. Catherine & Brian held their own. Anissa showed her intelligence. Dave was also strong & solid .I don’t think he was angry at all but I did feel he was getting attacked slightly.
    I vote NO for Torres,Eramo & Adamo..

  11. Nobody brought up the fact that last week the State Court of Appeals threw out 48 of the nominating petitions — virtually all of them — for the Long Beach Democrats. This effectively removes them from the race and replaces them with the Nassau County Democrat candidates. It also effectively gets rid of Zapson as the Long Beach Clubhouse leader.

    Only in Long Beach can a dead guy run for office. This is what’s happening here.

    Bye bye Adamo. Bye bye Torres and your descriptions of Long Beach as a “superfund site”. Bye, Zapson and your profiting from iStar and the other ZBA decisions and contracts your orchestrated.

    Maybe Long Beach has a chance after all.

  12. Anissa Moore was the standout last night. She has a clear understanding of the issues and has plans to deal with the issues. Torres needs to be allowed to retire. Like Judge Tepper, I would bet he will retire soon after the election. Eramo is shooting to be a career politician in my eyes and will try to run for a higher office again soon. He ran for NYAssembly right after the last election. Angelo Lomonte was another strong candidate felt he would actually get some of the corruption out of LB if he wins. Wish Dave Yolinsky didn’t have the fire fighter baggage because he would bring a young fresh perspective to the council that is needed. Like Angelo you know he would be on top of the corruption. His dislike for the BS that goes on in this city was strong, he would make management clean up their acts fast. I wished Karen Adamo would have given her ideas. Felt she would just go along with the political machine instead of being independent. I want independent people. Higgins and Quinn too need to be more independent. I liked that Higgins threw out some of his own ideas, I wish I heard more of them to make a decision on him.

  13. It was disappointing to see Eramo tow the LB Dem party line while sitting next to Anissa Moore who I thought was more in line with his Working Family Party, environmental & social justice + strong labor ties. In fact, Eramo not being like the LB Dem party is why I initially supported him – for his “otherness” but last night was such a disappointment. I was also disappointed with the way he skirted around the FD issue to not upset his union or political ties. I wish he stood up more for what he believes in rather than pleasing the other people on the ticket.

    Adamo and Len are clearly the most experienced up there but that’s not what I am looking for – I want 3 new, fresh and motivated CC members and not more of the same. I love the work Adamo has done but there is nothing new there. Same with Len. Nothing personal at all because I sincerely think the 3 of them are solid, decent human beings. I think the current Council did a fantastic job sweeping out the mess they inherited and were all superheroes in how they dealt with Stupidstorm Sandy- and I thank them for serving with excellence….

    I just think it is time to move on and forward. Dave, Anissa and Quinn peaked my interest and I think adding those 3 to Mandel & Goggin and we would have a well rounded City Council. Those 3 hold no loyalty to a party boss and have no personal interests in seeking higher office or appointing friends and family of their party. You cannot say the same of the Eramo, Torres, Adamo ticket – Adamo herself is a political appointee only on the ticket for her loyalty to Zapson.

  14. Here’s my take on the forum.

    Eramo –prob best performance. Had his talking points and generally stayed to his script: stay with experienced team, great turnaround of LB from near bankruptcy and Sandy, lots of things in progress, so don’t switch teams, I’m a union guy and will never fire anyone for budget reasons. 2 big questions for me based on his comments: one, he seems to direct his greatest loyalty to the LB employees, forgetting his first obligation is to the taxpayer, most whom are not City employees; and two, he said words to the effect that the Council did not approve or provide support for the i-Star IDA request, which is not what I understand. I don’t care about “gotcha”, so if this is incorrect, he should address it publicly and clearly. He does seem most like a “politician” out of all candidates.

    Torres- You can tell he’s been at this for a long time in that while he bounces around from thought to thought without completing many or most of them or not recognizing the inconsistencies, he has a manner and presentation of expressing how deeply he cares for LB and is here to help and that’s what he wants to keep on doing; a retiree just here to serve the community. This is his manner at Council meetings too. Hard not to like him or put another way it’s hard to dislike him. If you’ve been to enough meetings, you cannot believe he is a decisionmaker or policy driver at all.

    Adamo – Lack of experience and comfort in this spotlight showed in fumbling answers, but she basically toed the party line. She recognized her own fumbling and made light of it – which I suppose is better than not recognizing it. For me, her signature moment was when she said they were not getting elected to do anyone’s bidding. The *whole* room chuckled knowingly in contrast to the discrete batches of applause for the different groups of candidates otherwise during the forum.

    Yolinsky– Not particularly nimble on his feet and he stayed for the most part to one theme – the current administration is a puppet for the man behind the curtain and if he is elected he will do all in his power to stop that “corruption”.

    Moore – Mediocre to better performance, at times focused, at times fumbling. Highly focused on North Park and hospital issues.

    Lomonte – I would say he and Eramo had the best performances, although he did not show the flashes of annoyance that Eramo did. Key points were ethics reform, i-Star tax relief, overdevelopment of LB and quality of life issues.

    Quinn – Mediocre performance, at times focused, at times fumbling. Like Adamo, self-effacing about it. Toed the party line set out by Lomonte.

    Higgins – In my analysis, his was the best performance after Eramo and Lomonte. I thought his answers were much less fumbling than others’ and he seemed thoughtful. Toed the party line. I was a bit confused by his comment about developing something in town to bring out of towners in the offseason, which seems a bit at odds with the notion of improving quality of life for residents — many who complain there is too much focus on out of town dollars and overdevelopment.

    I would say that the support was generally divided in the room (as indicated by applause) between the incumbent democrat slate and the others (lumping together all the others). A lot of the banter was simply platitudes, customary in campaigns and forums and there was often no meaningful differentiation among the candidates. The real differences are sticking with what we got or going with something new.

  15. Interesting observations. Be careful what you wish for though.
    I found Ms. Moore to be quite smart, a bit inexperienced (that could be good in LB), and funny. Time could be good to her.

    Eramo is simply not trustworthy. He was publicly humiliated by Torres and his Dem Club buddies (removed from presidency in absentia?) and now he’s singing their praises? really? The State Comptroller is “raving about their budget”? That was a bold faced lie. The Comptroller sent their budget back with scathing criticism. I don’t enjoy smooth talking liars.

    Higgins seemed sincere, but unoriginal. he could have potential, but he needs more than just “we all need to work together.”

    Adamo was embarrassing. Her loudmouth routine was classless and unprofessional. Her consistent references to how she has “worked with Len and Anthony” is a constant reminder that she is simply a product of the local Dem Club and not her own person. The theme was not resident focused, but the “old dems” focused. Not good signs.

    Lamonte was well spoke (years on zoning board helped him) and blunt. Speaking about our taxes displayed an honest approach. If he shows a few unique ideas, he’ll get my vote.

    Quinn was so likeable, but cringe worthy when she spoke. It’s a shame because she seemed honest and sincere, but her answers were such obvious seat-of-her-pants answers that had obviously no prep work. She disappointed me the most.

    Yolinsky- That is one pissed off boy. he had great knowledge and he has terrific insider experience, but could he survive on the Council being the bad boy? We’ve seen what they do to people like that and in the end the residents get nothing. If, and this seems to be a long shot, they can tone him down, I would actually consider him because, at the very least, he doesn’t lie and tells us what he really feels.

    Torres is such a buffoon it’s painful. He has this penchant for outright lies that continues to embarrass us all. He was not the Council pres during sandy. he was nowhere to be found during sandy. In fact, city workers were seen installing a FEMA generator at his home while we were all suffering. he is not on fixed income as he has been holding various other jobs BESIDES collecting his teachers pension. He talks about his grant writing, yet in six years he has written nothing for the City. He voted to screw his running mate Eramo less than a month into Eramo’s presidency. He voted for the iStar deal knowing full well that he was not fully informed on the project. The concerns go on and on. he did get one thing right though. That was that the City needs management. QUALIFIED management and that immediately disqualifies him and his lies from the conversation.

    My team would be Moore, Lamonte and Jay Gussler…..OOOPS…………that was a joke!!
    Yolinsky (if he behaves)
    Just my thoughts.

  16. Earlier this year, in regard to the iStar tax break, Eramo stated: “…..my hope is that they encourage the use of a project labor agreement so that the mission of the of the IDA, which is to support local labor, will be enacted”. A project labor agreement is done to work out UNION terms prior to starting the work. That means higher cost for iStar. So iStar will go along with IDA in order to get a big tax break, and the unions will be happy with IDA, Eramo and who else? And so we will pay for their self serving deal. Do I have this right?

  17. I can second most of InformaTuttle’s observations. He appears to me to be right on base with his reporting.

    Those who know these players can see how astute most of these comments are. Eramo is a self-serving Socialist, Adamo, a self-serving Party hack. Torres is the buffoon. Yolinski’s angry. Lomonte was thrown off the Zoning Board for voting down iStar. There’s some talent out there but not sure if any of the talented ones will win the popularity and give-away contest.

    It was clear that if you vote Democrat, you are voting for people who will answer only to the Party and follow the Party’s orders.

  18. Danny Boy, you nailed it. Eramo is very smooth and a polished politician, but make no mistake, he is a UNION GUY. he has no interest in protecting the residents. He sees this as a launching pad to higher office and greater union opportunities for HIM.

  19. Eramo is full of it cause they did support it and passed a resolution about it check the record. And if you forgot, Frey, the guy from iStart called Eramo and the city council out on this at the IDA hearing. Saying they supported the tax break proposal. So check the facts cause Eramo is being less than truthful.

  20. Yes, I recall hearing a similar sentiment. Does anyone know if the debate will be transcribed? That would be helpful to suggest (if it as recorded with permission). The Council (or any County or Town Legislator can definitely intervene before and during the IDA application–further, the School District also receives a notification of the application, particularly if it involves a PILOT.

  21. Yes, we took photographs of about 75 trees that were dead (or leafless and on their way to death), before the last Council Meeting. The local government actually invited many County level green industry experts at the Long Beach Historical Society, two weeks ago, as a means of wanting to collaborate with others. We spoke with Mr. Eramo after the meeting to clarify his points, and we look forward to working together with the Council and Public Works to address this issue, lend a limb to provide assistance with tree inventorying, ensure the trees are properly watered, and provide educational programming like one of the candidates had mentioned they would welcome in the City.

    To the LocalsOnly poster, is this how you treat a potential new resident? Fortunately, your sentiment is an outlier stance, most residents and community leaders, including Council members we have met, are extremely cordial, welcoming, and collectively want to work together to help Long Beach recovery fully and thrive. The trees were paid for via federal funds, including CDBG and FEMA, as well as a Nassau County capital funding contribution–hence, this is a discussion about process and funding that goes beyond locals only. We appreciate your love of the trees on your block, we would like to see them all thriving and healthy. 🙂

  22. As usual, after Torres and Eramo are done taking pictures, so is the project. the trees are dying at a rate that is closer to 50%. It is simply because the job was done wrong and our Council and City Mgr did not research, again, what they were agreeing to pay for. Can you say bike lanes? Or another of Torres’ great achievements. the invisible bike lanes that he created. The trees are a sad example of what we voted for. I pray that someone and something new and competent will finally come to this great town.

  23. I just finished transcribing the debate, it is a little rough but here it is
    Eramo:”Everything is awesome”
    Moderator:”Please no clapping”
    Torres::”Everything is awesome”
    Adamo:[loudly]”What they said”
    Lamonte:”No its not but it will be when you elect me”
    Higgins:”No its not but it will be when you elect me”
    Quinn:”What my running mates said”
    Moderator:”Didn’t you hear me? No clapping”
    Moore: “What the republicans said but with a job program”
    Yolinsky: “They fired me, I will make it really awesome”
    Naham: “Really, They couldn’t squeeze another chair on that stage?”

  24. My take on the debate:
    * I do not trust a word that Eramo and Torres speak-and there is no chance of me voting for them, so I really just tuned them out.

    Moore: Spoke very well, captivated the audience, but lacked substance. She seemed to focus on topics that are beyond LB, carbon emissions, plastic water bottles, etc. I wanted to hear local topics.

    Higgins: Has some great ideas. Has experience through his current job to manage employees. I liked a lot of his answers. I hadn’t thought much of him before, but now I will. I did not like his focus on LB as a tourist destination. We need to put the needs of the residents first!

    Adamo: seems to have no ideas of her own. She supports everything the democrats support…but has no idea how to fund it. Her “horse” comment was funny, but unprofessional

    LoMonte: he came across a bit harsh, but i really liked his response to the I-Star plan. Plus, he has experience and knowledge from his time on the zoning board.

    Quinn: She is the opposite of Moore. She had great answers, but she seemed very nervous. I particularly liked her stance on movingbLB forward for the residents, not those who come and visit for one day. She also seemed to have some good knowledge on the city finances.

    Yolinsky: He came across as very arrogant. Yes, he was a laid off firefighter. We know. Now what credentials do you have to run a city? He brought a crowd who cheered for him, but I was very disappointed with his performance.

    I just hope the residents remember all of the complaints they have for our current council when voting day arrives!

  25. I think he may have been annoyed at some real discepancies that were coming out from the sitting council members. I think he controlled himself very professionally even with all the prior attacks that have been made against him, verbally, in court and through the mail.

  26. When things are working, don’t need luck. Your hitching your wagon to a insane long shot, so good luck is right! We’ll chat again after Sept 10 and the heard is trimmed of the nuts.

  27. Anyone care to pontificate on why Mr. ERAMO was so scared of people recording the debate?

    It’s almost as if he doesn’t want a formal record of what he said  or to be held accountable.  But wait, I’m expecting transparency from candidates who claimed to be the most transparent administration ever, what am I saying!

    I, for one, think these things should be recorded, so these people can be held accountable for what they say on the campaign trail.  Not sure what the leagues problem is, put a camera or audio recorder up and that’s it.  It’s just like any other public forum. 

  28. Interesting how you’re going with the incumbents. And think Mooore and Quinn are not ready when they held their own. And when you ass-u-me about Lomonte you show how really partisan you are. Which questions lead you to believe that about him oh wise undecided one? North park? iStar? The Environment? Oh I know the question about taxes is how you formed your opinion .

  29. You are very observant. I thought it was the most telling moment of the evening. A person can put on a great veneer and play the polished politician for a while, but inevitably the true person emerges. That was the moment that Eramo showed us how incredibly petty and paranoid he really is. Honestly, I was stunned. Especially because he claimed so many different things regarding which ticket he was running on and his ultimate testimony under oath (which conflicted with his public statements) stating his choices. Why would he care about the statements being recorded? Paranoid people frequently have much to hide and now I am certain that this is not an honest representative that I want representing me.
    Just my opinion.
    Oh, and Mr. Gussler, I meant no disrespect. I simply was adding levity and whether I agree with you or not, I respect your right to speak out.

  30. OK so we had this “debate” which was really just questions & answers in front of 200+ middle to old aged people who already have a sense of who they are supporting.

    No cameras, no recording.
    What are we, 1905? The younger residents aren’t going to show up to the polls and the turnout for the primary will be pathetic.

    Alternatively, SeabytheCity, Project 11561 and a couple other online socialites who dominate social media in Long Beach should take over a debate and ask less boring questions that result in bullet points.

    Because at the end of the day these are the people who have the biggest voices and could have the greatest impact in getting the candidates out there and the young voters engaged.

    That is, if it doesn’t seem too experimental for you experienced people.

  31. Unfortunately, the “middle to old aged” people in LB are the ones who care enough to show up and to make their voices heard. The clear disinterest by young people in LB is shameful. If it doesn’t involve surfing, bike lanes or drinking events, they simply don’t show up. Even for “socialites” like Seabythecity and the 11561, the populace leans older. I agree that the no recording dictate was mentally challenged (in real words that is RETARDED), but for an administration of transparency that allows no questions, contracts, or sensitive information to be offered in public, I think it was consistent. To ask for experimental, modern, relevant, digital, social or any other defining option that would engage broader groups, then I guess you missed the most important point of the evening. That was blurted out by the illustrious Councilfool Torres. When he wasn’t exclaiming “I love taxes” (look it up), he kept ranting “do you want experiments, or do you want experience?” (he meant bad experience). For the choice to be so obvious and for the incumbents to be so fearful of sunlight, then I cast my shade on them. New ideas are too experimental.

  32. Surfing, bike lanes and being able to drink at public events are exactly what I want to hear about and are absolutely what we need to talk about!!!!!!

  33. And btw by social media engagement I do NOT mean publishing a list and town where every volunteer lives like the LB Dems just did on their Facebook page.

    The old LB Dems have officially stooped down to Sofield-era bully tactics – and why? Because they are so stuck in the past and this is where their “experience” is going to bite them in the ass.

  34. So you officially have a gang of one. Now convince other like minded young people ( I assume you are in that demographic) to get involved. Accomplishing that in LB would be saint worthy. As for the “Old LB Dems”, are you surprised? From day one they have reneged on each promise that they made during their campaigns. Has Madame Adelson done even ONE thing that she promised? Has she done ONE thing period? Does Mandel even live in LB anymore? Yolinsky made a great point (when he wasn’t stamping his feet), he mentioned there has not been even one NO VOTE by this council. Astounding.They continue to turn on their own people (yet Eramo tells us about his “team”?). They continue to cover up dirty dealing (can you say Zap$on?). They are still covering up for their City Mgr. Why would their tactics surprise you? I haven’t looked at party affiliation in LB in thirty years. I always hoped and prayed for honest, capable PEOPLE. Remember, character counts!! Presently, I see a group from the Dem Club, a group from the Dem County and some local people from the Repubs. If the Repub group can “socialize” a bit more online and make me feel like they are capable, I just might give them my vote. They were likable, but are they capable?
    Just my opinion.

  35. I’m really hoping they are capable. I wish the introduction was a bit longer. I’d like to hear more about how their previous work experience makes them good candidates. Higgins spoke on it a bit. I liked what he can bring to the table. Quinn is a lawyer. That would probably help with all of the legal messed our council has seemed to end up in. Moore has worked in unions.

    I’m just happy we have some options that do not exclusively involve local real estate agents with connections.

  36. you saw that, right?’! Holy crap I could not believe they would put that online!!!! How did they even obtain a list of volunteers?!! Seriously its intimidation tactics like that the LB Dems fought so hard against when dealing with the old Sofield era during election time.

  37. It happened to me, Boodman. I wrote an article several years ago, critical of the Long Beach Housing Authority. Three days later, three of my buildings racked up twelve violations, my first violations in 20n years, and I was told by the inspector that it was in retaliation for my article.

    No nonsense there, Boodman. That’s how Democrats work.

    Put some Republican signs on your house. I dare you.

  38. Mr Boodman, I notice that you consistently disagree that this administration would resort to bully tactics. Adelson and Mandel have stood by and allowed the Dem leader and his midget sidekick to hijack the town in direct conflict with their promises. Torres is simply too fried to be aware or capable of anything Eramo is a union tool so we expect his behavior. Is Goggin stll here? The facts are evident. Being a loyalist is everyone’s perogative, but to dismiss everything out of hand because of your loyalty just looks and sounds dumb.
    Just my opinion

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