Candidates Forum is tonight! [7:30pm at the Library]. What are your election issues? Let’s make a list!

election-2015Hosted by the League of Women Voters of Long Beach, NY, the candidates forum is tonight. 7:30pm @ The Long Beach Public Library.

What are your election issues? I’ll start a list:

  • Transparency and disclosure on contracts. This should be number one. Haven’t we learned anything from the Dean Skelos situation?
  • Somebody is going to say hospital.
  • Somebody else is going to say LBPD.
  • I say trees. 
  • oh and beautification.
  • Which brings me to Garbage. We need stricter citations, despite what a recent Newsday articles says. Although, I will say it’s nice seeing the flower beds getting weeded and the curbs being cleaned.
  • The taxes trope, which is a staple at election time
  • Parking? You all have something to say about that one.
  • Traffic? I don’t see any, maybe that terribly timed light between Blackheath and Maple Blvd on Park Avenue.
  • How about improving our downtowns? More restaurants are closing. One has a ‘temp closed’ sign on their window already. Many others are for sale on Loopnet.
  • Along with the comment above, I believe we need a business association that can help attract new businesses and jobs, plus rally the existing businesses under a BID. 
  • Accessibility. Ramps, making sure sidewalks are clear, paths on beach, etc.
  • Road safety for all, no matter what mode of transportation you take. (I loooooooove complete streets)
  • Protection from future storms?
  • A new Master Plan that includes an updated zoning map.
  • (added) iStar & IDA  (how can I forget??)
  • (added) Overdevelopment (I like smart development, but that’s just me)
  • (added) I like what our city is doing with the Comprehensive Plan. I wonder if there is a commitment to follow through if there is a regime change, or will it all go away,

I’m sure something major and obvious is missing. What say you all? Please share your opinions in the comments.

18 Replies to “Candidates Forum is tonight! [7:30pm at the Library]. What are your election issues? Let’s make a list!”

  1. No administration has raised taxes and spending more than the current one has. This has made many apartments unrentable and has forced hundreds to put their lifetime homes up for sale.

    Want to bet they say they never raised taxes a penny?

    Want to bet they say they cut spending?

    They’ve increased our debt from $6 million to over $150 million.

    Want to bet they say they lowered our debt?


  2. Transparency. Good topic. Adelson ran around chirping that sound when she got elected. Unfortunately, she has no clue what the word means as we have never seen any of the contracts that were doled out (without public Council approvals) to their buddies after Sandy. Odd how this is such a hush hush topic. Or the top secret contract that was given to the illustrious police commissioner in spite of the skyrocketing crime spree in LB. Or the resume of our boy wonder city manager. Why can’t anybody get a copy of that? Isn’t that supposed to be public information? Oh yes, that would be transparent and Adelson said they are transparent so the case is settled, right?

  3. The number one question to the incumbents has to concern the i-Star tax relief. That is $140 million of taxes that were touted by i-Star itself as a benefit of the project to LB in its variance presentation. The Council than supported that request to the IDA without so much as a notice, let alone a hearing, before the public. All the other issues are important, but they are the common, recurring themes from election to election. i-Star tax request is in a different ballpark, altogether. It is a sellout of the City. If they have a good explanation, let’s hear it and have it subject to questioning.

  4. Does anyone know if this will be a moderated debate or will they be taking questions from the floor? If it is moderated who and how were the members of the question screening team selected?

  5. Why hasn’t the City of Long Beach Corporation Counsel referred Michael Zapson ” possible ” conflict of interest, with the ISTAR Super Block project, to the Ethic’s Committee of the City of Long Beach? A question that should be asked of sitting City Counsel members, seeking reelection.

  6. Since the public can’t ask questions and the moderator and sponsor who selects the questions is a liberal Democrat, what kind of questions do you suppose will be asked?

    1. What will the winner do to help Sandy victims return to their homes?

    2. How do you feel we can make Long Beach more beautiful and sensitive to the needs of the environment?

    3. What color should the new bathrooms be painted?

    4. Who would you name the new SNMC emergency trailer after, Weisenberg or Elovich?

    5. How would you make volleyball more affordable to everybody, regardless of their race?

    Thank you all for coming tonight.

  7. The moderator will ask the audience for questions. Everyone should give the moderator a question about the Istar tax rebate. The other candidates can ask also or raise in their own speeches.

  8. To the people who have been unable torebuild/repair/move back it is very important and it should be to all of us,,,,they are our neighbors, friends, fellow citizens of Long Beach,,,,,,why so dismissive …..?………

  9. @ Sandra B… You wrote, “This has made many apartments unrentable and has forced hundreds to put their lifetime homes up for sale.”

    Nonsense! It’s just the opposite.The only “unrentable apartments” are the ones that are not up to code.
    As far as homes for sale, there is no shortage of buyers for homes that are maintained. Prices are going up. check the transfers. Ask the brokers.

    Taxes in Long Beach are cheap in comparison to other parts of Long Island. . Our services outstrip most , if not all of them. And how much do you think a built in summer vacation is worth? That’s in addition to being a walking City, 55 minutes from midtown Manhattan?

    Sure, there are some areas that need improvement. Why don’t you offer constructive criticism rather than being a constant malcontent?

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